A Day at the Carnival

“The cotton in cotton candy works better as a dessert than it does a fabric,” I said to Nancy as my “cloud” pants began to dissolve away in the rain.

“It’s like I’m looking in a mirror,” I said as I stared in awe at the man in the bathroom mirror.

Winning the giant teddy bear from the Ball Throw booth proved too difficult. “Which is why I stole one from that kid,” I explained to the security guard.

“Look how high we are!” I said, gazing out of the Ferris wheel cart. “Yeah, just imagine what it’ll be like when you’re at the top,” the carnie said as he strapped me in and closed the door.

“Excuse me, do you know where I can find the freak show?” I asked the bearded lady sitting behind the rope fence.

If Dippin’ Dots is the ice cream of the future, then I sure feel sorry for the ice cream cone. Goodbye, old buddy.


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