King Tut’s Tomb Opens To Mixed Reviews

great_pyramid_01Ten years of toil have finally culminated in the completion of our young Pharaoh’s pyramid tomb, but was it all worth it?

The tomb was unveiled in a triumphant open house ceremony yesterday evening, complete with carnival games and a dunk booth featuring the young king himself. The glitz and glamour of the evening’s festivities proved to no doubt be a fun time had by all. However, as far as the pyramid itself goes, the popular consensus appears to be somewhat less enthusiastic.

Here are just a few of the many things our community members are saying about the pharaoh’s new pyramid:

It’s a bit of a bachelor’s pad, don’t you think? I mean, how much leather furniture do you need? A few well-placed throw pillows and track lighting would really add some much needed zazz if you ask me. – Barbara Spevy, Farmer’s Wife

I’ve lost my youth, my spirit and my left hand building that pyramid, but I guess hauling all that stone for the last decade was worth it for these killer abs – Randy Phalanx, Slave

Talk about garish. Personally, I think someone’s overcompensating. Why not just construct an 80-foot phallus and be done with it? – Trevor Hotep, Costume Designer

Honestly, it blocks my penthouse view of the Nile. Do you think the slaves would mind up and moving it a quarter-mile east? – Leo Khatshepsut, Papyrus Tycoon

I guess I should be impressed, but really, I can’t help thinking it could have been a lot bigger – Ra, Sun God


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