FAQs For The LaserDome Laser Show

laser showHave you ever been to a planetarium? Unless you’re a super dork, probably not. Because who wants to go into some giant domed room and look up at a bunch of “stars.” For one, that’s boring. For two, you can walk outside and do that for free.

But finally, there’s a reason for all us cool kids to go to the planetarium. Because every third Saturday of the month, the planetarium magically morphs from a mega lame snorefest into the ultra-cool and awe-inspiring LASERDOME!!! If you want to treat your eyes to this most amazing show on earth (suck it Ringling Bros.), then here’s what you need to know.

What is a laser show?

Epic. A laser show is epic. It is also killer, boss, mega awesome, tubular and Mad-tastic (or, alternatively, rad-tastic).

Wait? Epic AND Rad-Tastic? How Can a Laser Show be BOTH Those Words at Once?

Because a laser show takes the two coolest things in the world – lasers and Pink Floyd – and mixes them together for one UNFORGETTABLE night of entertainment! That’s right: while your eyes SEE lasers flashing around and forming shapes, your ears HEAR Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon!!! Holy Moses, WHAT COULD BE COOLER THAN THAT!? (answer: nothing).

Hold On. Lasers? You mean like “Lasers,” Lasers?

YES! Lasers – like the kind you’ve seen shot out of James Bonds‘ raygun or Mecha-Godzilla‘s giant eyeballs! For real! These giant beams of light will be flashing over your head and creating COOL designs like pinwheels and prisms!!

COOL! But how are these laser beams made?

Why the heck would you want to know that!? You’re not some sort of dork who likes math and stuff are you? Seriously, leave the science to the eggheads and just get your butt in here and WATCH THESE LASERS!!

Am I cool enough to watch this laser show?

Probably not. But don’t worry – LaserDome employees are not authorized to turn away ANY visitors, no matter how nerdy or uncool.

Even if I wear glasses?

Yes! Even if you wear glasses!! Don’t worry – even if the King Nerd himself (Bill Gates) showed up at the LaserDome, we’d HAVE to let him in!!

Wait, are we talking a laser show with just one or two colors of lasers? Because that would only be a little cool.

No way!! Our laser shows have EVERY COLOR IN THE RAINBOW!! Red. Blue, Green. EVEN YELLOW!!!! Trust us, this show is 100 percent legit.

Pink Floyd? Do I need to take psychoactive drugs to enjoy the show?

While drug-use is encouraged, even sober people can enjoy the LaserDome. Why? Because this laser show is JUST THAT AWESOME!!!!

How much does the laser show cost?

$20 for adults. $12 for children under the age of 10. All senior citizens and military veterans receive a $1 discount.


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