Local Boy Locates Waldo in the Land of Fabulous Flying Carpets

wheres_waldoWhere’s Waldo? It was a question that was on the lips of every man, woman and child after the famed adventurer, Waldo, went missing last week during his latest globe-trotting excursion to the Land of Fabulous Flying Carpets.

However, Pleated Jeans is proud to report that at approximately 6:45 this evening, Waldo was found safe and unharmed, hiding in a corner of an ridiculously crowded open-air market.

The identification of Waldo’s whereabouts has been accredited to young Timmy Fletcher, a 6th-grade honor student presently attending school at Roosevelt Middle School.

As many of you may recall, Waldo’s close friends, The Waldo Watchers, had initially accompanied Waldo on his most recent journey. However, despite the fact that they were employed for the sole purpose of “watching” Waldo, they quickly lost sight of him seconds after he entered the busy street bazaar scene.

As Waldo Watcher, Willie, describes: “One second there he was peering out from behind a snake charmer that was wearing a red-and-white striped turban. The next, he was gone. Vanished.”

And just like that, Waldo disappeared from the public eye. This was not, of course, the first time the intrepid traveler had gone missing. Last month, he went missing on a journey to visit The Land of Dazzling Deep-Sea Divers. And before that, he got lost in a giant hedge maze while on vacation with his fellow adventurer and confidant, Wilma.

As usual, the Waldo Watchers pleaded for the public’s help in locating Waldo. To aid in the search, they took an aerial shot of the open-air bazaar and sent it to all major news publications. Though the image was released days ago, it was not until today that young Timmy was able to locate the bespectacled globetrotter.

Though Waldo wore his trademark red-and-white sweater and hat, which were supposed to help him stand out in a crowd, this clothing choice ultimately proved counter-productive. As Timmy explains: “For some reason, lots of people and items in the picture had a red-and-white striped pattern. That made it harder. But I just kept with it, and eventually, there he was sandwiched between a man and woman who were selling a bunch of clay pots.”

Indeed, the Waldo Watchers are considering changing Waldo’s patented look to make him more identifiable. Time after time, the red-and-white striped motif has proven ironically popular among the world’s most crowded locales – from the Snow Woes ski slope to the Arty Parts Museum.

During a press conference celebrating his return to society, Waldo was quoted as saying, “Seriously guys, stop looking for me. With as much as I go missing, I’d think you guys would have gotten the hint by now – I don’t want to be found.!” Waldo then added, “can’t a guy just get some alone time? Yeesh,” before abruptly leaving the conference and heading off towards the World of Waldos.

Waldo had been missing for over six days. Friends and family members are obviously happy to have him back in their lives. Sadly, frequent Waldo cohort, Wizard Whitebeard, is still missing and presumed dead.


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