How To Reminisce About The Good Ol’ Days

In today’s topsy-turvy world, we all yearn for a simpler lifestyle from time to time. And if you take a second and think really hard, you might be able to vaguely recall that such a time once existed. Keep pumping that brain muscle of yours, and you may even be able to recall a fuzzy snippet from this storied golden era of yesteryear – a hoop-and-stick toy here, a belt strap used to carry your books there…

good ol daysWhat you are remembering is something called “the good ol’ days.” But these tiny one-off memories just simply aren’t substantial enough to completely lose yourself in the wholesome bygones of a simpler time. No sir, if you truly want to re-conjure those big, meaty memories from your days of yore, then you’re going to have to take a few well-planned action steps.

Here’s what you need to do to jog your memory so that you can effectively reminisce about the good ol’ days:

Whittle Something

If you think there’s no such thing as a time machine, think again. Because when it comes to reminiscing, a sturdy branch of birchwood is your cockpit to the past, and a sharp knife is the ignition switch. With each whittled stroke, you’ll instantly be transported further and further back in time. Once you land on those memories that are wholesomely filtered with a sepia tone, you know you’ve found the sweet spot.

If you’ve never whittled before, no worries. You needn’t make a polished walking cane or corn-cob pipe to effectively reminisce. In fact, merely sharpening a stick to a fine point is generally the preferred way to achieve maximum nostalgia. (tip: for added benefit, sit in a rocking chair on the front porch of an old farmhouse).

Tilt Your Head Up Slightly and Look Off Into the Distance

Unfocusing on the real world is the key to re-discovering those long-buried memories. To achieve this, unfocus your eyes, tilt your head skyward and stare blankly at a random point in space. Crack a small smile, and watch out! Because all those high-finned cars and afternoons at the hop are about to come flooding back.

Blow Some Dust Off of an Old Record

You know those big black discs of vinyl you have stored up in the attic? Those things are called records. They’re like MP3s, except better because the sound quality isn’t as good. If this sounds like news to you, that’s okay. As soon as you climb up into that creaky old attic and start blowing dust off of those big, bulky discs, those little flecks of dust shimmering through the Sunday afternoon sunlight will act like magical pixie dust. Instantly, you’ll be transported back to the time you had that swinging party with the gang on the beach or saw the Beach Boys in that one little club before they made it big.

Run Into an Old Friend From High School

Sometimes, when you are out shopping at one of those discount super stores – or some other “modern” store that completely lacks character or down-home goodness – you will look up to see someone that looks vaguely familiar. This person is an old buddy from high school. You probably played football with him or roomed with her at summer camp. Either way, approach this person and re-introduce yourself.  Together, the two of you will combine mental forces to synergize the heck out of some nostalgic memories.

If you’re having trouble remembering how you two know each other, say this: “Remember Old Man Peters and that watermelon patch of his?” That should get the ball rolling. Then, pull out your whittling sticks or dusty records and, trust me, the memories will come pouring out.


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