How To Hibernate For The Winter

Let’s face it: winter sucks. Freezing weather, holiday shopping, visits from the in-laws – with all the stresses of this loathsome season, one wonders why the almighty Zeus invented winter in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to just skip the whole devilish season altogether? You know, jump right from the vibrant forest fireworks of autumn into the dewy grass and flowers of spring?

As it turns out, you only need look to nature for the answer: hibernation. That’s right, hibernation. Now, more than ever, humans are taking a cue from the stupider, more worthless creatures of the animal kingdom and choosing to sleep through nature’s most boring and irrelevant seasons.

If you want to get in on this growing trend, then here are the steps you need to follow to ensure you spend your winter in a nice, long state of comatose suspended animation:

Get Fat

If you’re going to be asleep for three months, then you’re going to need plenty of body fat stored up to ensure you make it through your nap without dying of malnutrition. Given that it is already December, you have probably already packed on a good 20 to 30 pounds in preparation by now (thank you Thanksgiving).

To pack on those final 50 pounds, you’ll want to eat plenty of high-fat foods. For best results, nature tells us that the best tactic is to stand in an open stream and catch the fatty sock-eye salmon in your mouth as they swim upstream.

Find a Good Place to Sleep

You’re going to be in your winter bed for a long time. As such, you better get out there and start staking your claim for a killer place to lay your weary head. Good options include a secluded cave, a hole in the ground or the back guest bedroom of your home. Whatever the location, be sure to hide your spot from other hibernators by covering the entrance with a bunch of dead leaves and wooden branches.

Tip: when the time comes to lay down and go to sleep, transform those leaves into a soft, cushy mattress for maximum maxin’ and relaxin.’

Program Your DVR

The one downside of skipping winter is the fact that you’ll miss out on all the new episodes of your favorite shows. To ensure you don’t wake up a grumpy Gus in March, plan ahead and program your DVR in advance. To make sure there’s enough room for three months of quality TV programming, go ahead and delete all those old episodes of Celebrity Fit Club and Psych.

Buy Some of Ben Stein’s Books on Tape

Are you wondering how you’re possibly going to stay asleep for a whole three months? If so, the answer is Ben Stein‘s voice. With his drab, monotone articulation playing on a continuous loop via your iPod nano, you won’t have a problem sleeping like a log for 2,160 hours straight.

Tip: If possible, find a cave or hole that has an electrical outlet (this will help keep your iPod charged)

Store Food for the Spring

No matter how fat you are to begin with, you’re going to wake up awfully hungry once spring rolls around. To make sure you’ve got a good meal set aside come consciousness, plan ahead and store up some food for easy consumption. To accomplish this, go ahead and prepare your favorite meal now – lasagna, sandwiches, a whole turkey, etc. Then, to make sure no one stumbles upon it during your slumber, bury it in your backyard.


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