How to Have a Conversation With a Stranger

As the old saying goes, “a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.” Each day there are countless opportunities to strike up a conversation with a potential lifelong soul mate, new fishing buddy or matching kidney donor.  Whether you’re looking to snag a date with the pretty girl at the coffee shop, make friends with the guy who listens to the cool music at the record store, or distract the guard long enough for your buddy to steal his keys at the bank, being able to strike up a conversation with a stranger is an invaluable life skill.

If you find you’re having trouble meeting new people and having conversations with strangers, then here are some tips to help you get started:

Compliment Them on Something They Are Wearing

Breaking the ice is the hardest part of having a conversation with a stranger. An easy way to strike up a conversation is by complimenting a person on something he or she is wearing. Sometimes, a statement as short as “cool shoes,” “nice purse,” or “what’s with the straightjacket” is all it takes to start a nice, long conversation.

If you can’t find anything nice to say about someone’s clothes, or the stranger simply isn’t wearing any, then you can just as easily comment on something else distinctive about him or her – such as the book she is reading, the car he is driving or the gross mole on her face that needs removing.

Start Smoking

Have you ever noticed how popular people who smoke are? This is not only because smoking is cool, but also because smoking offers a prime excuse to start up a conversation. Smokers can easily make friends with other smokers by congregating in restaurant back alleys or school bathrooms and asking for “a light.”

If you are a square, and would rather be healthy than popular for some reason, then…oh, I don’t know – maybe you can go to the park and work on math problems or do some other stupid thing that will attract other nerds to come over and talk to you.

Find a Captive Audience

Unfortunately, some people are just too busy to talk to strangers. If you want a surefire chance to talk to someone, find a place where you and your new buddy are forced together for a brief time. Good options include the line at a movie, the seats of an airplane and the wall of urinals in a public restroom. If the person tries to avoid discussion by intently reading a book or staring silently at the bathroom tiles in front of him, then try and spur conversation by finding common ground – for example, your shared excitement for the movie you are about to see or the similar shape and size of your penises.

Avoid Awkward Pauses

Awkward pauses are the death march of the impromptu conversation. Simply put, every awkward pause is a moment in which your potential new friend might cut the conversation short and leave before you get the chance to exchange phone numbers and/or neck massages. Therefore, every time a break in the conversation occurs, it is recommended that you begin screaming loudly at the top of your lungs. This will help break the silence so that the conversation can maintain a smooth, even flow and run its course more naturally.


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