Baby Focus Group

Recently, Gerber Foods produced a new fruit puree baby food product – Teddy Berry Pear-y. In order to test the overall quality, texture and “yummy nummyness” of this product, they invited several babies, age 6 months to 9 months, to their offices in Fremont, Michigan to participate in a focus group. The transcript from this market research meeting is provided below:

Okay babies, a single-serving carton of Teddy Berry Pear-y has been placed on each of your high chair trays. Let’s start by having you tell me what thoughts come to mind as you look at the packaging.

Baby 1: Colors! Bright colors! I want to taste the colors! (Baby 1 picks up carton and begins to gnaw on it repeatedly)

Baby 2: Wait, how does it open? I don’t get it – maybe if I throw it on the floor (Baby 2 throws the carton on the floor)

Baby 3: It’s not as interesting as my belly button. I’m going to keep staring at my belly button. Hey, belly button, what are you? Why are you there?

And how do we feel about Teddy Berry, the cartoon bear on the packaging?

Baby 1: Oh yeah! He tastes good too!

Baby 2: He’s wearing overalls! I wear overalls! I will laugh because I personally identify with this cartoon bear. (Baby 2 squeals with delight)

Baby 3: Hey, who are those three babies over there? That one looks just like me. Hey Not-Daddy, look! Look at those babies over there. (Baby 3 points at the mirror)

Great, let’s go ahead and open these up for you…

Baby 1: Hey, there’s food inside!

Baby 2: Oh, that’s how it’s done.

…and why don’t you go ahead and dig in and let me know what you think?

Baby 1: It’s squishy! It feels squishy in my hand! I bet I can throw this really far (Baby 1 throws a handful of the food product, it lands on the interviewer’s lab coat).

Baby 2: It looks like paint! I will finger paint with it…oh yeah – this is looking really good! (Baby 2 pushes the food product around on her tray).

Baby 3: I think my belly button is hungry. (Baby 3 rubs the food product onto his stomach)

Okay babies, that’s great, but how about we try eating some of it?

(No response)

Hey? hello? Over here, babies. Pay attention to me. Let’s eat some food. Look over here! I’m making a funny face! Look at my funny face. And here are some keys. Look at these shiny keys (Interviewer dangles keys in front of the participants).

Baby 1: Keys! Look guys, keys!

Baby 2: Keys? No way! Hey, can I put those in my mouth?

Baby 3: Oh man, look at that face! That is one funny face. (Baby 3 laughs)

Oh good, we’re all on the same page again. Now, like I said, let’s take a moment and actually taste the product. Here comes the airplane…

Baby 1: Yummy!

Baby 2: Hey not bad! What if I used it as a dip for my hand? (Baby 2 scoops some food product off the tray and places her fist into her mouth)

Baby 3: I like it! I’m going to slap the table repeatedly and laugh to let you know that I like it!

Excellent! Well, thank you very much for your input. I guess that about wraps things up. Again, thank you so much – (the Interviewer drops his clipboard)

Baby 1: Ah! Loud noise!

Baby 2: A bomb! A bomb just went off! Mommy! I want my mommy!

Baby 3: Wah! Not-Daddy is mean!

All: (crying)

Okay, calm down. Calm down, babies! Please? Pretty please? Look, here are the keys! Look at the keys! Oh come on, look at the keys! No? Okay, let’s play a game! Who wants to play a game? How about peek-a-boo? (Interviewer covers his face with his hands)

Baby 1: (sniffle)…hey, where’d he go? Oh my god, where’d he go!?

Baby 2: He was right there a second ago!!

Baby 3: Whoa, creepy!


Baby 1: Oh, there he is!

Baby 2: Whoa, no way! How’d you do that?

Baby 3: Are you the Easter Bunny?

All: (laugh)


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