The Well-Mannered Boy's Guide to Listening to Rock and Roll

If you are a young, inquisitive teen boy, then you may have noticed a new fad sweeping the nation known as “rock and roll.” This new type of music is miles away from the calm, pleasant stylings of the Pat Boone records you have at home or the uplifting hymns you enjoy at church.

And as an intelligent young man, you likely have sought out a parent or church leader to discuss whether or not this new, rebellious type of music is or is not the work of the devil. While the answer to this question is ultimately up to your parent or guardian, most responsible adults have come to the conclusion that, when done in moderation, listening to rock and roll music can be a great way to relax after church or before thanking your mother for cooking a healthy supper.

Of course, the well-mannered boy knows that there is a right way and a wrong way to enjoy any type of music. To maintain your wholesome values and avoid the possibility for sin, follow these simple steps:

No Dancing

The up-tempo rhythms of rock and roll are often exciting and infectious, and may tempt you to get up and dance foolishly around your living room floor. However, the well-mannered boy knows that dancing is not a proper thing to do, as bodily gyrations are often sexually suggestive in nature (also, your hair will get mussed).

Because of this temptation to dance, it is important to sit quietly while listening to rock and roll. For maximum enjoyment, place your hand under your chin and listen intently with a slight smile on your face. If you are really digging the beats, then feel free to nod your head slowly or tap your hand against your knee in rhythm with the music.

Maintain a Sensible Volume

You may have noticed that some of the “bad kids” at school (you know, the ones who don’t wear collared shirts or wash behind their ears) are cranking up the volume of their rock and roll records to an obnoxious level. This is not the proper way to enjoy rock and roll.

To avoid upsetting your parents or neighbors, the polite boy keeps his rock and roll music at a sensible volume. If you are wondering how loud is too loud, remember that the right volume level is the one that allows you to hear your mother calling to you from the kitchen to come help set the table so you can eat your vegetables.

Don’t Listen to the Lyrics

Many rock and roll musicians attempt to shock the ears of listeners with rude comments and discussions of adult topics such as falling in love and being “all shook up.” As such, listening to these lyrics may lead to unsavory habits such as calling your father a “daddy-o” or not saying “please” and “thank you.” This, of course, would be an embarrassing turn of events for any teen boy, as it would disappoint his parents’ expectations. To avoid such a negative result, focus your attention on the guitars and drums rather than the words of a rock and roll song.


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