How To Meet Women

As the old saying goes, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea.” And whether you’re trying to hook a meaningful relationship with an attractive rainbow trout or simply looking to get a little orange roughy in the sack, catching one of those little fishies all starts with knowing where to plant your pole.

For the uninformed man, looking for love in all the wrong places can be a common problem. To increase your chances of meeting a woman that you wouldn’t mind striking up a conversation with, keep these simple tips in mind:

Step one: invest in a bear trap

Go Where the Ladies Are

Let’s face it: you’re not going to meet too many women in such man-friendly zones as the local sports bar, auto garage or vasectomy doctor’s office. And while there’s no doubt men LOVE hanging out in these places, the slim pickings of attractive and available women is pretty counter-productive when it comes to finding a mate.

As such, it may be better to take yourself out of your element and set up shop where the women are. Places with high percentages of ladies that you might consider hanging out include the local shopping mall, a yoga classroom or the girl’s locker room of a nearby gym or high school.

Of the three, I’d suggest the locker room, since pretty much 100 percent of individuals in this location are of the fairer sex. If a pesky security guard blocks your access to this prime pickup spot, consider drilling a hole in the wall so you can get an inside view of the action and spy the woman of your dreams.

Try the Internet

In today’s modern world, men can finally cruise for chicks in nothing but their soiled underwear without having to worry about getting the cops called on them. With such prime dating sites as, eHarmony and ChatRoulette, it suddenly has become a lot easier to strike up long-distance conversations with a bevy of beautiful ladies. When it comes to online dating sites, the key to getting a lot of ladies interested is to fill your profile with compelling information. In my experience, the best way to do this is to lie a lot. If you’re finding that women just aren’t that interested in the real you, simply upload a photo of a male model, and BAM – you’ll be chatting up ladies left and right in no time.

Become an OB/GYN

Office romances can be a lot of fun. If you want to meet women in your place of work, then one of the best career paths you can choose is OB/GYN. Build up a flourishing private practice, and you’ll have a whole waiting room of women to choose from every working day of the week. Also, I don’t think I have to point out that all that time spent in the stirrups is prime flirting time for you and your potential future wife.

If you’re too stupid or poor to become a doctor, other good careers paths for meeting women include Victoria’s Secret salesman, nail manicurist and federal breast inspector.


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