Donny’s School for Dungeon Masters

Are you a peasant or nobleman looking to start your own business? Do you have leadership skills and a passion for breaking the human spirit? Would you like to pursue your hobby of torturing prisoners AND get paid to do it? If so, then a rewarding and profitable career in the fast-paced industry of dungeon torture is for you!

Turn the success!

For more than 20 years (founded 1052 AD), Donny’s School for Dungeon Masters has been the premier training center for dungeon-based professionals. Upon graduation of our program, more than 90 percent of our students go on to take such exciting positions as:

With our comprehensive program, you’ll graduate with the advanced knowledge necessary to give yourself the hiring edge against the competition. Today’s corrupt noblemen won’t hire just anybody to torture our nation’s thieves, witches and scientific heretics. They want experienced, hard-working employees that won’t put that whip down until they’ve extracted a confession (truthful or not).

In as little as 15 months, you’ll find yourself in an underground dungeon or prison tower beating the heck out of some vile prisoner that questioned the king’s authority or couldn’t afford to pay his taxes.

At Donny’s School for Dungeon Masters, our comprehensive programs cover such topics as:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Proper whipping technique (use those knees!)
  • Effective name-calling
  • Demoralization
  • Filing paperwork to track prisoner progress

Our classes are taught by knowledgeable faculty members with real-world experience in the industry. Receive hands-on instruction as they teach you how to maximize pain and suffering while minimizing the potential for prisoner unconsciousness.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to earn a living and make up to 100 gold coins a month, then stop worrying about your fellow man and start whipping him instead! Don’t wait another minute! Visit the Donny’s School of Dungeon Masters closest to you today to learn more and enroll!


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