“Now Let’s Take a Funny One,” Suggests Terrorist Photographer

Okay guys, that’s the one. The hostage is front and center, the date on the newspaper he’s holding is clearly visible and Achmed isn’t blinking (for once). This is definitely the photo we’re going to send to those filthy American scum. Now what say we cut loose and take a funny one?

Let's see some funny faces!

Achmed, why don’t you put down the machete so you can give the hostage some bunny ears? Abdul-Azim, take off your face mask and make a fishy face. Ha – yeah that looks great! Now put your hands up to your head to make moose antlers!

Oh man, you guys, this is so funny! I’m totally going to make this our new profile pic for our Facebook fan page!

And if it’s going to be on Facebook, then we better get everyone in there! Al-Zaqwari, jump in there and pretend you’re choking Achmed! Give me a big smile!

Now al-Masri, bring in Osama and pretend like you’re giving him a big wedgie! Oh man, that sucker is so atomic!

You guys…you guys, stop laughing! No, I know it’s funny, but just stop laughing for a second so I can take the photo.

Wait guys, hold on! That hostage in the middle is totally bringing the vibe down on this photo. All sad and depressed – someone get the translator in here and get that scum to cross his eyes and stick his tongue out. You know, like America’s Gene Simmons.

Abdul-Azim, poke him with your AK-47 so he knows we mean business. Ha! Yeah, there it is! Oh, so funny!

Okay, now Osama scoot in. Closer, closer. There – perfect! Now big smiles and everyone say it with: “Death to America!” And…got it! Great job, guys.

You see? We are not all killings and bombings! Al-Qaeda can have fun too. And now, the whole world will know!


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