Frommer's Travel Guide: The Mushroom Kingdom

From the quaint toadstool towns and marvelous castle architecture all the way down to the small desert outposts and snowy, ice-covered cities, The Mushroom Kingdom is without a doubt one of the most varied and exciting travel destinations to encounter and explore.

Even when traveling with a handy magic whistle or not-quite-legal cheat code, there are enough attractions and world-class sites in the magical kingdom to keep you busy for a good several months. Whether visiting this crowned jewel of the Mushroom World for a short romantic weekend or a longer extended getaway, review this guide for an introduction on where to go and what to do:

Mushroom Kingdom – Top Attractions

No visit to The Mushroom Kingdom is truly complete without visiting at least a couple of these top attractions:

Peach Castle
  • Princess Peach’s Castle: Marbled corridors and towering precipices make the kingdom’s monarchial center a must-see for shutterbugs. Castle tours are available daily at a very affordable rate of 5 gold coins.
  • Dry Dry Ruins: Travel back in time to explore historical ruins of the Tutankoopa’s crypt. Roam the catacombs, marvel at the Chomp Statues and witness the fabled Super Hammer artifact firsthand
  • Boo’s Mansion: Believers in the paranormal will find plenty to excite their spooky pleasures at this haunted mansion. Is that framed painting watching you? Are those ghosts moving closer every time you turn around? Enter the creaky doors to find out.
  • Big World: Get “shrunk down to size” in a world where everything has grown to giant proportions. A favorite of kids and adults alike.

Shopping and Entertainment

World-Class Shopping!

A number of red-topped Toad Houses scattered throughout the kingdom offer prime opportunities for acquiring souvenirs for the traveler on the go. Enter one of these quaint shops for such knick-knacks as Fire Flowers, Blue Koopa Shells and Mini Mushrooms. Those looking for a new wardrobe can also find traditional village outfits such as Tanooki Suits, Frog Suits and Hammer Suits.


In terms of entertainment, popular options include:

  • Mario Golf
  • Mario Tennis
  • Casinos (Memory Match, Picture Poker, etc.)
  • Stomping on Shy Guys

Getting Around The Mushroom Kingdom

Kart rentals can be found in most major towns and provide a fun and efficient way to zip around locations such as the Mushroom City and Moo Moo Meadows. However, kart racing can be quite dangerous in some tourist hotspots – particularly Wario’s Gold Mine and the Rainbow Road. In such locations, safer forms of transportation include:

Planning Ahead – Things to do Before You Visit

Before embarking on your journey to The Mushroom Kingdom, consider planning ahead with these tips:

  • Stock up on plenty of 1-Ups
  • Exchange currency: while coins can often be found carelessly scattered throughout the kingdom, it’s always best to stock up before arriving
  • Know which areas to avoid: unsavory kingdom areas such as World 8, Tubular and The Impossible? Maze are prone to high levels of murder and should be avoided


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