Tweets From My Cat

Everyone is online these days:


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80 responses to Tweets From My Cat

  1. “Owner just placed me in front of a bug and asked me to eat it. What do I look like, an exterminator?”

    That made me laugh out loud at work. Thank you for that!

  2. OMG that is great! My dog has a twitter account, started as a joke that took on a life of it’s own. Never thought to give the kitten her own.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Damn good question. I don’t get it, really. Is it b/c cats are elusive creatures we can never truly understand?

  3. Could be one of my cats. I’ve got six of them, or better, they’ve got me . . . lol

    “Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

  4. HAHAHA ! good utilisation of twitter I guess, it is right perfect for a animal to shoot thoughts on TWITTER (pit pit), otherwise, it’s boring. I love so much imagining what animals are thinking of life and of us, humans. It reminding me that I had ounce created a website for my cat, and wanted to put his life online, it was ten years ago!! good idea! Thank you

  5. Hilarious! love the shower tweet. Sometimes my cat (Tucker) won’t even wait until I am out! There have been several times when he has climbed in with me! I fix him though. I just step away from the shower spray and let him have it! Watching a cat scurry on a slick shower floor is simply gutbusting. LOL!

  6. If I was to follow popular Twitter sites then I’d have to change my cell phone so it doesn’t buzz me every time I get a message. Nahhh. Twitter ain’t fer me! 🙂

  7. I was hoping to read something like “twtwtejjf pkm” the result of your cat’s stepped on the keyboard, hehe. Then you translated into your own language,
    but this was nice too though

    1. No, no, no – all cats have Aspergers syndrome. I blogged about this myself the other day – and there’s a book that actually has this title (AllCats Have Aspergers Syndrome) so, you know, it must be true.

  8. Dood, the Internet isn’t free. Besides, what’s wrong with tweeting cats?

    Lol Jeff I guess you have a lazy cat, instead of tweeting that we’re still asleep at 5am mine takes initiative and proceeds to wake us up. I suspect she’s trying to weaken us by reducing our amount of sleep, so that she can eventually take control of the household.

    Good stuff, I’m following cloey on Twitter in case she tweets again.

    1. What is Dat, dragon?

      I think this is interesting idea for our pets to participate our community world such as Twitter. By doing this activity, we can improve our understanding about our pets more than now.

  9. Cat: *Headbutt* LOVE ME *bonk* LOVE ME *bonk* LOVE ME.

    Yah, I tweet for my cat as well, its always amusing.


  10. I’ll try to ask my pet to open his twitter ID. She has spoken with us very well up to now so that if I ask her, she will certainly open his ID. Please look forward to my pet’s opening his twitter.

  11. I call you a fraud.

    Considering the quality of language used, I see three cases:

    1. Your cat has language skills that are ridiculuously above average for a cat. (Not impossible, but highly unlikely.) I think we all know how the typical cat actually expresses himself, courtesy of the cheeseburger network.

    2. Your software has auto-correction that actually works. (Yeah, right…)

    3. You are a fraud.

    On the balance of probabilities, I would go with 3.

  12. I’ve tried to persuade my cat Fina to become more technologically savvy. I even tried to fool her into thinking that ‘tweeting’ involved actual birds. She just looked at me disdainfully from over the rim of her book. Oh well, stupid me, trying to compete with Proust.

    Enjoyed your tweets – thanks!

  13. This was so cute! I love it and it made me laugh….good thing, cuz it’s Monday morning and I am dreading going to work!! This made my morning a bit lighter!! Thanks….and keep the tweets coming, they are really very funny!

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