Website Shoutouts

I sift through a ton of websites in order to bring you all the great content featured here on Pleated-Jeans. Given that many of these sites are contributing on a regular basis to my pic dumps and other posts, I think it’s only fair that I give a shout out to some of my favorite sites. As such, here are three sites you should definitely check out:

Sofa Pizza

Sofa Pizza has been feeding the Tumblr community a healthy selection of humor images and gifs for quite some time. A good number of images found in my pic dumps come directly from here. This original caption of hers is also currently my desktop image:

Simpsons Images

Pretty much any Simpsons screencap you see here on Pleated-Jeans comes from the amazing Simpsons Images photo blog. Check them out for a steady stream of Simpsons hilarity.

silentwilight:  7x05, Lisa the Vegetarian.


For awesome vintage images, you can’t beat Retrospace. Some of the best images that find their way into my vintage pic dumps come from here.

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