Funny Pic Dump (1.17.11)

Today we’ve got 40+ funny pics primed and ready to give some major LOLs. I’d write more of an intro, but all that would do is prolong you from checking out these amazing photos. So that is all – enjoy!

After 69

Lost Puppy

beach parking fail


by Hark, A Vagrant


6 responses to Funny Pic Dump (1.17.11)

  1. When viewing these sites… TURN JAVASCRIPT OFF!!! All the extra popunders, refreshes and reloads crashed my browser twice. And why can’t a link just take me to the site, I have to click on a link, and then click on another link to get to the page I wanted.

  2. The 4th from the end is from the awesome HarkAVagrant(dot)com website.

    Just giving credit where it’s due. Kate Beaton is amazing!

    1. thanks for the info! I added credit in the post. And after looking at the site, I agree with you – she is amazing!

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