Oregon Trail Street Sign

Facebook isn’t the only new place you can play the video game classic Oregon Trail. With the help of this funny street sign, Los Angelenos can now also play the game in real life.


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41 responses to Oregon Trail Street Sign

          1. Apostrophes are also used to show possession.
            The person, in this case, is wrong, but so are you.

          2. The apostrophe must come after the word to show possesive ” its’ ” would show possesive if such a thing existed.

          1. It’s scary how dumb people have become…cars that park themselves, coffee cups with “caution: HOT” written on them, people who think the Golden Gate Bridge is in Los Angeles.
            I’m afraid for the future man… watch the movie Idiocracy. It may be prophetic. 🙂

  1. Wow! I happened to “stumbleupon” this and happened to read the comments…you guys are idiots! hahahaha but it is quite funny though.

    1. I agree with you, Parker. I also happened to “stumbleupon” this site and reading the comments were half the enjoyment besides the picture.

      1. No kidding! I stumbled here, too, and found a picture that actually made me laugh and comments by english majors from bizzaro world that made me laugh harder.

  2. lol u guys are fuckin stupid lol fighting over the internet? i’d hate to see what u wuld do in a real fight lol

  3. Why can no one spell on the internet? Undereducated loosers. (In case you didn’t get it, I spelled that wrong on purpose so don’t frack yourself.)

  4. Hahahaha, Spell i can Good, troll is not I. No good at spell!? AHHHHHHHH. Don’t Not mispelled Los Angelese. Makes picture not funny.

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