25 LOL Animal Pics (2.12.11)

Lizards and kitties and giraffes, oh my! Everybody’s weekend is more fun with cute and adorable animals. Get that finger clickin’ to check out 20+ funny animals pics.

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Bring it (via amnemonic)


20 responses to 25 LOL Animal Pics (2.12.11)

      1. Greg What’s with the comment ya got something against gay people. Not to mention it has nothing to do with the subject matter why don’t you straighten up & fly right.

      1. oh cool! I added credit under the pic. also, just want to let you know that’s probably the most adorable corgi I’ve ever seen!

  1. Do you have permission to use that corgi puppy (the fuzzy puppy with the short legs.)? I’m just wondering since I happen to know where it comes from.

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