Weekend Pic Dump (3.6.11)

by Jason Lee


I Slept With Your Wife

Stop crying!

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22 responses to Weekend Pic Dump (3.6.11)

    1. How articulate. Nevermind, you’re much too stupid to comprehend that. Fucktard. Bet you know that one.

      1. I guarantee you didn’t know fucktard isn’t a word. Also a , is needed after “that.” Fucktard is neither a word nor a complete sentence. So you two ignorami can shut up.

        1. I won’t even bother trying to be perfect with my grammar or spelling or punctuation. but if your going to correct people do it right. please… and you forgot quotation marks around your “,” and you forgot a “,” after “So.” SO….. Plus the guy just randomly saying “suck my dick!” should NOT be backed up by someone of your intelligence.

          1. incorrect use of ellipses. Im not trying to pretend i have proper grammar, but you are. you suck.

        2. I do believe that fucktard would be a compound word. Instead of saying “fucking retard”, you would say fucktard in its place to convey the same message. Making your rant invalid. It may not be a real word, or a complete sentence, but it is a word derived from 2 different words.

  1. I never knew someone can take such a dump on someones’ chest by using grammar. Ten points for griffindor

  2. you are all shitt at leaving Comments as I like to see the about the chosen subject as in Weekend Pic Dump (3.6.11) I quit like most of them butt thay are all good

  3. While Fucktard would not be found in Webster’s, it is a contraction of Fucker and Retard. New words are constantly being made up and then added after the fact into dictionaries (see “bling”). And no, I don’t believe that they need a comma. If done for emphasis, it is correct that he leave the singular word alone, creating it’s own statement. However, he does need a semicolon between Nevermind and You’re.

    Yay for being the douche that corrects other douches’ grammar!

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