10 Pics That Prove Kids Are Freakin’ Morons

Society tends to cut kids a lot of slack, but when all is said and done these pint-sized people are pretty much idiots. I mean, seriously, how many brain cells does it take to pour some milk into a cereal bowl? Come on kids…GET IT TOGETHER!


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10 responses to 10 Pics That Prove Kids Are Freakin’ Morons

  1. Ok, I don’t know about the kid who fell in the toilet, or the one who missed kicking the ball, which smashed his face. And I don’t know how that kid got stuck in the toy machine; I know why, but I don’t know how. And yes, that kid who got his stupid head stuck in the chair is probably an idiot. But the rest of them are just little kids, doing things that little kids usually do. If anybody’s a moron, it’s the one who’s taking the picture; especially the one who took the picture of the kid sticking the knife in the socket.

  2. I agree with Paul. Largely these are pictures of small children who are too young to know better, or have the muscle control to manage better. The idiot is the list/picture compiler.

  3. i agree, these are not pictures proving children are idiots, they prove children are a burden on society and women should stop having so many, stupid whores, hello… its america, we have abortions here.. duh.

  4. Yep, kids are morons.
    If we just let them stick knives into sockets, or squeeze an angry cat with sharp claws and a vicious disposition, kids might learn TO STOP DOING THESE THINGS.

  5. How odd that everybody’s panties are in a twist over these pics. I did just about all of these things when I was a small child and guess what? I learned not to do them again. I set myself on fire, fell off plenty of bicycles without pads or a helmet, had my fingers bitten by various small caged rodents and burned myself on the stove. All learning experiences because simply being told not to do these things was not enough to satiate my curiosity. Yeah, I even stuck a knife in a wall socket. The question to be asked is if these kids will still be doing these things when they are old enough to have learned better? If so, then I will call them morons. 🙂

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