28 Yawning Animals

Is it getting tired in here or is it just me? Take a look at the pics below, and you’ll realize that a yawn looks cute on any animal – no matter what the species.

Fennec (via)

Turtle (via)

Red Panda (via)

Raccoon (via)

Mouse (via)

Foxes (via)

Puppy 1 (via)

Puppy 2 (via)

Kitty 1 (via)

Kitty 2 (via)

Polar Bear (via)

Baby Tiger (via)

Baby Leopard (via)

Great Ape

Monkey (via)

Lion (via)

Sea Lion (via)

Koala (via)

Striped Owl (via)

Zebra (via)

Rabbit (via)

Komodo Dragon (via)

Bobcat (via)

Pig (via)

Kangaroo (via)

Giraffe (via)

Squirrel (via)

Otter (via)


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7 responses to 28 Yawning Animals

  1. That’s a snow leopard cub not a leopard cub (snow leopards are not true leopards) and someone has already mentioned the tiger/lion mix up still mega cute though.

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