Roundup: The Funniest Pics Relating to Osama’s Death

The Internet’s all abuzz with the news of Osama’s death. Already, funny images related to the event are flooding the Internet. Here are the absolute best:




















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157 responses to Roundup: The Funniest Pics Relating to Osama’s Death

  1. I watched video of people celebrating in Times Square NYC. I was struck by how much it reminded me of the people celebrating in the middle east after the 9/11 attacks. It seems that Americans are no more civilized than their muslim brothers.

    The other thing that I thought was, “No what?” Nothing will change, the hatred will not end. the killing will not stop.

    What people do not seem to understand is that we are in WW III. It is the Islamic fundamentalists and their “moderate” supporters* against the rest of the world. This will not be over until one side or the other are all dead. The Bin Ladens of the world will settle for nothing less.

    * Supporters because not to condemn an evil is to condone it.

    1. James obviously when you stopped to think “Now what?” you didn’t stop long enough to remember the “W” which seems almost fitting as most people are forgetting the W today.

      The Americans and the Muslims aren’t at war, we’re at war with murdering terrorist groups masquerading as Muslims. We are not celebrating death of innocent people, like the hypnotized celebrations of 10 years ago. We are celebrating a step toward better security and safety. To “condemn” us for that is childish and immature.

      Apparently you are an attention whore. Otherwise you would realize the difference between our celebrations and theirs. This man led attacks that killed vast numbers of American men, women and children; not to celebrate being rid of that threat would be heartless.

      I apologize if my excitement exceeds your definitions of politically correct. I hope one day you and I can meet so you can suck my balls.

      A very happy and relieved American Soldier.

          1. Well you can talk. You can’t even spell “American” right or use capital letters for that matter. I’d suggest using spell-checker and referencing your quotes before making a baseless, opinionated and rather racist claim like that.

      1. Austinwentworth, if you’re going to be a grammar-Nazi, at least do it right. There should be a comma after “James,” a comma after “W” (inside the parenthesis), a comma after “Apparently,” and a semi-colon in place of the period after “whore.” The period at the end of your signature is also unnecessary, but not incorrect either.

        Also, that last comment (“I hope one day you and I can meet so you can suck my balls.”), completely invalidates your accusations of childishness and immaturity. Being a soldier doesn’t entitle you to free double-standards.

        A level-headed, neutral human being

        1. There doesn’t need to be a semi-colon. Any idiot knows that those are optional. He can make it two sentences if he wants, that’s just a style choice. I like semi-colons myself, but then I’m a journalist and enjoy those kinds of things. I imagine a soldier has better toys to play with (like an M16?).

        2. Bradley, nobody is infallible, and your superfluous use of the word ‘either’ is a fitting example. However, I do approve of your last paragraph, and therefore my ruling stands; Austinwentworth has been owned!

          Remember, this should remain more or less light-hearted banter, so let’s all shake hands and be friends.

          Kind regards, Nosmo King

      2. Just as the Americans supported and financed the IRA that killed British civilians. If you think you can beat terrorist by simply killing them, think again. The only way is through diplomacy, which is not Al-Qaeda’s way. The only thing I do agree with you about is that we are not at war with all Muslim’s, just the looney fringe.

      3. Austin,

        You’re right that Americans and Muslims aren’t at war with each other. However, concerning the celebrations of Osama’s death, I think that if you stop to think about it, whether or not the celebrations are “justified” is irrelevant. When they danced on their own streets after 9/11, they felt equally justified in doing so based on what they perceived as years of American interference in their countries.

        I ask that you remember back to what your personal reaction was to witnessing that scene on your television and the desire for payback it undoubtedly instilled in you. Surely, seeing Americans dance in the streets on the news of Osama bin Laden’s death will only help further embolden the enemy and make a martyr out of a terrorist. This means more war, more killings, and more revenge. It’s a perpetual cycle that has to be stopped at some point. As an American first, you represent a society which strives for justice and freedom, so don’t lower yourself to their level. You are better than that. And as a soldier, you have a vested interest in avoiding further combat. Surely if you don’t already have a family of your own, you look forward to having one soon, and I’m sure your family would prefer to have you around.

        Just food for thought. And thank you for your service.

      4. First of all, the footage of a few celebrating people after the alleged attacks of september 11 2001 were later proven as merely a forced and desperate attempt by western media to depict non-existent joy in the arab world, so you can both suck the proverbial balls.

        Secondly, the “war” on terrorism does not exist. It’s a fable of the rich, to keep the rest of us in fear, happily abused by americans, russians and chinese alike who wish to imprison or oppress those who do not conform. In the USA, the war on terrorism is used to strip what was once the freest country on earth of its liberties in order to keep us quiet and happy to consume, in Russia it is used to hunt and kill any and all separatists who do not wish to be a part of that ageing giant – and in China it was a welcome excuse to keep it up, keep throwing dissidents in prison, keep refusing equal and human rights to minorities and keep lying to themselves. Terrorists you say? What is a terrorist? Is it someone who throws tea in the ocean to oppose an oppressing regime? Is it someone who sends unmanned machines to drop fire and death on innocent humans in huts and caves? Is it someone who believes the world is on its end, and needs to be shook straight, someone who is willing to go to any lengths because of what they believe in? Those who you call terrorist are not so different from you, or I.

        Thirdly, it is never right to celebrate the death of another human being, and doing so in this case is only playing into the hands of your lords. They who want you to continue to hate your brother, and squabble with him until none of you can remember why. Those who gladly continue to anger the already angry, so that the blood of the poor in turn can continue to fuel their decadence and wealth. Osama bin Laden was indeed the leader of a loosely composed organisation that hides behind false morals and lies, using religion and fear to persuade the poor and naive to kill themselves, and he did indeed deserve punishment – but it is not the right of any human to decide over anothers life or death. We may punish, we may imprison those who we feel have transgressed against the greater good, but without lawful justice, without trials and evidence and openly available proceedings, we will never rise above the level of savage beasts. Cheer all you want, but know that you condemn yourself.

        You are not free unless everyone is.

        Texas Tanaka,
        citizen of the world.

        1. Dudes, fellow Americans, and other cool people of the world…. remember Austin is the man. If you think he is not, or you want to cuddle up with the real faggot terrorist then, move out of our great country and go fuck each other in the back-assworld Middle East countries. All of you sympathisers can get the fuck out of America. Eat shit and die.

          Keep up the good work Austin. Don’t let those pussies get you down.

          1. Wow, really? So if we don’t agree with the myopic views of Austin and you, then surely we must agree with extremist terrorists? Believe it or not, people like you are NOT the reason America is a great country. It’s those that understand that there’s always another way of looking at something and that there are OTHER people in the America besides YOU.

        2. This is tremendously well-stated. It’s unfortunate that so much of humanity’s pride is tied to nationalistic and centrist mentalities that are ultimately not just hypocritical, but self-destructive on a global level. I think that the most forward thinking in social philosophy, those trains and schools of thought that look to the future of our species in the most honest and realistic of ways, see a post-national, post-religious world. That is not to suggest a one-world government, but a world in which humanity has, as a species, succeeded in recognizing the obstacles that face us as a whole both internally and externally and has begun to take strides in a globally beneficial direction. In short: When we win, we win; when we lose, we lose; there is no “they”.

      5. Austin I find this statement of you very amusing…
        “This man led attacks that killed vast numbers of American men, women and children; not to celebrate being rid of that threat would be heartless.”

        So 3,000 is a vast number, huh? Well during the Vietnam war America dumped jellied jet fuel (napalm) on hundreds of thousands of men, women and children and burned them to death. Americans dumped thousands of tons of agent orange on Vietnamese crops and starved many thousands more. THOSE are vast numbers. Don’t whine to me about the handful of cretins who were doused with jet fuel and roasted on 9/11 because you Americans killed hundreds of thousands the same way and laughed about it. You p*icks did it to stop communism. Osama did it to stop American imperialism. Don’t tell me he’s any worse than you a**holes because he’s not.

        9/11 was a simple case of what goes around comes around. You did it to the Vietnamese, Osama did it to you. It was your bad karma. You asked for it. You begged for it. And you a**holes got exactly what you deserved, just not enough of it.

        I hope we can meet some day so I can kick your balls so hard they pop out of your eye sockets.

    2. Celebrating a sneak attack on 3000 civilians does not mean the same thing as celebrating the death (as a Nation) of the fucker that attacked you. Thanks for your input, but you are simply wrong. And we are not at war with Islam (fundamental or otherwise) Al Quaeda attack Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindis … They were just a bunch of evil fucks who used Islam as a cover to spread hate and fear and terror, so again you are simply wrong. America has ties to Islam, Ties to the Middle East. The war in Afghanistan is Justified, The war in Iraq was not and will never be. But you need to learn the difference between retribution against a man who specifically targets children and women and civilians so he can get on TV and the unnecessary slaughter of innocents who did nothing other than go to work or get on a plane.. So keep you comparisons inside that confused skull of yours.

      1. he did not kill people to get on television he did it because he believes America has oppressed him and his people. I am not trying to justify his actions but you cant say he has murdered people just for fame.

        and for Dean you must have had a misguided childhood to believe America is the greatest country in the world and that all people who don’t support the murder of innocent Islamic people should leave the country. you would be left in america with half a million red neck who would probably happen to be your inbred family

    3. ^^ If we are in World War III, where is the battlefield? Where is the close to 10 million dead in Europe? Which nation states are our enemies?
      The killing you speak of is actually only going in in the Middle East, as fundamentalists oppress and slaughter the moderates you so cleverly put in quotation marks. Moderates by definition oppose fundamentalists, and practice Islam in a private and peaceful manner. By your extremely hyperbolic rhetoric and insinuation that we basically have to kill all Muslims I’m just going to assume you are a biggot. Excuse me if I’m wrong. Douchebag.


    5. James … u really suck!
      ur bluffing things and wat do u exactly know about the US and muslims?
      when people like YOU die … the US, muslims and the rest of the world WILL CELEBRATE THIS MOMENT!!!

      you seem Jewish to me … the REAL terrorist … does the media call them ” terrorist “, “Jewish” or ” israel ” ?

      this is the point and idiots like you do not deserve to be living at all … ur death will bring peace to the whole world … so may you rest in peace soon and ppl like YOU

    6. The idea that someone would compare these types of celebrations to the celebrations in the Middle East after 9/11 is disgusting and ludicrous.

      First of all, as someone who flooded the streets of our capital in celebration, I can say that myself and the others around me felt nothing but joy. Those who celebrated in the aftermath of 9/11 were celebrating the deaths of INNOCENT men, woman, and children. Thousands of them. We celebrate in the death of one man who not only caused the death of over three thousand (and counting overseas) American civilians and soldiers.

      What I was celebrating was the end to a reign of terror by a monster who was still organizing attacks and promoting hatred, fear, and violence overseas and domestically. Pardon me, but I’ll celebrate that particular loss of life all night by dancing through the streets with my fellow Americans on a day that will go down in history as a happy one, not only for Americans, but for those all over the world who have ever suffered from terrorism.

      You’re right, the violence will never end. The Bin Ladens will never stop, and the removal of one of them, a big one, in an effort to minimize the incredible amount of violence is something worth celebrating.

      1. Regardless of Bin Laden’s actions, he was still murdered, the war is not over, and nothing has changed. You may have partied in the streets, filled with joy and hope, but why? Has your life improved or changed? No. Not a bit.
        What was being celebrated was a symbol of hate being brought down. Osama hated us, and we hated him. Now, what will fill that void?
        He will be easily replaced, because, honestly, he was no Hitler. He wasn’t Stalin. He was just a man with a plan and connections. And he got away with it.
        Too many people have died for all this religious shit, and to glorify one side or the other is pointless.
        Go have another drink.

        1. I believe John Stewart has you on that one when he noted that Bin Laden has been portrayed as the face of the Muslim world for too long.
          I was a fourth grader on Sept 11, 2001 and to be honest, its hard to remember an America that didn’t harbor a certain hate, spoken or otherwise, for Muslims.
          With Bin Laden no longer in the picture, the revolutionaries in Egypt and Libya have a chance to step forward as the new Muslim figureheads.
          So Lindsay, in the my mind, and I’m sure the minds of many other young people around the world, this has changed the world immensely for the better.

        2. If a man walked into your house and shot your children right now, and was ultimately killed for it, would your response still be “it doesn’t matter”? You’re discussing the unwarranted murder of people here, and even though there were many of them, and it was a decade ago, it doesn’t make it any more personal for the people who lost parents, and children. If you ask a girl who grew up without a father because he died trapped in one of those towers, she’s not going to consider it “religious bullshit”. There were real people that were hurt and killed here, and what we’re celebrating is, for once, having a positive event to connect them to. It’s immature to say that we’re happy he’s dead because he’s a symbol of hate. We’re happy he’s dead because it shows that for all the lives that were lost that day, ten years later, we were still fighting for them.

      2. Vengence, deep brooding over the slain, had blocked the source of softer woe; and burning pride and high disdain, forbade the rising tear to flow.
        — Sir Walter Scott

      3. Don’t talk all that humbo jumbo you were out because you wanted to go out and get rowdy. Just like me but I just wasn’t celebrating I was getting drunk, I feel we should have went about it as usual business for the USA

      4. All hipocritical nonscense

        “… felt nothing but joy. Those who celebrated in the aftermath of 9/11 were celebrating the deaths of INNOCENT men, woman, and children… We celebrate in the death of one man …”

        Yes, from your perspective, they’re celebrating the death of the innocent. From their perspective they are celebrating the deaths of the guilty.

        For you to “celebrate in the death” makes you exactly the same as they are.

        “Pardon me, but I’ll celebrate that particular loss of life all night by dancing through the streets with my fellow Americans”

        That last scentence scares the s**t out of me.


      Indeed, I am graciously accepting your fortuitious complimentation!

      At the very least, in my own humble way, I can proudly say that I am the head of state with the most civilian kills so far in the 21st century.


    8. James,
      Although many of these ignorant citizens of my country will not agree with you, I will. This ” war ” we have been fighting has had mixed reason in its purpose ever since the attack on American soil but it still has the same principal as every other war since the beginning of time. Its good news to hear about the death of Osama but just because one man is down of a whole entire group of people doesnt not mean the whole world is going to stop and everyone is going to dance around rainbows riding unicorns. It will still go on for generations and generations. It started with the Babylonians and will still continue. We are fighting an endless war. Our grandchildren will have their kids fighting in wars related to this one. It boils down to religion, politics, and money. Those three things will never die.

    9. “The other thing that I thought was, “No what?” Nothing will change, the hatred will not end. the killing will not stop.”

      ^no what…
      learn to spell pleb

    10. true, but if it won’t end then why not celebrate anyway, no matter what we do they will still hate the “western infidels” so might as well celebrate the death of a man (who was so villainous that religion played no role so any one who thinks its an attack on a culture is an idiot) that killed 3,000 civilians, in fact THEY celebrate everytime a soldier is killed, they parade their bodies through the streets, while we at home can only shed a tear, we have not sunken to the level of those radical scum ( not all muslims just the dick head radical ones).

      One more thing, if you really want this war to end, all the death and destruction to stop, and this is to everyone, do something about it stop complaining and act for your beliefs we can no longer sit and do nothing but whine, the American is unfortunately a lazy one and it is literally killing us, this cannot continue. Act for YOUR beliefs not the guy on the tv’s, you want a change…become it

    11. celebrating murder is morbid and culturaly unevolved. it is as gratuitous as the roman gladiator fights. the death of osama will not bring an end to terrorism. in fact: the immodest parade of murder victory is likely to insence further hatred and acts of retribution from radical fundamentalists. have some class, reign in your hatred and maybe we can all make love to each other. after all, isn’t that what life is all about – let’s just have sex together.

    12. First off I believe you mean “Now What?” instead of “no what?”
      One more thing-
      If you live in the United States- please get out of my country.


    13. I understand where you are coming from, but are you really going to compare hundreds of innocent people to the indirect murderer of those hundreds of people? I would never celebrate the death of a human being. But I believe some of the individuals were celebrating justice, and the hopeful collapse of an terror force, honoring the people who died on September 11th.

      Also, Please keep in mind, there are Muslim’s that are not terrorists and are probably offended by you generalizing them into calling them all uncivilized.

    14. I agree with you, for the most part (except for the spelling error)
      Of course I’m not going to be mourning Osama’s death, but it seems really icky to me to celebrate anyone’s death.

    15. I agree with you one hundred percent. Don’t even mind these savage bastards who were dancing on the streets.

  2. Celebrating justice in the execution of a single murderer who is responsible for the deaths of thousands is *not* the same as celebrating the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians.

    As for change, it’s too early to tell if it will weaken terrorist resolve or embolden it. Al qaeda has become so decentralized it may not even make a blip on the radar in most places over there, but you can bet it will be a big morale boost in the US forces.

  3. Yes, but look at what each celebrated. They celebrated the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. We celebrated the death of a single man guilty of thousands of deaths.

    1. Except of course all the other deaths (women and children included) (American and Afghani) that it took to celebrate that one kill.

      Next you’re going to tell me that the war has nothing to do with power or money!

    1. Go fuck yourself. How can you guys compare to Americans. You kill your own sisters and mothers because they were raped by your fellow dumb ass breed. Eat shit in the dark and remember that more Americans are coming to kill your Bin Laden loving asses.

    2. Osama bin Laden was a guest of, but not member of the Taliban. He was protected by Taliban members because of their Pashtun heritage which dictates that a guest (Osama had been invited to discuss the establishment of an Islamic state in Afghanistan because he was a pertinent figure in some parts of the Islamic world, and not because he was brethren) is not to be abandoned, welcome or not. Osama bin Laden was the head of a decentralized, fundamentalist, zealot religious organization that operated internationally, without borders called al-Qaeda. The Taliban are mostly Afghans and Pakistanis who operate in either Afghanistan or Pakistan. Their leaders seldom saw eye to eye with bin Laden. They were also not behind the attacks on the World Trade Center or Pentagon buildings, although they are horrible in plenty of other ways. Please talk less until you’ve read and thought more.

    1. No, they are most definitely keep security at its peak, especially in the next year or so in case the terrorists attempt another attack. Besides, the only reason they hijacked the planes in the first place was because security and threat levels were very low in airports. More than likely it will never go back down, if it did it would just open us up to another attack.

      As much as we hate going through all that nonsense, it really is for the greater good.

  4. The whole city celebrates when the godly succeed; they shout for joy when the wicked die. -Proverbs 11:10

    1. This, ladies and gentlemen, this is how wars are started. Religion dose not bring peace, it only brings hate and violence. 1:My prayers are more powerful than yours. 2:Oh ya? My faith can crush your faith any day. 1:Bullshit! My god will allow me to be victorious in anything I do. 2:Fuck you! My god can kick your god’s ass! 1:You wanna start something asshole?! 2:Come at me bro!….. And we also got to look at it in Bin Laden’s point of view as well. Now I’m not saying I am right, because truth is I don’t know the whole story. But the dude found out that we were selling weapons to his enemies as well to him. He got pissed, I would too if my friend gave me a awesome new prank to pull on my enemies then turned around and then told them how to counter it. The only fact I know is… We hit first. We may be reluctant to admit it. But its true. Any human being who has been hurt by someone else intentionally, first thought that comes to mind is simple. Revenge. And he got it. I’m not saying it’s right. I’m pissed that he did it. But he got what he wanted.

  5. By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.- Proverbs 11:11

    How ignorant you believe a god, your god, any god would celebrate death
    Instead, it is the man who is on the wrong path who celebrates such a thing.
    Leave vengeance and hatred to your God, see if he shows it

  6. But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.
    Matt 5:44-45

  7. I’m sorry but Bin Laden has been moving around and out of radar for far to long who’s to say that he hasn’t been planing more attacks and has a plan all lined up in case of death. My thoughts on how they handeled his body was lame. I think they should have of looked past his tradition and tie that mother fucker to the back of a hourse and draged his body threw the streets of New York. The sea really burn his body. Tourcher his dead body like he touchered our family and our country.If the body isn’t at rest nor is the soul. Why should we be civil? We celebrate for justice for the men, woman, and children who lost their lives in 2001.

    1. Who’s to say he hasn’t been planning more attacks? Who’s to say you, or I, or Michael Jordan, or anyone hasn’t been planning attacks? You can’t accuse someone because you don’t have proof they didn’t do it. That’s not how justice works.

      I’m not saying I disagree with going after him, but not on that premise.

  8. What a dick that guy is for comparing the celebration of killing civilians vs killing a terrorist mofo. Seriously dude? wtf is wrong with you? should people not have celebrated after the killing of Hitler? btw, the Americans could have easily launched 50 missiles around there killing hundreds, if not thousands, of civilians. We did not do that because we are NOT like them.

    Your comment suggests that the allied forces were just as bad as Hitler, a person who baked people in ovens. Seriously, think before you say shit.

    1. Maybe, except that we have killed hundreds if not thousands of civilians since these wars with Iraq and Afghanistan began. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing that OBL is dead, I just think that we’re more alike than a lot of people will admit, and that we’re capable of the same level of evil that he was.

  9. I agree with James’ first two paragraph’s, can’t say so for the third one however.
    This isn’t something to celebrate, it changes nothing and will not bring back any of Bin Laden’s victims. All this might do is offer closure to the families of some of those victims.

    1. So if someone killed your mother alex, would you be happy when they found the person and sentenced him to life in prison, or do you think it would be better to let him walk the streets peacefully for the rest of his life? You also neglected to see that Bin Laden was a man that was head of Al Quida and a muslim extremist who publicly stated that he wanted every American to die. I think if someone wanted to kill you and you found out he was dead you would celebrate too.

      1. I wouldn’t celebrate if that person was dead, sorry but it’s not in my nature. I’d feel sorry for him for coming to the point that he wanted to kill for unknown reasons, obviously killers have some issues that they couldnt work out no matter what the circumstance. Celebrating death in a bad way is wrong period. The only thing that should be done is nothing. Think about it why do you have funeral services? To celebrate that person’s life, I feel the best way to go about “celebrating someone’s death” is to do nothing pay that person no respect, let him die there without a breath wasted on talking about his life, let him be forgotten I feel like that is worse than death. Until someone is forgotten they’ll continue to live on.

    1. Obama is the top guy in the US military, any military act has to go through him to give the word, so technicolly yes he gave the orders for the attack, and therefor he killed osama

      much like how osama had followers that suicide bombed killing thousands, al he did was give the word

      1. ohhhh so giving the word to kill thousands of innocent people and giving the word to kill the person responsible for killing thousands of innocent people is the same thing then? your a fuckin idiot go america canada is gay stfu and get ur facts right

        1. You, sir, are the idiot. Canada and America are neighbors and very good friends. As an American, I like the fact that I can easily go abroad to Canada without much hassle, and the Canadians I know are friendly in a Mid-west sorta way. I am sorry that I share a country with someone like you, who verbally abuses those with differing points of view. This is what alienates American in the international community, and makes the rest of the world think that we are ignorant assholes.

      2. actually George W gave the commands O-bama just continued them. but this is a typical non-thinking democratic statement. You obviously don’t stop to think about the past, unless you want an excuse for something. Just like when Bush was in office and the economy started to go bad, well guess what economy cycles aren’t started in one day they take awhile to kick in. i.e. Clinton had more effects on the econ during bush’s era, but now its bush’s fault with obama in office. most of the people that voted for obama watch too much mtv and if you watched interviews of the people who voted for obama they didn’t know anything they were voting for except change, and they are all too stupid to realilze he ain’t change shit

    2. I have to agree with T.C. Obama didn’t do it. He is a puppet in the white house. The puppet masters control every move. Same with all the puppets before him.

  10. I still can’t understand why people choose to take joy in violent death. Yes, he caused great pain and hurt. Yes, he did awful things as far as we know (because how well can we really trust what we’re told?) but he was still a human being that was killed and his life was taken by another human being. It may be justified, but I certainly don’t see it as a joke or as a celebration and a party. It’s disrespectful and childish.

    1. you don’t know the true nature of his terror was. frankly the man should be have been tortured for weeks on end.

    2. Keep in mind, we didn’t ask to be attacked September 11, 2001. And we did not just walk into osama’s compound and execute him and his pals while they drank beer and watched the game. THEY SHOT AT AMERICANS WITH THE INTENT TO KILL!!! I don’t know how you feel, but if someone is shooting at me, I will shoot back and I WILL be going home to my family at the end of the day. God bless those who took out bin laden.

      1. He was at home with his family when they started shooting you asshole, what next you going to invade Pakistan now?

  11. “Obama had nothing to do with osomas death and if you think he did your an ideot”

    ….only idiots spell “idiot” wrong.

    I’m sure you have a lot of access to the inner workings of the White House, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pentagon, etc. Of course that would be the only way you would know for certain that Obama “had nothing to do with it.”

    First off, major military operations do not go down without the president’s consent, especially high-profile assassination attempts. If you really think Obama “had no idea” what was going on, you are foolish. I don’t think you are. I think a better explanation is that you are bitter that Obama is our president. Regardless of political party, race, or what Obama has done so far in office, this should be a time for us to rejoice and unite under behind this great moment.

    The world is now a safer place without bin Laden. Why can’t we all (Republican, Democrats, independents) be happy about that and agree on something for just ONE DAY?

  12. The life of one cowardly dog , does not equate to the deaths of 3000 innocents. He’s dead, and food for hog fish and covered by whale feces. Was he “buried @ sea” in respectable Islamic tradition? I think not. He was dumped overboard like the garbage he was. No Honor, No Respect. I will think of him, every time I flush!

  13. Taking of somebodys life is unethical irrespect of whatever calibre a superior can over-ride but there must be respect to human life and dignity. However, there is a controversy with the ethical theories and principles which stands for the benefit of the majority and can classify a situation as acceptable. Thus, Osamas death may be categorised under such ethical principle of benefiance which stands for the benefit of the majority where some militarians classify it as good death.

    1. This is possibly the more poorly written and incoherent thing I’ve ever read in my life. And I went to public school.

  14. It is amazing how a page full of harmless political jokes can become the forefront for a political opinion war.
    Nice to see that human beings can even turn humor into a fight.
    Also, did you ever consider putting the shoe on the other foot? Imagine looking at America from Al Qaeda’s point of view. In their opinion we are the terrorists…
    They are fighting a war on terrorism as well.
    Who is to say our hate crimes are more right than theirs?
    Stories of terrorism, performed by any nation, all have the same ending.
    Just sayin’.

    1. Agree completly, they’re fighting a nation who for the last 60 years has invaded countries at will and financed many others for purely their own end.

      It’s one thing if you’re on america’s side, but what it you’re from Venezuela or Russia or Iran knowing that the only country that has shown the balls (for right or wrong) to drop an atomic bomb is also the country that like’s to invade other countries and for some reason (unknown to you) has taken a strong interest in your country.

      It’s hard to believe but to them, America is the modern version of Nazi Germany, trying to take over the world and that they are the good guys.

      I know it is completly bonkers to think of it like that but that’s the way it is.

    2. Because we are the coolest people on the planet. Fuck off sympathiser. Move to the Middle East you punk ass bitch.

      1. yeah, cuz if there is one thing we don’t want in this country is a variety of opinions….if you aren’t a redneck bigot with a third grade education, we don’t want you in our burgeoning theocracy!

  15. You are the terrorists America, and everybody seems to know but you..

    your patriotic behavior makes you blind to see you are indeed the same as the Muslim radicals
    if i could speak arab i would tell them the same..

    try to take a step back and take a good look at your self,

    not affiliated

    1. yeah we are the terrorist giving billions of dollars to relief funds and helping others in need around the globe. that just doesn’t add up Amsterdam

    2. I thought Amsterdam was cool until I heard your stupid ass shit. We will attack you country next…. faggot

  16. America is only liked when were needed to do some dirty work for another country, right after we get done doing other peoples work they go right back to hating though. Hating America is just the stylish thing to do these days, even for it’s own people. If you don’t have a qualm with America, something must be wrong with you.

    I for one, have no issue with America. It does it’s thing, we do our thing. Also, on the subject of Americans being no better than radical Muslims, to whomever believes that, it makes me wonder how much you actually know about either one of those two parties.

    1. Wow ,right…..: when there is a dirty job ,call Americans !
      If you knew how far the shit you just said goes, you’d never say that.

  17. I agree with “An American”. America fought for its independence and freedom and our founding father’s built it from the ground up. I have never been more proud of my country (especially the military) than right now and I personally think that even though it’s a terrible thing for a man to be murdered, it’s one step closer ending this war.

    “We’re all kinda like politicians….We’re lazy, we lie, and we all sit around talking about what’s wrong with the world but never actually do anything about it.”

    Except the military…..They are the ones getting off their lazy asses and doing something about what’s wrong with the world. I salute those men and women serving our country!!! 🙂

  18. Its in the nature of civilians to celebrate successes of their soldiers. This has always happened.
    From the middle-ages and earlier. “Civilised” and “barbaric” nations of old did it and nations of today will.
    Only a soldier or warrior really respects his enemy.

    I’m not condoning people for celebrating. Heck! Even I felt like jumping and dancing.
    Its a great morale victory to a country that has been battered by all kinds of catastrophes.
    And I really feel for America. They can’t do anything without someone hating them.
    You have my vote of support. (BTW, I’m not an American)

    Maybe the world is a safer place now, maybe it will only get worse. We don’t know.
    But I agree that, at least for a few, OBL’s death brought closure to pain that has had 10 years to grow.
    Hopefully now, though, you can bring your soldiers home to their families.
    I’m sure they are missing eachother.


    1. wow, obviously not the smartest comment. if you’d actually want that your no better than obl and I don’t want that pos to step foot on my soil. what makes you think revenge is such a great thing?

  20. Who is trained Osama…………………………. America
    Who is Funding to Osama……………………. America
    Who is Supporting terrorism in Pakistan…………. America
    Who is starting jihad in Afghanistan against Russia ………………….America
    Who is the Founder of Taliban…………………………………………………..Ameria
    NOw Whats the matter that America cannot accept the above elements .9/11 was a big Drama…………..Now Osama murder is an other Drama …………………this is planted only against Pakistan…………………..they want to control on neuclear weapon from Pakistan……………………………………….. America never succeed because we have the power of ALLAH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALLAH is GREATER than America<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  21. well, after reading the comments, you guys must have forgotten that the internet has brought you here to see the funny pictures, not to bicker about grammatical errors and debate abstract politics. you guys are aware that someone isnt going to read that stupid grammar-corrections and think “wow, he changed my view on the killing of Osama.” just saying.
    ps: anyone who wants to correct my grammar, i’ll just say now that a) i don’t care, and b) go f*ck yourself.

    by the way, these pictures are funny!

  22. What I do not understand is , how a civilised country can summarily execute a suspect.
    You may have truckloads of evidence against the man, but does he not deserve a proper trial?
    If countries or individuals start killing others just on the basis of evidence, then why have courts and legal systems ?
    How can we call ourselves civilised if we believe in an eye for an eye?

  23. If anyone thinks America is more safe now, you’re an idiot. I understand that people feel that justice has been served now, because of Osama’s death. Dancing in the streets, celebrating, whatever, but nothing has been solved. It’s awesome that ONE bad guy is dead, right? Now we just have to worry about all of the others in Al Queda. The day Obama announced Osama was dead, there was heightened security at airports and they were expecting stuff to happen. Doesn’t that make you think that this wasn’t the best thing that could have happened? It’s all going to get worse from here on out, shocker. And to rational action, there’s nothing we can do about the war. No matter who we go to, talk to, or what we talk about, nothing will stop this war. NOTHING. I hate the fact that this war has been going on since I was in 4th grade, yes, but am I going to go around trying to make the military stop fighting? No. I’m not trying to pick fights, because that’s pointless. This was web page was meant for humor and everyone is bitching an complaining about god-knows-what. But in my opinion, killing Osama, and killing the person that killed your mom/dad/brother/etc. are not the same scenario. Killing Osama Bin Laden is only going to lead us to more trouble. Killing the person that killed someone in your family, that’s not part of Al Queda, is easier to have justice served. That’s one person. If 20 people helped in killing your mom, and one was now dead, you wouldn’t feel better, right?

    1. This reply is about two months after his dead, and nothing else has happened so……fuck you for not being happy about his death. And about the whole killing of my mom, no i wouldnt be happy if only one was killed, but i sure am happy osama bin laden is dead.

  24. what a sad ill-informed bunch of cretins you Americans really are.

    1. Where’s the proof he actually had anything to do with 9-11. Ask Robert Meuller.
    2. Where’s the proof he was actually killed. Where’s the body.

    Do you fuckwits still actually believe anything your government tells you. What a bunch of stupid sheep.

    The rest of the world, you know, that place outside your borders, has known that Bin Laden had been dead for years. He died in December 2001 from kidney failure

    1. Maybe we will make your dumb ass #1 on the hit list. At least Americans take showers more than once a month. Go cutt of your arm for stealing an orange or kill your mom for being looked at by another man. We all kill each other but, Americans do it the best.

  25. A Bad guy is dead. A very Bad guy is dead. I’m happy. If my being happy of his death and the removal of a key member of a terrorist group makes me a ” dumb shit amarican ass” as you say santa, then I can live with that. My grammar probably isn’t perfect, and frankly I don’t care that much, as my point still gets across.
    For more than two decades we’ve been fighting against terrorism, since the Beirut bombing. Americans, Europeans, Asians, Arabians, Africans, all innocent people have died. I’m talking about Non-combatants. They were blatantly targeted and killed. So I’m glad to know that the earth is rid of one more individual who would take the lives of innocents. Call me an American, a Patriot, a Soldier, an Infantryman, a Son, a Husband. Whatever you wanna call me, Good or Bad I still feel relief knowing that one less bad guy is on this planet

  26. “What I do not understand is , how a civilised country can summarily execute a suspect.
    You may have truckloads of evidence against the man, but does he not deserve a proper trial?
    If countries or individuals start killing others just on the basis of evidence, then why have courts and legal systems ?
    How can we call ourselves civilised if we believe in an eye for an eye?”
    Hey friend, we didn’t execute him, We killed him, assassinated him, whatever you wanna call it. I’m not one to start arguments online or try to belittle people, but frankly i think you need to get off of your high horse. sometimes it isn’t so simple to detain a bad guy, especially someone who doesn’t want to be detained, and frankly we did it in a “civilized” manner, they could have just dropped a JDAM on that property but they tried to minimize collateral damage and casualties, “civilized” countries have often assassinated and killed enemy leaders, hell the British and the Americans were trying to devise ways to take out Hitler, Romans have employed assassins, Many european Regents have eliminated opposition through murder or a sham trial, the Renaissance era Italians took poisoning to a virtual art form. what I’m trying to say is, killing your enemy isn’t a sign of lack of civilization. You’re basing the fact that a badguy was taken out even with evidence against him, without a trial makes Americans uncivilized. Why? because we didn’t give him a chance to defend himself in court? please friend, that’s like telling every cop to never use deadly force and only stop criminal in a non lethal way, in theory it’d be perfect. You know how that work out in real life however.

    1. I am going to put forth a theory for you to think about.

      Say a popular right wing extremist organisation in the USA commits a terrorist act in Russia for example.
      This organization also sometimes kills american civilians as well.
      Russia then invades the U.S.
      They invade under the premise of fighting terrorism and protecting american citizens from this organization.
      They bomb several headquarters of this known organization with civilian casualties.
      In addition they stay for 7+ years to combat the organization.

      The leader of the organization is killed and Russian citizens cheer because the revenge of the initial terrorist attack is avenged.

      The american civilian death toll for this war is higher then that of the terrorist attack on the Russians to begin with.

      Say 5x’s as much

      As an American in this situation how would you feel?

      1. There is a very conspicuous and disturbing lack of commentary toward this hypothetical, and it is the best commentary anyone has made about this situation in the entire thread.

        Now imagine that this organization was originally composed of Mexicans, hired, funded and trained by Russians, in Russia, to fight off a invasion of America by Russia’s enemy, Canada, because Russia was afraid the Canadians would spread their influence to America and thus reduce Russia’s influence in the world.

        Then imagine after the Canadians were defeated, Russia completely withdrew their support of said Mexican guerrilla army, but the Mexicans didn’t leave. Instead they started supporting a form of government they knew they could push around until they were finally able to use the power they gleaned from that, in part, to launch a series of revenge attacks against the Russians who abandoned them. And then the Russian invasion mentioned above came to America, whose government had “supported” these “Mexican terrorists.”

        Imagine all of that, put together, and you start to get a slight glimpse into what it’s like to be an Afghan in real life.

  27. Lol, look at all the fighting on this page. It will never stop. None of you are any better than eachother and the world will fall as the fighting escalates. This poor exsausted planet needs the disaster of 2012.

  28. I think the pictures were funny & the squabbling ridiculous…. I will never be the same after seeing people jumping out of the towers, or the London Underground bombings, i wont lie i wanted revenge on the monsters who did this Its heartbreaking & no amount of killing can take that away, so i feel guilty that i am a monster too. i’ve lost loved ones through murder & accident & i believe that these experiences can help us to grow if we choose to do so but we have to direct that growth in a positive manner.

  29. Okay, seriously? Does it REALLY matter that much? Osama bin Laden is dead, and although I don’t think this is anywhere NEAR the end, nor do I agree with how America is attempting to stop Al Quaeda, at least it gives us a little time with them leaderless and hopefully un-organised, which means that there could be a small chance for the people who want to be DIPLOMATIC instead of NEEDLESSLY VIOLENT. Just get over it.

  30. In some Breaking News while they were stalling for Obama to come on and do his speech, the reporter accidentally said “Barack Obama is dead”.

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