15 Baby Animals You Didn’t Know Were Adorable

We all know kitty cats and puppy dogs are pretty freaking cute, but there’s a whole animal kingdom of adorable out there. Below are a few really adorable baby animals that you may not know about.

Baby Pygmy Jerboa

Baby Kinkajou

Bush Baby

Baby Civet

Baby Avocet

Baby Pine Marten

Baby Peccary Piglets

Baby Axolotl

Baby Mandrill

Baby Stoat

Baby Coati Mundi

Baby Addax

Baby Fossa

Baby Fennec Fox

Baby Pangolin


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9 responses to 15 Baby Animals You Didn’t Know Were Adorable

  1. what the heck is an axolotl? it looks like its made out of plastic. Or that one centipede off of James and the giant peach

    1. That’s a retarded thin to ask, their is a Wikipedia, genius, use it, If you can get on here, then you have access to it, I’m sure.

      1. There’s also various online dictionaries but anyway, Anon, I’m pretty sure an Axolotl is a relative of the Salamander that doesn’t grow out of the early living under water stage. We have a couple at my college but they don’t look much like that. And even though DeadHydra is an abrasive twat, you know it WOULD have been quicker just to google it, right? 😛

  2. Pine martens are adorable. Love them.

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