19 More Unlikely Animal Friends

It seems there are a lot of animals out there who don’t mind making friends outside of their species. Here’s a fresh list of unlikely animal friends.

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48 responses to 19 More Unlikely Animal Friends

  1. Whats unlikely about a penguin and a baby penguin being together? Or a black Jaguar and a spotted Jaguar?

        1. No, that’s definitely not a baby penguin. Google them. They are gray-white, I can’t find a single example of one dark brown like that. also their beaks are much smaller than that when young. I’m betting kiwi as well, but I know for sure its not a baby penguin.

          1. I don’t think it is a baby penguin.. and I’ve seen a Kiwi while visiting Australia. Their beaks are pretty freaking long and thin. Much more so than the bird in the picture. The mystery continues..

          2. It’s not a kiwi they are nocturnal and do not stand upright. The beak is also not a kiwi’s.

          3. It is definitely not a kiwi bird. Kiwi birds are about the size of a basketball, slick brown fur, and have long beaks. AND THEY DON’T LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!!! They are from New Zealand. It’s a baby penguin.

      1. That’s definitely a jaguar, cheetahs have black lines running from their eyes to their nose. And if you look at the spots, you’ll see that they’re actually rosettes with spots inside of them-characteristic of a jaguar, whereas cheetahs have mostly solid spots. Plus, cheetahs are much thinner.

    1. Not the same animal, just both panthers. But, all panthers can be all black. It’s quite the same as a human being albino. So most likely they’re both jaguars. On second review, that most definitely not a puma (aka cougar or mountain lion). I’m gonna go with same species.

  2. to everyone who says its a kiwi.. i suggest you take a look at a kiwi on google images.. it is defiantly without a doubt NOT a kiwi.. i should know.. i live in New Zealand

  3. Where did the picof the striped puppy come from? I have a dog that looks just like that I saved her but sadly all the others went to the pound

  4. My favorite was the Tiger the Lion and the Black Bear, now those are very unlikely friends. Now that’s amazing !

  5. Very cute, but not all of them are entirely unlikely, especially the Jaguars. The kitten and the rabbit are actually a prime example of the two animals complementary behaviour; the kitten licks the rabbit head, which is a dominant cat behaviour, and the rabbit gets its head licked, which is dominant rabbit behaviour. Thus, they both think they are in charge and get along fairly well if they are introduced at a young age.

    Hardly unlikely. But super cute.

  6. Is it at all possible to know the provenance of these photos? Some must have a very interesting story behind. Could you give a link to more info?

  7. The two jaguars are brothers. One is black and the other is spotted. They feature in Joanna Lumley’s DVD about cats. The brothers live in a refuge run by actress Tippi Hedren.

  8. any one else think “is the cat dead or alive?” for the cat in the box one? [yes, that’s a Schrodinger’ cat reference]

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