17 Funny And True Facts

Learning doesn’t always have to be lame. Below are a few totally cool facts that also happen to be pretty funny.

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    1. sorry but you’re not. that “fact” is wrong. Everyone develops in the womb with blue eyes, but as more and more pigment is added it becomes brown. You’re body just stopped adding pigment when you were in the womb.

      1. For that matter, “karate” is not chinese or indian, it’s Japanese. It’s Japanese for “Empty-hand”. It didn’t get “Developed further” in China. This is possibly true for some other martial art but not Karate.

        1. Actually it was meant for Kung Fu, because i have seen a footage about it. A man from India created the fighting style and took it with him to China.

          1. Kung Fu is not a martial art. it’s a term meaning “hard work over time”. It’s a concept of discipline; not a fighting style.

          2. Actually, funny fact #18 is that only 3 people will care enough to read your comment about your “vast” knowledge of using Google to make it seem like you have a “vast” knowledge of karate…

        2. the person who has been credited as the founder of Karate is Bodhidharma, he is a prince from the Pandavar Empire that was in India. In his travels he thought people the Kalaripayat martial arts. Which became Karate.

          1. I know people like to credit India with the development of what seems like all martial arts in the world… But Bodhidharma did not found Karate. It was fully developed in Okinawa. Aspects of it were derived from China / India while other aspects were taken from the indigenous martial arts of the area.

        3. Who gives a fuck what karate means in Japanese doesn’t mean it couldn’t have originated in or from India dumb ass ooh in Japanese it means open hand ok in India obviously it was a fuckin fighting style luckily in Japan it just happened to mean open hand

        4. Idiot..Karate is just a word given by Japaneese. Which means open hand. But origin is from India. Karate was given by ancient people to that form or art . In India its different.
          Karate was developed further. If u dont know search for it.Dont put ur rubbish nonsenses in this.

        5. Shao Lin Kung Fu was brought from India to China by Bodidarma. There are many forms of marshal arts and they originated in many places. I live in Asia and this is considered historical fact. Kendo is Japanese as is Judo.

      2. Sorry, but YOU are the one who is wrong, Kel. The definition of mutation is a change in the gene from what it was previously. If the original gene coded to keep adding pigment, and it changes so that it stops, that is by definition a mutation.

        Yo mama, be proud to be a mutation, and ignore that failed pedantic asshole.

      3. Karate originated from the martial arts form named “Kalaripayattu” from South India.

        Taken to China and Japan with Buddhism which also originated in India.


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  1. It is not illegal to look at a moose from a flying vehicle in Alaska, it is illegal to see a moose from the air and then go hunting in the same day. This is to prevent the moose from being wiped out as they don’t move all that much in an average day.

          1. Actually the gravity of a gas giant would suck up all the water and perhaps cause a variety of chemical reactions depending on the substance of said gas giant.

    1. Dude, what are you saying? That’s ecstatically what it means. Foams density is lighter than water, so it would float. Anything that has a density less than water means it would float in water.

    1. Agreed

      the “fact” that Karate was created in india and further developed in China is sooo wrong. Karate is from Japan not China or India

      since Saturn is mad of Gases it its highly unlikely its would “float in water” the core is made most likely of very heavy elements and would sink in water but then again there is no known planet big enough to house saturn in its “water”

        1. yes Karate originated in India. see the word Karate, do chines or japanies have R sound? ( KaRate). the word it self is indian and so is the art.

          1. Say what?

            Kara Te is Japanese and means ‘Empty Hand’.

            Just as Kara Oke is Japanese and means ‘Empty Orchestra’.

            Still not convinced? Here are some more Japanese words/phrases containing the letter ‘r’…

            Arigatou – thank you
            Sayounara – goodbye
            Geri shite iru – I have diarrhea (yes, seriously)
            Anata wa kuso orokadesu – ใ‚ใชใŸใฏใ‚ฏใ‚ฝๆ„šใ‹ใงใ™

            You might need to Google that last one.

    1. yes you are right it is the “name” and style which is japanese

      before it was created king Asoka the great from india became budhist around 232 bc and spread it’s relegion and martial art “kalaripayattu” and spreaded it from japan to macedonia and chinese developed kung fu from it around 900ad and so so with karate.

    2. No doubt on that Karate is Japanese. Might be the author is saying that it originated in India as some other martial arts then migrated to china in a different name and later to Okinawa. and during the course of history Okinawa became a part of Japan. However the fighting style of Kalaripayyattu, Kung-fu and Karate have more difference than similarities. It can be attributed to the evolution of martial arts over period of time.

        1. True, but also an oversimplification. There were indigenous martial arts in Okinawa, and there were Chinese-derived styles brought over as well. Over time they borrowed from each other, and amalgamated. Most styles today have at least some elements from both, while having their principle techniques descending primarily from one or the other. Shuri-te and its descendents have the most Okinawan elements, Naha-te and Tomari-te styles have more distinct Chinese influence.

      1. Kalaripayyattu is a form of martial art prevails in Kerala, a southern state of India. The northern part of Kerala was previously known as Malabar where ‘Kalaris’ were there ie. a kind of gymnasium where formarly ‘Chekavars’ [men of a group of families who were intended to fight and die for the Kings for settling disputes between kingdoms] had their practices with sword and club. Kalari, payyattu and chekavar are Malayalam words.

  2. Actually you do not lose braincells from rocking your head back and forth.
    If that was the case, the entire globe would be brain dead by now… oh wait.

  3. Yeah. A lot of those facts aren’t right. Sex is definetly not the safest tranquilizer. You can get all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases from it, and don’t think condoms will protect you. Condoms are only 1/100 of an inch thick. The diseases can pass through a condom like a football between the feildgoal posts. Remember that before you have sex with somebody.

    1. I don’t think you understand how diseases work. They don’t just soak through like a marinade. They can cross biological barriers either through disruption or receptor mediated entry.

      1. Considering exactly how remote it is that you would make contact with a carrier of an STD (approx. 1/5000), sex is relatively safe. Since most STDs are curable and you can ask a person if they have one before engaging them intimately, you can avoid any real danger most times. Plus, there is no such thing as an overdose of sex.

        1. Depending on who you are and where you live, that 1/5000 is grossly inaccurate. I got these numbers from medical journals… In America: “about 1 in 4 women have HSV-2, compared to 1 in 8 men. Estimates of how many Americans are infected range from 20% – 30%.” Jan 2013 data
          “0.5% of Americans… 5% of the Sub-Saharan African population… 0.8% of the entire world population carries HIV/AIDs.” 2008 data
          Not sure where you got your number from, but ignorance is what causes these numbers to grow each year.
          Most of these “facts” are either incorrect or taken completely out of context. Good for a laugh though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. These facts are amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL I was drinking at the moment when I was reading the Orange Juice one! Now I have to clean up!

  5. “Well according to my calculations…” these ‘facts’ are meant to be fun. Theres no need to correct them with your logic! Read and smile, thats the only responsibility here.

    1. But they are only “fun” if they are true. For example. Fun Fact – “bill clinton was elected president because of only one vote in Maine. President Bush (sr.) and his wife flew in but were delayed by bad weather and missed the voting deadline, or George bush would have been re-elected!” totaly uninteresting and worthless because it’s utterly false.

      1. Votes dont really matter, so no he would not have been re-elected. Its the electoral college that only really counts, were just allowed to vote so we feel involved.

        1. @failed pedant whose idiocy has remained unchallenged for way too long:

          Do you know how electoral college votes are allocated? A state’s votes go the way the popular election in that state goes.

          So if, hypothetically, President George H.W. Bush wins Maine by a vote instead of losing it, he gets Maine’s electoral college votes instead of losing them.

          This might change the course of a close election.

    2. Actually, it’s detrimental to morons to post such incredibly incorrect “facts.” One of the biggest problems on the Internet is stupid stuff getting passed around as “fact,” and people believing it. I bet you also went to all of your friend’s pages on Facebook and unchecked “comments/likes” to protect your privacy. Idiot.

  6. It is impossible for a man to live through such a severre car crash, while getting all of his left ribs demolished and left lung collapsed and also a severre head injury besides a man just like me because I lived through my car wreck and I’m just doing so phenomenal in every which way, liked my memory was supposed to bedemolished but, I know the whole line up of the key board!

  7. An additonal fact about blue eyes: blue- eyed individuals have a greater pain tolerance than brown-eyed.
    An additional fact about blue eyes: A United States 1890 book on deportment and manners says that blue eyed people whose eye color genes are not dominant have a social obligation NOT to marry people whose eyes are brown and dominant.

  8. Blue eyes is mutation because the human was immigration from Afrika all over the world does you ever seen a black man with blue i’ve not seen yet ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. I know three black men with blue eyes. I even know a black man with one blue eye and one brown eye. You should move around in the world more.

    1. The master of marshal arts is bodhidharma, who was a thamizhan from tamilnadu state in India.at his yong age he was moved to china for to fulfill his birth seret. karate, kungfu, kobudo and all are under in the marshal art. So there is no doubt the marshal arts was begins from India and mostly developed in china

      1. Marshal might be good at art…but I think you shouldn’t credit him with such recognition for Martial Arts…

  9. Karate did NOT TECHNICALLY develop in India. The form and art of Karate was created in Japan. Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk first gave Shaolin monks in China fighting and combat forms to aid them which lead to Kung Fu. Kung Fu spread throughout the land.

    Northern Chinese Kung Fu has more kicks in it and influenced Korean styles such as Tae Kwon Do. Southern Kung Fu has more hand techniques in it, which influenced Japanese styles such as Karate.

  10. It is a bit disturbing to find my favorite fish, the Clownfish is labeled as a Transsexual. I’m a Navy trained diver of 50 years standing and have dove over a good hunk of the world. Seen a fair number of Clowns: Perculas, Tomatoes, Sebae, etc. By the way they are Clown Anemonefish. They are lots of fun in an aquarium or in the open sea, beautiful, cute and fascinating, the only fish that is completely immune to the stinging cells of an Anemone. I bet the person who came up with this defamatory designation is a Transintellectual. I have been informed there was a class action law suit against this defamer and the Clowns WON. The judgement is to be executed by a BULL Shark the next time this defamer goes into the sea. Bye-bye ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. All original forms of self defense started in India…Kathria, Force on force ( KARATE) Or force cutting thru force..Judo Evasion of force (Juddha ) Using diversions.. Kung Fu .. defensive rituals constructed with meditation ( mind over matter ) ..”.Get a little edumakated people” life is mind over matter…NOT the mind doesn’t matter …!!??

    1. This “fact” is also not. An “average” isn’t “up to” some number; it’s just one number. So ten is probably the top of the range. Good luck, Stoney!

    2. You bastich. I laughed while I was recovering from an illness and my ribs are KILLING me now.
      You’d have to have a friend count them for you, since you’re supposed to be asleep. Or you could use one of those nightshot green camcorders like paranormal investigators use.

      Quick funny and true fact: Erections started in India, and the concept was carried afar by monks.

  12. I would like to know how someone came to realize that tonsils can bounce higher than a rubber ball but only for the first 30 minutes after they are removed??? Who in the hell was the person bouncing some poor sap’s tonsils on the floor, getting a rubber ball to compare with and then doing it again to another set of tonsils to confirm that 30 minutes is indeed the duration they will bounce this high??? I wonder if this was documented as a scientific experience? If it was, well I don’t even know what to say if this is true….

  13. Why are you so adamant about where Karate came from???

    Who cares???? What difference does it make?

    Is there a lawsuit to make money from the origin?

    It is here, embrace it.

  14. Martial arts originated in Africa. This is yet another example of the collective “Man” keeping us black men down. Destroy our history, destroy our future.

  15. You guys are all so stupid arguing about things that you obviously know nothing about, and all claiming that you correct.

  16. Karate actually originated at the Academy of Jelqing in Chestnut Hill, PA, is a special form of prostate massage used by clinicians at this school and at the Centre for Experimental Proctology (Dr. Toshiro Shid, Director) in Tokyo.

  17. WOW, this article most definitely breaks the record for biggest collection of nonsense. Not eve one of these “facts” is real.

  18. Blue eyes are no more a mutation than any other evolutionary mutation that advanced us as human beings, and it’s almost exclusive to white caucasians. That’s probably a myth being spread by some jealous brown eyed person ๐Ÿ™‚

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