20 Facts You May Not Know About Harry Potter

It all ends this Friday. To celebrate the release of Deathly Hallows 2, here’s 20 lesser-known facts about the Harry Potter franchise. (the last several images were created by me).

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        1. French is my first language, I even live there- Vol de Mort – means to fly from death, also my mother is a french teacher at a university.

    1. It actually means both.
      Vol in french actually means both.
      Such as in:
      Vol de banque (bank robbery)
      Vol d’oiseau (bird flight)

      So technically, both “Flight of Death” or “Thief of Death” counts. But yours make more sense when you take his personality / what he does into account.

        1. Some people translate it to ‘flight from death’ and some translate it to ‘flight of death.’ Both fit the character really well and it is entirely possible that Rowling was familiar with the double meaning. Or it might mean just one or neither of them, but most character names somehow reflect the characters personality in the books. I researches some of the name roots of the the potter characters and found a surprising (or maybe not?) number of names whose meaning accurately described one or more prominent characteristics of the character.

          1. There is no double meaning there. I’m french and I can tell you the sole meaning of “Voldemort” is “flight of death”.
            Only “vol de la mort” (with the “la”) could maybe be understood in both way, “from” or “of”, but even this would be a very hidden (and twisted) second meaning : the common way to say “flight from death” in french is “vol depuis la mort”.

        1. Actually, thief of death is incorrect. It is incorrect if you are referring to Voldemort as being the thief of death. A thief is ‘un voleur’. ‘Vol’ by itself means theft, so Vol de mort cannot be Thief of death. Theft of death does not make much sense whereas flight of death does. Therefore, I would think that the author meant Flight of Death. I am french by the way.

          1. Actually it makes just as little sense in English to refer to Voldemort (a proper noun) as either a “theft” or a “flight,” since both of those are verbs and not nouns. I think Rowling meant/means his name to be a description of what he does rather than a literal statement of what he “is.” Therefore, just as “vol” can signify either “flight” or “theft” in French, either English translation would make sense as a description for Voldemort in the context of the novels. I tend to agree, though, that Rowling means for it to mean “Flight of Death,” since that’s the description that would make the MOST sense.

          2. Actually, “thief of death” makes perfect sense when you consider the Deathly Hallows and Voldemort’s horcruxes. It doesn’t have to mean that he literally steals death as a robber steals money, so much as it could mean that he steals *from* Death, or that he cheats death.

          3. Good on you Jim for pointing out that flight and theft and verbs. They are nouns. To fly is a verb, a flight is the thing, so a noun. Same with to steal and theft. Also, I think that either translation could be right, although I thing theft of death actually makes sense since his major goal in life was to rob death of it’s power over his life and become immortal.

          4. People, regardless of what it means in french, J.K. Rowling picks all of her names from latin, in which Voldemort means “thief of death”. And @the person who said that he’s more like a “thief of life”, it was referring to his horcruxes.

        2. Ok, si vous etais quebecois, vous devrais savoir que vol signifie ‘steal’ pas ‘thief’. ‘Thief’ c’est voleur/voleuse.

          1. he or she is referring to Harry PORTER as what was said in the beginning comment…not Harry Potter. I’m sure anyone who took the time to read the comments to this knows who Harry Potter is.

          2. OOOOHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY FRICKING GOSH Y U NO KNOW HOO HARRY POTTTTTAAAA IS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ITS ALSO HARRY POTTER………. FOR DA ODER GEUY

    2. In Latin (where almost all the spells came from) ‘vol de mort’ means ‘wish of death’, or ‘wish death upon’. Rowling is fluent in French, but used Latin for many other parts of the books, so in reality it could mean any of three things – Theft of death, Flight of death or Wish Death Upon’, all of which sort of fit different aspects.

      1. Lord Voldemort wished death upon those who tried to thwart him. “Wish Death Upon” would be a good meaning. He could kill with a spell while teleporting through the air. “Flight of death” is also a good meaning. He tried 7 times to cheat death through intentional horcruxes (8 if you count Harry Potter as a horcrux) therefore” Theft of death” is also a good meaning for his name. J. K. Rowling was very smart using the name Voldemort with it’s many interpretations. My opinion is ” he’s just a bad man without a mommy”.

          1. oh,sure, let’s all deny ourselves a little more knowledge. As long as someone has something to say about Voldemort’s name they can say it.

        1. he could have also been a thief of death through the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak, and Resurrection Stone. Seeing as Death gave those items to the ?Perverel? (spelling) brothers, and Voldemort was trying to obtain those items, it would also connect with the thief part.

    3. Really? having a grammar and linguistics argument… what ever way it was meant it makes sense. In life he sought to flee death, or in other words take flight from, he made the horcruxes to make sure he couldn’t die, thieving his life away from death, and therefore the other two make sense!

    4. Actually, Voldemort means “Get the hell outta here because there are green flashes and b*tches be hittin the floor!” Philosophers can only ponder as to how this ancient scibe connects to the character.

    5. No it doesn’t. ‘Vol” is the french word for flight or theft, “Voleur” is the french word for thief.
      “Vol” also translates to theft.
      so it could either be “Flight of death” or “Theft of death” in any case, either one is applicable to this character.

    6. Oh, for goodness sake! My name means both Flight of Death and Theft of Death! Stop arguing over my name!

  1. I do not understand english very nice. Voldermort Vol meaning flight de=of mort= death flight of death a common french idiom

  2. You know, “Knights of Walpurgis” sounded so much more BADASS than the “Deatheaters”. Deatheaters makes them sounds like they have a terribly horrifying and less than healthy fetish or something.

    1. While I agree (despite it being an awful pun), Rowling really seems to distance the books from as many religious things as possible. Walpurgisnacht (Walpurgis Night), is sometimes considered a ‘witch’s sabbath,’ which would make sense for the book, but is more typically celebrated for the Saint Walpurga. It isn’t surprising that she avoid using a name that could cause even more backlash than the book initially received.

      1. are you kidding? there is so much religious allusion that it practically mirrors the bible. harry is a very good representation of christ who died for others and came back to life, he was betrayed by snape ‘judas’ who turned out to be a friend, while death eaters ‘demons’ fought against the order of the pheonix ‘angels’ and voldemort ‘the devil’

  3. According to Rowling Avada Kedavra comes from an ancient Aramaic spell and originally meant “let the thing be destroyed” and was used to cure disease. http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Avada_Kedavra_Curse

    Voldemort was only ever played by one actor, Ralph Fiennes.

    The fact about HP gross vs. Twilight gross is very unspecific; in total US box office sales (not including DVD), Twilight made ~$160 million less than the least successful Harry Potter movie, which was The Prisoner of Azkaban (not including Deathly Hallows pt 2 because it is still in theaters at the moment). In worldwide box office sales Twilight made ~$480 million less than the least successful HP movie.

    This article should cite its sources

    1. yeah you’re wrong fiennes only started playing voldemort in the goblet of fire and he was seen twice previous to that by different actors and then there are the different ages of voldemort

  4. agreed with the last two comments. I’m not sure if you’re counting the actors who played Tom Riddle (Aka a child/teen Lord Voldemort), but only Ralph Fiennes has played Lord Voldemort starting in the 4th movie. Riddle/Voldemort didn’t even appear in the 3rd movie.

    1. As Voldemort, Ian Hart and Richard Bremmer (in The Philosopher’s Stone) and Ralph Fiennes (from The Goblet of Fire on), and 3 actors (Christian Coulson, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Frank Dillane) played Tom Riddle, so 6 altogether.

      1. Ian Hart portrayed Quirrel, not Voldemort. Though Quirrel was possessed by Voldemort, the two remained distinct from each other.

  5. Shirley Henderson, who plays Moaning Myrtle, was born in November 1965. That makes her 45, not 37. Considering that, she looks even better for her age.

    1. the chamber of secrets was filmed in 2002
      she was born in 1965
      this is how old the facts say she is, therefore it is correct

  6. I’ve read Harry Potter books in spanish and Neville doesn’t have a turtle. He has a frog like in the english version.

    1. I have one of the first editions of Philosopher’s stone and Trevor is a turtle. Later editions corrected that. Spanish translations are horrible :S

  7. Voldemort has only ever been played by Ralph Fiennes – Tom Riddle on the other hand (BEFORE he became Voldemort) has been played by several different actors including Ralph’s nephew. As far as most fans are concerned, Voldemort and Tom Riddle aren’t really the same character.

    1. In the first movie, the face on the back of Quirrell’s head was Voldemort. And Ralph Fiennes most definitely did not play him in the first movie. So if you want to distinguish the difference between Voldemort and Tom Riddle, you’re still wrong. Because TWO actors have played Voldemort.

      Furthermore, in Chamber of Secrets, and I’m pretty sure Half Blood Prince [older Tom Riddle, the one from the memory with Slughorn], Tom was already reffering to himself as Voldemort. Therefore, they, too, were portraying Voldemort. So once again, you are incorrect.

      1. The Voldemort on the back of Quirrel’s head was also played by Ian Hart (the actor that portrays Quirrel), whilst Richard Bremmer was the actor for the flashbacks. So even if you say that Tom Riddle doesn’t count, that’s still 3 actors, not 1.

    2. actually, tom riddle and voldemort ARE the same character. although they appear in different forms, they still are the same people.
      it’s like saying your current self and your baby self are different people.

      1. It’s up to personal opinion. Technically they are the same person physically, but Voldemort is almost like an incarnation of Tom Riddle. Once Riddle split his soul to make the horcruxes, he really wasn’t Riddle anymore. I don’t know if that counts. But I agree that one person did not play Voldemort.

        1. If my name is mom, ma or mother does that make me a different person each time? Tom Riddle IS Voldemort. Just because he changed his name that does not make him an entirely different person. The only difference is who he chose to be and how he chose to represent. In Chamber of Secrets, he wrote his name Tom Marvolo Riddle. He waved the want once and the letters of the name rearranged themselves to I am Lord Voldemort. — Chapter 17 page 314 in paperback version.

          1. If you were to star in a movie as your current self, you would play the role as you are now. What about a scene that depicts you at age four. Wouldn’t a child be hired to portray the character? Voldemort and Tom Riddle are indeed one character but obviously portrayed by different actors.

  8. Actually it means to disappear with the word, not world, it was a phrase chanted over and over, parts of the words being left out each time, and when the phrase was uttered down to its last letters and gone, it was suppose to take a persons illness with it…

  9. you guys are obsessed with this. i mean i love hp but i dont like to look up when moaning murtle was born or read hp in spanish or something. like some people here……… i wont say though cause im awesome. Anon and Stella Jane

  10. Really? No one is going to point out HP was made into a highly successful musical? Really? Albeit on the internet and unauthorized but still. Starkid does better then MJ could ever have. Not downing the talent the guy had, but seriously, have you seen A Very Potter Musical and Sequel? Hilarious and full of talent. The cast of the Potter movies themselves love it.

    1. Oh, how I love those musicals. They were totally awesome. And I was going to point them out, you just got there first. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat some Red Vines.

    2. i was thinking the same thing! and i agree. a very potter musical/sequel is so great in it’s own way, it would be weird to see another HP musical

    1. Of all the comments concerning the translation of Voldemort I have read this one seems to make the most sense to me. I think you have to consider less the acurracy of the translation and more which one fits Voldemort’s character. Looking at the horcruxes that Voldemort made to escape death “flight from death” is the translation that makes the most sense

    2. exactly- it clearly states that ‘vol’ means ‘flight’ and ‘de mort’ means ‘of death’ so i don’t care what the rest of you think it means flight of death… simple.

      1. dude. google translate – really? That shit is wrong ALL THE DAMN TIME. And it is horrible with the double meaning of words

  11. Would it make all the grammar fiends happy if we just changed Voldemort’s name to Voleurdemort, and if we stopped pronouncing the “t” at the end (to keep J.K. half-happy)?

  12. You’ve got it wrong – the phrase in Aramaic is “abracadabra” which means “I’ll create what i said”, it’s like the word itself is the creation, like in Genesis when god said and create it all.

  13. Though Voldemort has been portrayed by six different people, we have to keep in mind that those people were him at different stages in his life. Thus, they were NOT all “Lord Voldemort”. Three of the portrayals were of Tom Riddle before his metamorphosis.

  14. Google translate isn’t always the most consistent resource. Homonyms definitely get the best of us (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homonyme). It seems that the person who posted that “fact” may have used Google translate to verify what Voldemort really meant.

    Anyway, vol can mean “flight” or “theft/steal”. A few contributors seem pretty angry and are convinced that “flight of death” suits this character best. I’m leaning toward the “theft” definition, yeah? Just a French teacher’s opinion.

    Either way: awesome movie- even better books.

  15. The one about Trevor the Toad is a lie, I read the books in spanish and it’s always translated as “Sapo”= Toad.

    1. You must have missed the comment someone posted about this. Early editions said “turtle” but it was corrected in later editions to “toad.”

  16. As a French person, i know that Voldemort could mean either:

    Theif of Death, with “Vol” in the theif context – Le voleur – un vol – the theif – a theft.
    Flight of Death with “Vol” in the flight context – Le vol – the flight.

    But i think, considering Voldemort’s state of mind, i think the Theif of Death is more likely.

      1. FRENCH… Meaning English is not homeboy’s first language. Don’t be so freaking pedantic and realize that the English is not the only language in the world and the US is not the only country in the world. …Your ignorance is showing.

        1. Your ignorance is prevailing too. The US isn’t the only country to speak English as an official language. Would you believe ENG-land speaks ENG-lish. Weird that, isn’t it?

  17. I am a seriously hardcore Harry Potter fan, but people need to chill out. To everyone trying to prove this article wrong, you are complete douchebags. They’re just stories, and even if they weren’t, no witch, wizard, or muggle will be impressed by your pathetic arguments over Harry Potter facts.

      1. Just read that in my head with the voice of the portrait from Chamber of Secrets. (probably how you intended). Just so you know, it made my day.

    1. Your so right, so i think everyone needs to get of the fact of WHAT his name means, and just like the fact that someone made this!

      1. And Trevor isn’t a frog, he’s a toad. If you’re going to try to correct something (even though you’re wrong), at least get YOUR facts straight.

      1. Voldemort was played by 2 actors, Ralf Fiennes (from 4-8) and Richard Bremmer (film 1 (when Hagrid is telling Harry about how his parents died)
        He was also voiced by Ian Hart (Quirrell) in the first film

        Tom Riddle was played by 3 actors
        Christian Coulson, as the sixteen-year-old memory in film 2
        Frank Dillane, as the fifteen-year-old in film 6
        Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, as the eleven-year-old in film 6

        Although, he was already calling himself Voldemort so technically in film 2 and the fifteen-year-old in film 6, they are playing Voldemort

  18. HP1; Voldemort was play by Richard Bremmer.
    HP2; it was only Riddle in this movie which was played by
    HP3; He was never shown. At least, his character never physically appeared.
    HP4, 5, 6, and 7 pt 1&2; are all played by Ralph Fiennes, unless you start counting child versions and teenage versions which are all different actors than previous movies when he appeared as a student or younger.

    In any case, he was never played by the same person because Ralph Fiennes didn’t even show up till the fourth movie. Comparing movie #1 to movie #4 and on shows that. It may not have been six different actors, but it definitely wasn’t just one.

    1. Forgot to add actor’s name on HP2. Internet explorer went funky. But it’s not Richard Bremmer or Ralph Fiennes either way because he’s portrayed as still-at-hotgwarts-Riddle. so…

    2. Ian Hart, who was Professor Quirrel in the Sorcerer’s Stone, also did the voice of Lord Voldemort although Richard Bremmer was the cloaked figure.
      In The Chamber of Secrets Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle, was portrayed by Christian Coulson.
      The Goblet of Fire and onwards Voldemort was portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, aside from Half-Blood Prince two of his younger counterparts portrayed him as Tom Riddle; Hero-Fiennes-Tiffin (his nephew I believe) who played the 11-year-old Tom and Frank Dillane the 16-year-old Tom, different from Chamber of Secret’s Christian Coulson.

      So it was in fact six different actors altogether who portrayed Lord Voldemort at one stage or another in his life.

    1. as someone already mentioned in the comments, the fact is true for the first edition of the book. It was changed in later editions.

    1. as someone already mentioned in the comments, the fact is true for the first edition of the book. It was changed in later editions.

  19. Reading this thread, I have never heard such a load of bollocks in my life. Voldemort is the name of a pub where JKR used to go in Edinburgh.

  20. I agree with Kate’s comment – “I am a seriously hardcore Harry Potter fan, but people need to chill out. To everyone trying to prove this article wrong, you are complete douchebags. They’re just stories, and even if they weren’t, no witch, wizard, or muggle will be impressed by your pathetic arguments over Harry Potter facts.”

  21. Wow. you guy’s need to shut up about all the dumb bs trivia stuff. who cares whether it means flight of death or theft of death. taken in context either make sense in relation to voldemort’s character. SHUT UP ALL OF YOU ABOUT ALL OF THIS.

  22. Okay. You are all stupid for fighting about it.
    Another thing is J.K Rowling is a GIRL for the ones who reffered to her as a man.
    And, another thing it’s Harry POTTER not Porter, to another.
    Just take the damn facts as they are. No need to get into a ginormous fight over it. Voldemort is Voldemort. Who really frikken cares what his name means? It’s cool either way.

  23. Only 2 actors portrayed Lord Voldemort. The first movie where he’s on the back of Quirrell’s head is Richard Bremmer. And then every other movie is Ralph Fiennes. If you count all the actors who portrayed Tom Riddle: Christian Coulson, Frank Dillane, and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin. Then you still only have 5.

    1. Actually you’ll find that Ian Hart, who portrayed Professor Quirrel, also provided the voice for Lord Voldemort in the Sorcerer’s Stone. Richard Bremmer merely portrayed the cloaked figure. An honest mistake.

  24. According to my random Googling, “abhadda kedhabhra” means to disappear like this WORD, not world. Very different connotations.

  25. Not true that Neville’s toad is refered as a ‘turtule’ in spanish translation. I first read the HP saga in spanish, and Neville has a toad named Trevor just like the original.

  26. loved the books. Don’t forget “expelliarmus” is from the latin expressame – mucho- roughly translated to the english as “I upped mine, now up yours”

  27. Funny little post, I’m sure that it took a lot of work to collect all of those facts. I appreciate the entertainment.

    For those who argue that Flight and Theft are not verbs, they are the past participle form of a verb. (At least according to U.S. Grammar rules). Besides death could also be acting as a noun or object.

    Also, that argument doesn’t make any sense because it was translated to English, not originally written in English. Other languages have different grammar rules and they don’t translate exactly.


  28. personally, i am a big fan of harry potter, i like getting interesting facts aswell but i would just believe my opinion for example: the person that said trevor is a turtle u can believe that but i disagree but that doesnt mean u have 2 believe wat im sayin is right cuz you never knw he might be right i might be wrong but who cares?

  29. The Knights of Walpurgis were actually the name for the followers of Gellert Grindelwald, not Voldemort. Gridnelwald had the same agenda as Voldemort, but was an entirely different dark lord.

    1. Depressing that people invested a lot of love and devotion to a series that was well worth such ideals? Now, what is depressing, friend, is your attitude towards something that many people are deeply fond of.

  30. I’m counting 5 different actors to play Voldemort/ Riddle. The one on Quirrels head, Teen Riddle in CoS, Ralph Fiennes, Child Riddle in HBP and Teen Riddle in HBP. Is there another I’m forgetting?

  31. King’s Cross does not have a cool sign for Platform 9 and 3/4, the movie was shot at Paddington Station, and Paddington has the platform. King’s Cross is not a pretty station at all.

  32. “Avada Kedavra” (misspelled as “Kevadra” in this list) actually comes from Old Hebrew, and it means “Will be Lost as I Speak” or “Lost when Spoken”.

    In contemporary Hebrew, a loss of life is sometimes called “aveDa” even today. “Ke” is a prefix equivalent of “as”, and “Davra” is the Aramaic origin of all words related to speaking:
    “doVer”=”Speaker”, “diBoor”=”Speech”, “dibRa”=”(she) spoke” etc’.

  33. it is incredibly funny the arguements about voldemort and the meaning lol, the best thing would be to disagree hehe…
    can’t believe 6 actors played voldemort though :O weird…
    anyway, i am to have draco malfoy just stating facts that i dibs on him 😀

  34. um, actually , harry potter’s middle name is freakin
    ( yes i know , don’t comment and be like “it’s james u idiot” it’s an avpm reference)
    ( my name is also an avpm reference)

  35. I think no matter who u r u luv the hp books, and if u dont like them, read them untill u do. Im a sirious harry potter fan, but i luv draco malfoy (aka-tom felton) is hot, and so r fred n george. And lucius. An snape. And the real pic of dudley.

  36. I personaly don’t know why you guys are arguing over what the meaning of voldemort means. It obviously means flight or thief so why can’t you just be happy with both?

  37. How can you guys bicker. I mean any Harry Potter fan would know ALL of these things. So….WHY are WE fighting??????!!!!!??? Honestly, It’s not that big of a deal.

    Oh and I didn’t know some of the things you guys said:) LOLZ!

    1. How can we bicker? asked SaydraDawn.
      Why cant we bicker? bickering is a great thing to do on earth since we are humans(unless u arent)…

      Why are we fighting? We are fighting ‘cos of some things which we want to bicker about…

      so it’s like, lolzzz…………

  38. AL, you are a douchebag. JK Rowling is fluent in french, lived in France, has a strong french influence and her grandma was french. Voldemort was inspired from the french meaning, not the bloody somoan! why would she bw inspired from a minority language from a remote island in the middle of the pacific ocean?

  39. thanks for telling me these facts. I am a huge harry potter fan.I can’t beleive J.K. Rowling is in the same house as me.

  40. let’s just say that Harry Potter was a great series. the facts are interesting, especially the one about Myrtle! she looked so young in the movies!!!! let’s also accept that all of the names in the books were deliberately chosen for their meanings and relations to the characters- I mean, Remus Lupin the werewolf shares roots with the story of Romulus and Remus that were raised by wolves and then started the kingdom of Rome. So, the fact that Voldemort is from another language makes sense. it’s even cooler when you realize that JKRowling had to create his younger name from Lord Voldemort in order to have the younger name be rearranged for his “true” name. “I am Lord Voldemort” to “Tom Marvolo Riddle.” There’s no way she had tom’s name first: then it would be a huge coincidence that voldemort actually had french meanings!
    that’s all i have. the books are awesome! the movies could have been better. but that doesn’t stop me from loving the series.
    btw, it would be cool to know some more interesting facts.

  41. screw twilight who cares what you-know-whos name means! flight of death theif of death it dosnt really matter 🙂

  42. yeah who cares what voldemort means . has anyone looked for meaning of HARRY in dictionary ?????
    no one ….. fine it means troubling someone by continuously asking questions.
    ps – i think we already know most of the facts .

  43. You guys seriously need to calm down!!! Some of the facts may be wrong but you don’t need to start screaming at each other or who ever wrote this!!! Jeez oh Pete’s!

  44. To take your minds off the Voldemort “rifraf” hehe……here is a very interesting fact…..

    In ancient greek the name Hermione Grainger translates to God of Norse….which funnily has the meaning of ” God of the pot” hehe

  45. Voldemort is vol de mort, based off of France french, so if youre quebecoi, yoy might translate wrong. De can mean of or in this case from, and vol means theft or the act of flying. My own opinion is flight from death, for he avoids death as much as possible

  46. WOW! Who knew the Harry Potter fanbase was full of so many know-it-alls!? Really people, just shut up and read the damn fun facts.

  47. There are quite a few adjustments that could have been made to the storyline and the movies, but overall the Harry Potter series bookwise and moviewise both ended up being possibly the best American story in all of history.

  48. I only put my two cents here to give credit to Mrs Rowling’s imagination and wit, I’m a grown-up and not interested in internet fights. So, regarding french terms :

    Voldemort definitely leads to the image of a spreading “flight of death”, killing all people within its reach, and certainly not “flight FROM death”, which would be “vol depuis la mort” in the best scenario, but in fact there is a much less awkward phrase in french : “échapper à la mort” which means precisely (but not literally) “flying from death”. BTW “Voldemort” could also mean “theft of dead corpse”, but it would be in one occurrence only (if not it would be “Voldemorts”), which is strange, and really I don’t see the point. Case closed.

    Malfoy is old french and means literally “bad faith” in the sense of “untrustworthy”

    Lestrange is understood clearly as “l’étrange” in modern french, which means “the weird one” ; it can be understood so easily because some French surnames (old meaning : “the foreigner, the one coming from another region”) have kept the form with the s : Estrange or Estranger, perhaps even Lestrange ; I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some people still bear that name in France.

    Gryffindor is clearly “Gryphon d’or”, “golden gryphon”.

    Fleur Delacour is “flower of the court” in the sense of “most beautiful girl of the (royal generally) court”

    Nicolas Flamel and his wife Dame Pernelle existed for real. Nicolas was a rich and very pious man living in Paris in the 14th-15th century. Like with all rich people at the time, who were simply bourgeois and not Noble people, people couldn’t explain the source of his fortune except for his talents as an alchemist…That’s why it was said he had been able to turn lead into gold and had the famous philosophical stone ; because of his generosity and great piety, he was never accused of wizardry, which was common at the time.
    His house, in fact a boarding house for poor transients, has been confirmed as the oldest house of Paris recently (it is in the Marais district, near Beaubourg, and there was a great deal of discussion to know whether the famous house of the 1 Volta street was more ancien but the case is closed now).

  49. I really think you guys need to get out into fresh air and stop obsessing about something you didn´t write! Does it REALLY matter what Voldamort means in any language? He was a character in a book and film. Accept it and move on. Also accept that any language that is not spoken in it´s original country is a bastardised version of the language. I.e;- Night in England is Nite in U.S.A etc.

    Just enjoy and don´t analise!!!!

  50. SO glad they changed it to Death Eaters instead of Knights of Walpurgis. I probably wouldn’t have been able to take them seriously.

  51. Right to clear everything up because lots of people are being stupid, even the native French which is a disgrace to my people:

    ‘un vol’ literally translates to ‘a flight’ in English or ‘a stealing/a robbery’. So voldemort would mean a flight of death or a stealing of death. Personally i prefer the first option.
    Un vol does not mean a thief. That would be ‘un voleur’.

  52. well i want you all to know that almost half of the comments here a being truthful and i was referring to Voldemort as thief of death i really don’t approve of fans squabbling over stupid things like that

  53. i looked up the meaning of voldemort and it is in fact “theft by death” so who ever says differently they are wrong sorry!

  54. In this case, “vol de mort” means the stealing of death, “un vol, de la mort”

    If you wanted it to mean flight of death you would have to say “Vol de LA mort”, otherwise it is not gramatically correct.

    Voila pour vous mes petits yankees

  55. People please……I am declaring that my name means ‘Wish Death Upon’ and that is Latin. Now, to more important matters….Pinochhio told me to lie to get a nose. Is this peice of advice to be trusted????

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