There’s a Special Place in Hell for…

Chances are you encounter some of these jerks in your daily lives. Don’t worry, because there’s a special place in hell for…

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11 responses to There’s a Special Place in Hell for…

  1. Arrested Development got taken off the air cause people realized it sucked. If i was the main guy and had to suffer that family of his and his whinny, ugly son, i would have butchered them all.

  2. People who expect a full tip at restaurants regardless of level of service, then think people should go to hell when they’re not prepared to reward substandard service. A tip is a tip, it’s appreciation of a job well done.

  3. oh come on folks!…! for crying out LOUD! i truly belive we all would go to hell for things much worse than this! and i also belive that jesus forgives our every sin…this is why he died on the cross! GROW UP!!

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