Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics)

Things don’t always go as planned. Check out the pics below to see a few examples of what happens when our expectations get punched in the face by reality.



Tickling Expectations:








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190 responses to Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics)

    1. It would appear so, also they have just left a gap for the cookies, not put actual cookies in the frosting! How can you expect something you didn’t try to achieve in the first place.

      1. Don’t we all at one point end up doing things a certain way and expecting something totally different? Sounds like the human condition to me loll.

        1. My “human condition” occured after drinking to much beer and attempting to bake an angel food cake. I got rid of my shame before anyone could get a camera.That fool took the shot themselves.:-D

      2. That’s not a space for the icing, the cupcake is just still in the pan and is the same color as the cookie for some reason.

        1. he didn’t bake the frosting. he just didn’t let the cupcake cool before he iced it. the cupcakes probably taste great, they just look funny.

      3. ummm they did put cookies in the cupcakes, but it blends in really good with the cupcake, look and i mean really look again and then you’ll see it:)

    2. are you retarded? it just means he didn’t wait for it to cool. the icing melted because it was still hot…

      1. People, it’s obviously a guy. When you first see the picture, what gender do you imagine the person making the cupcakes? Male.
        I’m pretty sure a girl knows enough to at least let them cool before frosting them…

        1. You say that, and yet the first time I baked a cake by myself for my gramma’s birthday, I did not know you were supposed to chill the cake first. And I’m a woman. Not even a girl; a 20-something woman! I had even baked before… just nothing that required icing (cookies, mostly, occasionally brownies).

          The cake also collapsed, partly because I made the layers too thick and didn’t let them cool before putting them together and icing them. However, it also tasted absolutely delicious, so nobody including Gramma cared 🙂

          I think it’s funny people assume everybody knows these things just because they’re female, though. As if all females are still raised to be housewives.

          I mean, if you’re going to stereotype us (which you are, because it’s human nature to stereotype), at least update your stereotypes… for instance, I would have gone with “clearly done by a teen or 20-something who thought things that are straightforward would also be easy and thus didn’t look up how to do them properly”.

        2. Love, I can bake circles around most girls I know, including my mother. And to be honest i pictured a blond “Snooki” standing in the kitchen crying about how she put so much work into cupcakes when in all honesty, she really had too high “expectations” like always.

          1. I would have to agree, but the only thing that really made me sad is that Cookie Monster is gone. I couldn’t care less about the people who didn’t think first.

    3. I don notice you used the word ‘he’. Mabye my circle for friends are weird, but none of my male friends have ever cooked a batch of cookie monster cupcakes.

          1. Never laughed so hard at something I read in the comments section at the end of an article. Especially localjim. Lmao.
            Thank you for making my night extra giggly. (already giggly because my cookie monster cookies were SPECIAL cookie monster cookies).

      1. Hahaha. I was thinking the same thing. I dont know 1 guy who has ever baked cupcakes, let alone try to make creative ones!

        1. obvs was a guy, thats why they sucked so bad. I made cookie monster cupcakes yesterday and fortunately they looked more like the first picture 😀

        2. I bake cupcakes!!! And I’m a guy you think you are so smart but I bake and cook at restaurant quality and I have college credits in the culinary arts.

      1. sloppy sloppy work. and just look at the cake part! theres just no way he’s planning on selling those now! poor cookie and monster and friends, theyre gonners

    4. No, I believe they applied the icing right after taking the cookies out of the oven.
      They should have waited for the cookies to cool before adding any decorations.

    5. Uh, I think the heat from the stove caused the melting. (really??) Usually, one would wait for the items to COOL prior to frosting.

  1. Awesome. Yours was the first blog I found using StumbleUpon, so it’s now set the expectation pretty high. Stay tuned for the follow-up, in which I compare your site with a bunch of others that fall short.

  2. The guy most likely didnt bake the frosting…. he mightve just put it on too quickly while everything was still warm. Thats why you need to wait for cakes to cool before coating them….the frosting will just drip off. Its a common mistake.

  3. All these pictures and all you guys do is hate on the person who can’t bake a goddamn cookie monster cupcake.

      1. Seriously. But let’s focus on the real issue here: The Cookie Monster would be crushed (quite like a cookie being sat upon) if he knew that someone was tainting precious cookies by stuffing them into fucking cupcakes.

    1. yhea, i was thinking the same thing, i mean, get over it, so what if the person who made this sucks at baking, or she may just hate her kid :/… but so what?

    2. +1000000 points. I thought the same thing. The first 3/4 of the comments were about the same damn thing with the same damn 2 answers.

    1. haha i know! MY fiance recently broke up with me. I’ve been pretty down about it. saw that picture, and actually laughed. it made me feel so much better haha. I don’t know why!

  4. That Expectations rainbow braid is my all rights reserved self portrait:


    I don’t know who the hell keeps attaching it to the Reality braid photo and posting it all over the Internet, but it’s a fucked up and illegal thing to do and I want them to stop. I don’t allow people to use my images without permission and I’m not sure the person in the Reality photo would appreciate her hair being compared to mine.

    I want my picture removed from this site.

    1. Regardless, do you have any idea how useless copyrights (and other claims) become on the internet? Just thought I’d let you know, you’re fighting a losing battle.

      Free share information!

      1. You know, just because copyright is much more difficult to enforce on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s not still illegal for good reason. The whole point of copyright is for the original artist to be able to control their work’s distribution, particularly in commercial channels. And while nobody has tried to commercialize that particular image from this meme, if left unaddressed by the artist, eventually somebody would try to do just that.

        This would have almost been a borderline case in non-commericial areas, though, since it could be taken as parody/satire, which often falls under Fair Use. HOWEVER…

        …there is also the matter of model releases. If it wasn’t a photo taken in a public place, then the subjects of the photos have a right to control the context in which they are displayed. Not just an arbitrary right, either: imagine a site that uses meme images like this to get traffic that gets them ad dollars… they’d be profiting off of both models! Yet the models wouldn’t get compensated for being used like that. You could go ahead and try to argue that “wah, the internet deserves to be free” but if the site is deliberately using them, not just to parody and entertain others, but to make money, then it’s no longer TRYING to be free and innocent.

        There’s a reason these laws exist, even if the issues are getting more complex.

  5. hey fyi the failed cookie monster are cookies not cupcakes. Now that you went up and check go up there again and you will see the god cupcakes are not in a tin and the other ones….well there not cupcakes at all. Also this is to true with reality. And who does expect a good show from miley cyrus at all??

    1. Finally!! that was driving me crazy that nobody else noticed the expectation picture was cupcakes and the reality picture was just two cookies with icing.

  6. Um – I don’t think the cookie monster pictures have anything to do with each other except for the joke they were meant to portray.

  7. Don’t quite get the kitten/puppy one. Is it that the kitty reacts in such an AWWWW way, while the dog just lies there? Doggie is definitely enjoying it anyway, got a sweet look on its face, which seems more like the point of the thing. Actually the dog’s version seems more like a massage, doggie seems to be asking, “Please, just a little more, please? Please? Please?”
    For that matter, who is going to confuse a dog with a cat?
    Reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy grumbles, “When a CAT plays with a ball of string they think it’s cute!”

    & I love the miley cyrus one.
    fucking lol

  9. Ah, optimism at its best. I actually think being crammed into a kids rollercoaster eating an ice cream would be better then snogging some random man’s face whilst high on drugs…

  10. Doesn’t Miley look like she is transforming into a dolphin while then being hunted down by a fishing boat or something.. just saying

  11. Oh my that is so the truth. The guy baked the cookies with the frosting on them. Gotta love the snoman as well. Its funny when watch a show on the food network channel and then try and duplicate what they made, it never turns out the same.

  12. Hahaha the Box expectation versus the reality is an integral part of your upbringing in the USA. A really good version of the “box” versus “reality” is the cover of an old school video game versus the game itself. Paperboy!?

  13. the whole cookie monster cookie/cupcake thing is wrong.

    this is coming from someone who will be majoring in pastry arts come fall 2012, and someone who has alot of experience baking:
    one, the icing obviously melted because the cookies were still hot when they put it on. if a cookie was cooled to the right temp. icing shouldn’t melt.
    two,it didn’t come out looking like fur, because they didn’t use the correct decorating tip.

  14. the cookie monster debate thingy I know what happened! you guys are nubs first of all lol, But this person decided to put icing on the cupcake RIGHT after they took them out of the oven! Of COURSE they will melt duh! Let them cool! THEN put the icing on!

  15. These are all terrible. There not true and in no way are they funny, at all. Not only did I waist my time looking at the obnoxiously stupid pictures and figures, but I am now being forced to waist my time writing this hate letter.
    Clayton Bigsby

  16. In these situations I think your just plain fucking up. You could meet your expectations but you choose to complain about not getting what you want instead of putting out the effort to achieve your goals.

  17. What’s wrong with these cookies? They look a lot better that the ones I bake (when I do bake that is). The proof is in the eating though – hence the reason I don’t bake much.

  18. LMAO, we bought that water slide/pool for kiddo’s birthday party. It looked big, and so much fun. Yeah, it was a bust. It was so small, and nobody wanted to play in it.

  19. Ok ok, we all know that whoever did the cookie monster cookies put the icing on prior to taking them out of the oven, thus resulting in the mekted blue icing all over the cupcakes. Stop saying the same thing! 😛

  20. The facebook one is so true… But you forgot something, it’s when you really find like 20 notifications on facebook, and they all turn out to be some game invitations to farmville or Poker… OMG!!

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