A Handy Map of Hell

Have you ever wondered what hell looks like? If so, then the map below should be pretty handy.

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10 responses to A Handy Map of Hell

  1. Correction needed: In Chicago it’s never called a freeway. Expressway, please. And I-90 is too vague. Do you mean The Dan Ryan (south from the Loop) or The Kennedy (from the Loop to O’Hare)?

  2. Two thoughts..
    First, don’t thing the 101 is all that bad. The 405? THAT is Hell.
    Second, I believe there is an organization chart of Heaven that is equally grueling in the Heinlein novel Job: A Comedy of Justice. That is to be viewed.

    And I agree…there should be a special place in Hell for sanctimonious Mac/iPhone/iPad users to have it out with equally sanctimonious “other” platform folks. I even back off on my Android crusade because of a fear of that place–and I don’t even much believe in Hell…

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