11 Silly Things You Probably Believed As A Kid

When we’re young, we get some pretty ridiculous ideas in our heads. Below are 11 silly things you may have believed as a child. Check out these near-universal beliefs, then feel free to list your own personal silly beliefs in the comments. I’ll start with one of my own…

1. All Cats Were Female and All Dogs Were Male

2. Stuffed Animals Came to Life When You Weren’t Looking

3. Your Face Would Freeze That Way

4. You Were Going to be a Famous Athlete/Celebrity/President

5. That Was Actually Mickey Mouse You Met at Disneyland

6. If You Couldn’t See It, It Didn’t Exist

7. Before the 1950s, The World Was in Black and White

8. Swallow a Watermelon Seed, and a Watermelon Would Grow in Your Stomach

9. Blankets Served as an Impenetrable Barrier From Monsters

10. Wearing Superman Pajamas Made You As Powerful As Superman

11. If you were bad, you’d actually get coal in your stocking

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73 responses to 11 Silly Things You Probably Believed As A Kid

  1. I used to believe that a specific spot in my friend’s yard was booby trapped with a landmine. Why? Because that’s what my friend told me. I was terrified of accidentally stepping on it…and hated playing in his backyard for fear of dying.

  2. When I was little, I thought that women automatically got pregnant when they got married. I also thought B.C. meant “before calendars”.
    I don’t think I actually believed any of these things though… Except #6 because that’s just a baby thing.

  3. ?
    I saw the title and thought “oh cool” then scrolled down and saw the cat dog thing and actually gasped thinking, “How did you know?” I really did think that, and I thought I was the only one! I used to think a few others too but that’s a great list!
    I also used to think that if you google “google” the world would implode. Not for long though, it was quickly dismissed when I was the only one of my friends who was brave enough to do it.

  4. Number 3, except I thought I’d gonna be a famous scientist who makes paradigm-shifting breakthroughs. Forever a Nerd…

    1. I never thought about it until now, but yeah i think the same thing. Its pretty crazy, I really wonder how such a thing even got started.

      1. I automatically see a dog and go, “Oh, isn’t he just the cutest thing!” or go “She’s so pretty. Look at her eyes!” when I see a cat. Hmmmmm…

  5. I really believed that there would be flying cars by the time I was a grownup. That hasn’t exactly panned out. Unless I’m not actually grown up yet…

  6. I thought grill cheese sandwiches were called “girl cheese.” Thanks to my cousins, I also thought if you pressed your forehead against the TV screen and looked to the side, you could see the director…

    1. That’s brilliant. Im going to have to try that with one of my little cousins…

      My mother also had me believing that when she put the pot plants in the bath to water them, it was because they’d already had their allotted time in the oven and needed to be cooled back down and rehydrated so they’d grow better…

  7. i STILL believe that blankets are impenetrable protection devices… well, they help guard against scary movies & bumps in the middle of the night, at least!

  8. #2 for sure! After watching ToyStory for the first time all my stuffed animals took turns sleeping next to me at night so that none would feel more special or left out. That went on for a good year or so.

  9. I believed that shell-shaped pasta shells were real shells collected from a beach somewhere, and when you cooked them in boiling water, that made them soft enough for me to eat. Yum!

  10. I believed that when you got married you got a free car that people decorated for your wedding day. I also thought that cars moved by the gas coming out of the tailpipe and pushing the car forward.

    1. I used to live on Orleans Street., but actually thought that I lived in New Orleans. I would argue my classmates too, like” You live in Detroit, but I live in New Orleans!” Five year olds think they know everything!

  11. When you played hide-and-seek, you were hiding for your life because the “it” was suddenly a dangerous evil being.

  12. My niece still thought the thing about the world being in black and white prior to the invention of color film…but she was 16!

  13. when i was little i always thought that carpool lane on the highway meant that the cars in that lane had pools inside of them…i always wanted a carpool!!!

  14. When my sister and I were younger, our dad would constantly tell us that there were alligators in the sewer so when we could go walking, we would run away from the manholes.

  15. When i was little (that was a long time ago), I thought when
    it rained where I was, it was raining all over the world.

  16. My dad told me when I was little that there were dwarves, like the ones in Snow white, inside the center part of a carrousel making it go round, and I felt so bad for them.

  17. I always used to believe that everyone thought in English, no matter what language they spoke. So they would translate what they heard into English then think about the reply in English, then translate that to whatever language they were speaking.
    It makes sense when you’re little, because that’s how you think in other languages.

    1. I now realise that people don’t think in Dutch (yeah, I’m Dutch) but it still seems weird to me when I see a toddler speak *any-language-except-for-dutch-here*

    1. I used to believe that the blinker is what actually made the turn…all you had to do was turn on the blinker and the car would automatically turn when it got to the corner!

  18. I used to believe a tooth fairy left a dollar under my pillow, a bunny rabbit left an Easter basket, a jolly man in a red suit left toys and an old man lived in the sky and kept up with billions of people at once and answered prayer requests.

  19. My great grandmother convinced me the world used to be black & white. I believed her because I didn’t have a reason not to. I was too young to question the validity of remarks made by adults.

    I was VERY disappointed in her when I figured it all out!

  20. What do you mean by this – Blankets Served as an Impenetrable Barrier From Monsters. This is not a silly thing, it’s a serious thing and they DO serve as a protection from mosters. Get your facts straight.

  21. I believed 2, 6, and 9. I was also terrified that the servers at restaurants were going to poison me because my mom complained a lot.

    1. YES!!!!! I’m not the only one!!! I seriously had a test that went like this: “What is the underground railroad?” “The subway.”

  22. My childhood belief about rock bands: All the members of a band always lived in the same house, like roommates. But because they were rock stars, it was like an awesomely huge enough house that it wasn’t crowded.

  23. I used to think that battery acid was an instant ticket to DEATH. Very black-and-white thinking, I’d been told that it was dangerous but I assumed even a little bit would poison you. It wasn’t a problem until I was at a friends’ house once and picked up an old toy that had old leaking batteries in it, I got one tiny drop on my skin that only burned mildly but I was convinced that it was seeping into my blood and it was only a matter of time before it got to my heart and killed me.

  24. I held the same belief about cats and dogs, but for me it makes sense, because in my mother tongue nouns have genres like in French. “Dog” would be a male noun and “cat” is a female noun so it become a reflex to think of a cat as female. I didn’t think this would apply to English speakers as well, that’s interesting.

  25. I believed #2 and #9. I still wonder about 2 sometimes…
    I used to believe that every time a song was playing on the radio, the band was live & singing into microphones at the radio station. I always wondered how they got around in time.
    I always thought that the D in Disney was a weird backwards G.
    I thought that mirrors were windows to a parallel dimension, and that if you smashed one the portal would open and you could go through.
    I thought that velcro grew on trees.
    I thought that authors had to write their books out by hand before the book could be typed up and published.
    I thought that if I wore perfume, the mosquitoes would think I smelled too nice and would feel sorry for me, so they wouldn’t bite me.
    I thought that if I crawled as far as I could under my covers to the end of the bed where the sheets were tucked in, and kept pushing, I would eventually be transported to China.
    I thought that if you blew into the phone receiver, the person on the other end would feel the breeze.
    I thought that every good live-action movie I watched was a true story, and wondered how the people had brought the cameras with them to record their adventures so perfectly.
    I thought that snow was made of sugar.
    I thought that if I glued sparkles on an object, it would be imbued with magical properties.
    I thought that pens could never run out of ink.
    I thought that there were little people in bowling alleys who would set the bowling pins back up super fast after you knocked them down.
    I thought that when I erased a word, the eraser absorbed the graphite and recycled it, inserting it back into the pencil lead.
    I thought that cats had electronics in them that would make their eyes glow in the dark and emit purring sounds from a motor.
    My pastor once handed me a small object and said it was a “fuse”, and I treasured that shiny object dearly and believed it had amazing, secret powers.
    I thought that all sparkly rocks were magic.
    My mom once had a green “Grasshopper” smoothie from Moose Jaw, and my little brother and I believed there were actually blenderized grasshoppers in it. My little brother was disgusted. I, being a strange little girl, desperately wanted some.
    I thought all shoes were made of leather.
    I thought glasses were made of a special glass that was chemically designed for each specific person, and the reason I couldn’t see out of others’ glasses wasn’t that they were the wrong prescription thickness, but that the glass was made for them and not for me.
    I thought there were wolves (not monsters) under my bed with yellow eyes. I also thought that if I opened my dresser drawer at night, there would be little monsters inside.
    I thought that all scientists did for a living was mix random chemicals so that they would change colors or explode.
    I still believe there are fairies and magical creatures in the woods!
    I thought that mud pies would taste like chocolate.
    I thought that teachers lived at the school, and that doctors lived at the hospital.
    I thought that peanut butter was just crushed up peanuts and butter mixed together.
    I thought that all kinds of large things wanted to eat me.
    I thought that the sun went around the world.
    …Life was so much more interesting back then!

  26. I used to think if there was a natural disaster like a tornado or a hurricane was happening outside of your house, if you went to sleep it would just turn into a dream and when you woke up none of it ever actually happened.

  27. When I was about 3-4 I was terrified of thunder. So when I wanted to watch TV and it was a thunder storm, I would lower in the seat so the thunder couldn’t see the back of my head and would also turn the volume down on the TV so only I could here it and the thunder couldn’t

    I must have been the only one who thought this!!!

    I also use to think that if my whole body was on the bed I was safe but if a leg or arm was hanging off the bed the monster would get me.

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