Best of the Anxiety Cat Meme (19 Pics)

There are more than a few people with anxiety issues hanging out on the Internet. If this is you, see if you identify with any of the following statements courtesy of the Anxiety Cat meme (images via here).

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5 responses to Best of the Anxiety Cat Meme (19 Pics)

  1. Man, this meme sucks as a psych major. All I’m doing here is sitting here “yup those are symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder….”

  2. I happen to have Social Anxiety Disorder, and all I can do is just sit here reading these like, “yup. This is definitely me,”. o.o

  3. I identify with ninety percent of these. I to have social anxiety disorder! Which sounds funny because I’m a gregarious performance artist but, you know, half the time I’m performing!

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