Time-Traveling Celebrities (12 Pics)

Take a look at these pictures, and you’ll realize that a few famous people are either immortal, or quietly time-traveling across history in their spare time.

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    1. Paul mounet died at age 74 and if he still looked very young then, there would have been a lot of speculation about it that would have never died out

  1. Amazing that the “Revolutionary Era Redcoats” set fire to the White House and other government buildings in United States capital of Washington, after having cleverly disguised themselves in War of 1812-era uniforms, and patiently hiding in some bushes for 31 years after the end of the American Revolutionary War.

    That took a lot of foresight on the part of the British, because neither Washington, DC nor The White House existed during the revolution.

    Good thing they packed a lunch and some extra socks, those crafty Brits!

  2. You’re both right actually, the British Infantry wore redcoats from 1750-1835. So yes they were part of the Napoleonic wars as well as the American Revolution, seeing as the two are so close in date the American Revolution started near the end of the 18th century and the Napoleonic Wars were the first few years of the nineteenth, they’re from the same era. The title of the era being different based on where you come from. But I respect a fellow history geek.

  3. Alice Cooper used to babysit Keanu Reeves when he was a child and his mom made stage outfits for him. Either Alice is a vampire (wouldn’t rule that option out though) or Keanu is as mortal as the rest of us.

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