19 More WTF Moments From Toddlers and Tiaras

Here’s another round of really WTF moments from the reality show, Toddlers and Tiaras. Most of these pics come from here, here and here.


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    1. It’s totally a god awful show, did you ever notice how many of the “brats” parents and relatives are fat and snaggle toothed?

  1. Some of those subtitles aren’t right… On the last one, the little girl is really saying she’s crying because she wishes her mom was there to watch her dance.

  2. A lot of the subtitles are incorrect. You should put the correct subtitles if you’re gonna post these as “moments from the show.”

  3. Yes the the subtitles are incorrect. It doesn’t change the fact that these parent should be in jail for abuse. These children are not happy and are often coerced into performing like circus animals for treats. These “beauty pageants” are nothing but dog shows for people with allergies.


    Particularly the 14th one.
    Most of them were down right disgusting and stupid, but the 14th one is just…. O_O o_O ?!

  5. ermmm most of these are from DANCE MOMS, completely different show! So many people need to check their sources, numbers 2,6,8 and 19 are all DANCE MOMS not toddlers and tiaras!! PLUS in number 6 and 19, thats not what they said at all!!!!!!!

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