17 More Images That Can’t Be Unseen

Once you see these images, you’ll wonder how you never noticed them before…



















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      1. Erm… but this isn’t StumbleUpon – this site is called Pleated Jeans. Stumble brought me here as well but that doesn’t mean we’re on the StumbleUpon website ><

  1. A quick google search told me the Machu Pichu images are either photoshopped or taken from a very weird angle not even google heard of before. I’ll go with photoshop, because the mountain that would be the nose is much much larger than that, and the other facial features aren’t real. That really gives the rest of the list no credibility.

    1. Are you people seriously telling me you had to check Google to see if the mountains of Macchu Picchu looked like a face when turned vertically? I think you need to spend more time studying geography, there are plenty of features that anyone with half an ounce of geographical knowledge (as in, anything around about the 12-14 year old range) should be able to recognise as not existing in the real mountain ranges.

      I despair.

      1. yes we checked google because if the internet has taught us anything its that you never believe 1 picture…

        and there is a mountain range is South africa that looks like a sleeping giant so it might have been possible.

        Bet you must get all the loving seeing as you so smart

        1. AAAAAND a mountain in china i think or volcano that looks like there’s two dragons sleeping around it which gives it it’s name(:

      2. Are you seriously showing me you spelled the simple word “recognize”, incorrectly? I think you need to spend more time studying Grammar. There are plenty of people, that with half an ounce of Grammatical knowledge (as in, anything around about the 12-14 year old range) should be able to spell “recognize” correctly, instead of like this: “recognise”.

        I despair.

        1. Kelsey! You will check the internet to determine whether an image is photoshopped, but you will not do a quick google search to determine whether “recognise,” and “recognize,” are interchangeable? They are! The former is used throughout the U.K. and the Commonwealth Countries, while the latter is used in the United States; both are considered to be correct.

        2. If you would like to talk about grammar, then perhaps I could start by telling you that the term is not capitalized. I think what you mean to say is the writer needs to work on his or her spelling. If you’re going to be rude, do your research.

          1. Dear Sam,
            Aren’t you doing the same thing? You’re being rude to me, because I was rude to someone else who wrote a rude comment. Also, I didn’t check the internet to know that the photos were obviously photoshopped.

        3. Ah, a little more “we are the world” from the USA, I see.
          “Recognise” is the English spelling. Generally where you use all those harsh-looking Z’s (pronounced “zeds”), we use S’s.

          Additionally, “Grammar” and “Grammatical” [sic] do not need capital letters in the middle of a sentence, as anyone with “half an ounce of Grammatical [sic] knowledge” should know.

          The only thing you should despair at is your own lack of worldliness and the fact you’ve made a fool of yourself in public.

        4. Kelzey, you should just Go bury your head in the zand now! LMFAO!!! You’ve been owned! You can Go back to eating your booGerz and watching cartoonz now. Zteve iz the man!

        5. You despair? So do I … that you can’t recognize the difference between English and American English and are so anal about your ignorance.

        6. Maybe that person is American, you may see it as wrong but in their eyes, you are the one that is wrong. If you can still read it, then don’t complain, it just wastes time you could be spending helping others or just being happy.

      3. Right, because its standard curriculum in every school to study the minute geographical features of Macchu Picchu…..
        Get off your high horse bi*ch

      4. You may think you have a sound geographical knowledge (although I’m doubtful if this but because I don’t know you I will give you the benefit of saying you do), however it appears to be at the detriment of emotional intelligence and awareness of self as your comment is incredibly pompous and unnecessarily scathing. If you really dispair over something like this then you really need to spend more time relaxing.

  2. About Norway being left out on the euro – it’s on purpose. Norway as well as switzerland is nor part of the European Union. Lucky them! 🙂

    1. That’s interesting and I didn’t know that, but I believe you were supposed to notice that the circled part looks like a flaccid penis.

      1. In other words, Norway meta-trolled the EU by making them print a flacid penis on the coin. Norway – 1, EU – Erectile dysfunction.

        1. Those coins where taken out of print almost immediately though for this reason. Norway is on the coin these days, as they do all of Europe and not just the EU now.

  3. The only photos that seem to be phoshopped are the two with the faces in the landmarks. All the other ones are pretty legit. For instance the dick on the 2 Euro piece, thats just what the Netherlands is shaped like.

  4. The Toy Story one is done on purpose so that people will be able to see that it’s Sid without them even having to say it…even though they do that too. Also, the edge of the cliff face is definitely photoshopped. It pops out more than anything on the picture.

  5. Americans are retarded; I’m so sad i live in the states. That is a German 2 Euro coin. The “penis” that has been circled are Sweden and Finland, two countries in the Scandinavian area.

    1. Okay i suppose that could be a handful of other Euro coins, considering it’s the reverse side of the coin. The one I am the most familiar with, however, is German, which is why I said it. I apologize.

  6. Kairra is right. We, as a people, should have every single mountain range on this planet known to the smallest detail. Not knowing every mountain’s height to the foot should be punishable by death. Needless to say i am going to kill myself now as i have forgotten the exact height of the middle sister in the 3 sisters in NSW Australia. But Kairra will know.

  7. The one with Jack and Professor Utonium: shouldn’t that be SAMURAI mode; given that the show is called Samurai Jack?

  8. ill solve the “mindblowing” PPG and Samurai Jack one for you: its the same fucking cartoonist. WHHHOOOOOAAAAAAA

  9. You guys are all morons. “Kelsey” was simply mocking the rude comment that was originally made by “Kairra”. She just changed it around to make sense with her misspelling of “recognized” because she was being downright rude in her comment. Are you people blind? You’re so hung up on correcting one another’s misspellings that you don’t even realize where the original “geographical knowledge” comment came from! Now go ahead, analyze the hell out of this comment so you can pick on me as well.

  10. The fish is fake too. That’s a copperband butterfly, something I look at every day and occasionally sell at the aquarium shop where I work. When a fish has a mutation that disrupts its standard stripes it is called a misbar. I have never seen a misbar Copperband at all and I cant find a Copperband with any markings that break horizontally or any other way in a web search either…

    On the other hand if you like clown fish you can find lots of interesting markings on ocellaris clowns if you search for clown misbar.

  11. I think we should all hang out.. cause that was a hilarious trip down the comments page.. almost worthy of a screen shot… But I see this so often these days that i really think we should just hang out so we can get all these grammatical and geographical issues on the table and really get down to some business.. 😀

  12. This might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen on StumbleUpon, congrats. The few interesting things on here I have seen >5 times the rest are such a stretch that it is not even interesting or faked.

  13. Everyone knows about the Formula 1. And as far as the South Park Easter Eggs, Thats inpressive. Adventure Time did the same thing. Hiding a snail waving at you in every episode. Its awesome.

  14. I love the one with toy story one, and toy story 3,
    when the kid grow up he works as a garbage man, LOL

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  16. I’m totally disillusioned that the F*ck fish is not real. All this time I thought everything you saw, read or heard on the internet was true. The hell with Machu Picchu. I wanted a F*ck fish!! 🙁

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