An Intervention

Okay friends, the joke’s been made…a million times. It’s time to move on.

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  1. Jeff…you’re awesome!
    Sad to say that some of these jokes might have had a chance at being funny at some point if they weren’t a) tired/old, and b) products of emotionally stunted 15-year-old boys using their mommy’s computer like machineofmachining up there.

  2. I will go to the kitchen and make a man a sandwich when he holds a door open for me, pushes my seat in and behaves chivalrously.

  3. I agree with Paulina 140%. Personally I love to cook (and I’m damn good at it), but you’re not getting anything but dry cereal if you’re rude and sexist. But if you decide to be sweet to me, I’ll cook you anything you want. Men who won’t give this gag up are only shooting themselves in the foot.

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