Guy Makes “Sexy” Calendar for His Girlfriend

Whoever is dating Redditor ill_take_two is definitely one lucky lady. This “sexy” calendar is the gift she’s getting for Valentine’s Day…

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66 responses to Guy Makes “Sexy” Calendar for His Girlfriend

  1. Wow! How incredibly thoughtful and creative! Must have taken him a lot of time, help, and effort to be together such a great gift for his girlfriend. Kudos to you!!

  2. He is not creepy! I’m a little saddened by these comments. I think he is awesome and I would be so lucky if my boyfriend were this creative.

    1. Completely agree! I actually think I might love him a little bit. Also, he is handsome and looks particularly great as a lobster. 😀

    2. I think it’s imaginative and extremely thoughtful. Obviously he and his girlfriend have more of a sense of humor than the people hating on him and posting shallow remarks, showcasing their own ignorance. What a lucky girl! I hope social media doesn’t ruin the surprise for her.

      1. Haters hate because they have no skills of any real value and resent others for trying. And this is why those of us who try ignore them and let them make us famous. And they don’t even know they’re doing it most of the time. They’re in such a hurry to try and tear someone down a peg to make themselves feel better, that they don’t even realize they are actually catapulting them to success, and still going nowhere themselves. You guys can hate on me all day long. By all means.

  3. I love how he is so scantily clothed ( shirtless or in short shorts or in something provocatively open) and how he is posed. What a hoot! Imagine how funny it would be if he “made love to the camera”!

  4. His girl would love it more if he was Washing the Dishes, Vacuuming, Iron Clothes, Sweeping the floor, Cooking wearing only an apron, Washing HER car….etc…..

  5. Who is this person called Anonymous?? One min they say he is creepy the next they say they agree he is not creepy! Make your mind up lol

  6. It’s funny. I wonder if a not-traditionally-sexy female doing the same thing would be considered humorous? I imagine most people would find it sad, or not believe she was doing it jokingly.

  7. Hey, I’m a guy and this is amazing. This guy showed me that I don’t have to have 20 abs, huge biceps and a calvin klein body to be sexy for my girlfriend….when i get a girlfriend lol. Big ups to ya bruh.

  8. I swear he was separated at birth from my best friends brother in law. Spitting image. If my boyfriend made this for me I would be soooo excited. It’s hilarious the zip up hoodie with the white socks! I would look at it all the time. Best thing EVER!

  9. ohhhh he’s so cute xD
    I don’t get the two first comments… this guy’s arms are squeezable and I adore him.
    I want one of these, thoughtful, sweet, cute & sexy & cuddly man.

    the garbage man pic is my fav….hehehehehe…love a man w/ a sense of HUMOR & kindness (which the first two posters obviously do not possess).

  10. He must be really in love with his girl. and she’s a lucky girl.
    he’s very cute just need to lose a little weight, if not he’s still fine looking. very cute face

  11. Ohmygosh this is so cute! I love it! Very thoughtful and creative, and I’m glad he cares about his girlfriend enough to do this for her. ^v^

    1. why would you pick that calender it is the most crapest calender in the whole wide world so why would somebody like you pick that calender why would you

  12. I went to high school with this guy. He was always the funny quiet type known for his “Free Hugs” shirt. 🙂 this is epic! Go M.S.! You’re still my hero!

  13. This guy has it figured out. I’m gonna go way out on a limb and say the haters are gym freak, “manly man” types (not that all gym rats are shallow dbags, just the ones commenting here). Those type of guys are intimidated by stuff like this because they’re confronted with the fact that maybe chicks don’t think their biceps are as cool as they think they are, and that those things have nothing to do with manhood. Well done dude. My wife would totally dig this.

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