Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.2.12)

When you see your ex at a party:

When your boss catches you not doing your work:

When you are crossing the street and someone honks at you to hurry up:

When you were a kid and got to go to the playground:

When you find a friend you can act stupid with:

When you see a girl with a nice butt wearing yoga pants:

When someone starts gossiping about someone you hate:

When your girlfriend randomly asks you if you want to have sex:

When someone starts talking about politics:

When you go out to a fancy dinner and get the bill:

When the phone rings while you’re on the toilet:

When a cute person calls you cute:

When you get home from a long day:

When you work retail and have to listen to the store’s music all day:

When your really innocent friend says something sexual:

When you step to get around someone, but they step in the same direction:

When someone gets an A and they “didn’t even study”:

When someone points a rubberband at you:

When you lose your only friend that went to a party with you:

When you try to explain your favorite movie to  someone who knows nothing about it:

most of these come from hereherehere and here. I came up with a few on my own.

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57 responses to Your Daily Life in GIFs (4.2.12)

    1. I easily got a 4.3 graduating GPA at my high school… Rarely studied for anything, breezed through papers and projects like they were nothing… Was enrolled in several AP classes…
      Don’t worry. You just have a knack for doing well academically.

        1. Yes, a different game indeed, but still easy if you’re studying anything other than a core science/math/engineering. I actually found college easier than high school in many ways, largely because of how commonly classes are graded on a curve, so you get to ride on the stupidity/laziness of your lower-achieving peers. The most significant thing college taught me wasn’t what led to my graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BS in economics. It was actually on how to work smart, not hard. College was a very expensive, four-year long joke, basically.

        2. College is a different game because there are plenty of professors that will fail you or dock you because you go against their opinion.

          Focus less on an A and more on retaining the information you’re interested in.

      1. oooooo high school. whoaa we got a badass over here. i smoked pot and was still valedictorian. beat that biotchhh. go green 😀

    2. yes, yes it does. Even if you know you’ll get an A, you should still study just to be a good person. lol

    3. Ordinary mortals use all their energy studying mathematics and physics to understand the workings behind the universe. You don’t even have to lift your fingers. Ha ha puny little humans are slaves to reading books and conducting experiments with trial and error.

  1. The last gif made me very happy, because that’s how it is when I try to describe Doctor Who. 🙂

  2. The one about the store’s song must be talking about Menards’ jingle that plays all day long. I don’t work there but even when shopping there the song goes off every 5 minutes or so. I imagine the employees must really get tired of it

    “When you spend money, you save big money, when you shop Menards”

  3. I have my own caption for the Matt Leblanc pic:

    When your normally reserved co-worker drops 3 or 4 f-bombs in maybe 30 seconds.

    I actually witnessed something to that effect recently.

      1. BAWHAHAHA!!!! Don’t you just love it when some pompous ass just completely blow it. *Anonymous* just do yourself a favour and shut the fuck up.

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