There is a Cat in This Photo (5 Pics)

These five pictures feature some well-hidden cats. Can you find them all? Don’t be afraid to ask for help in the comments. (via buzzfeed)

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12 responses to There is a Cat in This Photo (5 Pics)

    1. I found a cat in the first pic it’s on the bottom right on top of the white folded comforter on the floor by the pile of clothes he’s staring at you he’s a grey cat…

  1. #1: Bottom right, on top of white folded comforter/blanket.

    #2: Not sure, I think it’s the orange blob-thing behind the fence.

    #3: See the stack of rocks on the right? Cat is right in front of those rocks, sitting there, looking smug because he’s the same color as the rocks.

    #4: Middle of picture, left side, white cat walking down garbage.

    #5: I have no freaking clue. Clever cat.

    1. #5 – the cat is in the dead center of the picture, orange back with white on the bottom. He’s sneakin behind a few patches of long grass.

  2. Ok the second picture not sure but I think that’s it’s between the 5th ans 6th post from the left just his head is poking out….

    The third picture he is on the right where the rocks begin on the right side of the picture he’s a stripped cat kitty grey and black strips color but he’s there….man I just can’t find the kitty in the junkyard grrrrrrr

  3. EDIT: Pic #2: Cat is peering eerily at you through the top of the fence, 5 fence posts in from the left. Damn cat, you sneaky.

  4. AhHa!!!!!!!! found the last kitty in the junkyard……..left side of pic center he’s white and black!!! Now I can go back to finish my work…..

  5. I found them all except for the fourth picture, I’m not taking the time to sift through all of that clutter to find it.

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