20 Images That Can’t Be Unseen

Some of these will enlighten you, others will frighten you, and this one right here will ruin your childhood…





















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  1. I did a French to English translation and omelette du fromage is the cheese omelet in English and omelette au fromage is omelet with cheese in English but the cheese omelet translated to French is le fromage omelette. I know no one really cares I just thought I would say something.

    1. I thought your comment was informative & interesting! I am what my friends lovingly call a Grammar & Spelling Nazi because I am always correcting them on what they think are trivial points. I just feel that if you are going to say something, you ought to know exactly what you are talking about- and I am always open to learning new things, so it puzzles me when other people don’t care to learn anything new. That things they used to say on Schoolhouse Rock is true… Knowledge IS Power! haha 🙂 Alright, enough rambling on. Have a good day!

      1. “…rambling on”? I find that to be a bit redundant. I guess you could ramble off, but “enough rambling” gets the message across.

        Grammar Nazi II

      2. I’m a native French speaker and online translations are not always correct. The Dexter’s Laboratory version is wrong and the guy who posted this realization, is right.

      3. “That things they used to say…” If you’re going to be a “Grammar Nazi”, you can’t miss these things.
        -Grammar Nazi III

      1. No way, i’m french and cheese omelet is not omelette du fromage. that’s not even something you can say in french unless you don’t know how to speak.

    2. omelette au fromage is the only correct translation. omelette du fromage implies an omelette made entirely of cheese, i.e., with no eggs. fromage omelette means omelette cheese. online translators don’t work! 🙂

      1. an omelette made entirely of cheese is still a fucking cheese omelette in my book. Who cares if there’s no egg? If omlette du fromage means an entirely cheese omelette, then dexter was still right in some sense

        1. hhahahah crazy the silliness here. People don’t speak french but try to make sense of the most atrociously wrong grammatical phrase i’ve heard. Omelette du from age means “omelette of the cheese”. Now unless y’all mofuckers be trip pin on some shit i aint. Dat shit is worn

          1. Seriously, Bill? If that is “the most atrociously wrong grammatical phrase” you have ever heard, I would like to come live in your world.

    3. its omelette au fromage… online translators don’t work because they translate word for word, you can’t do that with languages because there are different sentence structures and rules that are specific to each language. I’ve been taking french for 7 years now, and as many other people have said, there is only one way to say it haha.

    4. This is because you can take away the cheese from the omelette, and still have an omelette. Versus something like “orange juice” which would be jus d’orange- utilizing the preposition “du” because the orange is an “indispensable” part of the juice; translating to “juice of/from orange” (because if you take away the orange, you don’t have juice). The “au” basically means “with” in this context, thus translating to “omelette with cheese”.

  2. Thanks bloodbound, you probably wont ever see this, but, I enjoyed your comment.
    Extra comma added for extra pause. Grammarnazis need not apply.

  3. The whole Fairly Odd Parents/Tron thing… does someone not realize that the original Tron movie was done in 1982…?

    1. Clear not the creator of the image. Which I find rather odd since I had seen Tron several times before Fairly odd parents came out. Plus Tron came out before I was born. Guess I must of had good parents then.

      1. I don’t think the point of that picture was trying to say that the show came out before the movie. I think it was just pointing out how old the show really is to make people who grew up with the show realize how long ago that was.

        1. If that was the case, they’d have picked any early episode. Clearly, they think that the Tron theme of that 11-year-old episode is significant, and the only reason they might think that is if they are under the impression that a movie based on Tron is a new thing.

          1. I’m gonna have to agree with Emmy, I don’t think the Tron part is significant. Ben, they probably just grabbed a random image of the show. You might be reading to much into it as far as the exact episode.

  4. Which show is being compared to The Magic School Bus? The kids who look like grown up versions are froooommmm…?

  5. This is one of the most idiotic lists I have ever seen. All you d-bags complaining about people that think Rowan Atkinson is not funny: GET A LIFE. Atkinson doesn’t know if you are alive or on fire. What do you care if others think your favorite comedians are funny? Concentrate your efforts on more worthy causes. Did I mention you are all DOUCHE BAGS? I now return you to your life of douche-baggery. Douche. Bags.


    1. Yeah, they need to get a life and concentrate on more worthy things, like screaming at people on the internet. That’s such a worthy way to live the life that you so obviously have.

  6. While Omelette DU Fromage is wrong, so is Omelette AU Fromage. Both are articles that include the article “The.” They mean “of the” (de + le = du) and “at the” (a + le = au). The correct translation would be Omelette de Fromage, which is pronounced basically the same as Omelette du Fromage. Therefore, Dexter’s Lab was correct.


    1. Actually du is correct because du is the partitive article meaning it is used to express some of something!

      1. how many of you fags rerally care about french grammar i dont even care about english grammar one day when the world is in shambles you will be killed for correcting such stupid things as grammar

        1. Perhaps, but meanwhile civilization has not fallen, and you are still an ignorant, uneducated homophobe. Good luck writing a resume.

          1. An “illiterate troglodyte” is one of my favorite phrases to use in such a situation.

  7. Hi!
    Just wanted to say, that the Actor from Back to the Future is VChristopher Lloyd.
    The one from Scrubs is Sam Lloyd.

    1. THANK YOU!
      That whole Christopher Lloyd didn’t make any sense, so I went through the comments to find a post for clarification and nearly gave up due to all the fucking comments about the Dexter’s Lab. pic. (you people ruined that for me memory for me)

  8. Rowan Atkinson is epic and he didn’t do that voice… it was what’s his name… the guy that did the Afflack goose thing.

    1. No, it was not Gilbert Gottfried. You’re thinking of Iago from Aladdin, which isn’t even close as far as Disney movies go, so congratulations on talking out of your ass.

    2. No, Zazu is voiced by Rowan Atkinson. You’re thinking of Iago from Aladdin, which isn’t even close as far as Disney movies go. If you don’t want to be wrong about this sort of thing, IMDB really helps.

  9. Ah come on, native French speaker here too. The pic above is right, it should be omelette au fromage, full stop.
    Omelette du fromage would only work if fromage was a country or area name.
    Omelette de fromage would be an omelette made entirely of cheese.
    Omelette avec du fromage would be fine, but why bother making it so long when you can simply say Omelette au fromage ?

  10. Only the internet would cause such a hubbub out of something so trivial as omelette au fromage vs omelette du fromage.

  11. I read all these comments to see if anyone c would see that damn gorilla!

    In the end after looking at the pic for ages I found it. You can see what looks like a gorilla’s face. In the water to the right inline with the arrow. I think the shadow from the sexy girl jumping is its eyes.
    Hope that helps

      1. What? It doesn’t look like a gorilla or a wookie. It’s clearly and obviously Michael Jackson. Or Michael Chicless. Sheesh you guys are blind.

  12. All of these comments are just arguing about Dexter. Haha, now we have French Grammar Nazis. I’ve taken four years of French and my guess is that maybe, maybe, “omelette du fromage” is slang, or the lazy but not proper way of saying it, and “omelette au fromage” is the proper way. If anything, it’s pretty close.

  13. these are really stupid. half of them either don’t make sense, aren’t funny or are so menial i am surprised anyone bothered to notice them.

    ‘omelette du fromage’ and ‘omelette au from age’ are basically the exact same thing anyway? both phrases make sense?

  14. Do any people from your generation have lives? Who cares about any of this? You actually find any of this remotely humorous? Holy fuck, go read a book or something.

    1. Poor guy… Don’t you have trivial memories and childhood. Kids in this generation are better even if they watch non-sense.

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