The Life and Times of Liz Lemon’s Hair

Flavorwire has put together a visual timeline of what Liz Lemon’s hair has looked like from birth until present day. Click through to see all the awkwardness…

uncut version of the infographic is here.

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4 responses to The Life and Times of Liz Lemon’s Hair

  1. Spencer on iCarly is absolutely hilarious. I really enjoy seeing some screen caps from him. Also, Spongebob. But i really don’t watch nickoldeon that much… I just babysat all summer…

    And let me just say that this is my favorite RSS feed. I bring my iPad everywhere just so i can read this every day. Keep it up.

    1. Cool, thanks for the feedback. I’ll do my best to bring you some more Spongebob and stuff! And WOW! Fave RSS feed!? You just made my day!

  2. I don’t recognize all the shows… I would like to see you identify the shows that you use, cuz I want to watch some of these things.

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