Best of the 1990s Problems Meme (24 Pics)

The 1990s was a special time in history with its own unique set of problems. Here’s a look back at all the hardships we had to endure for those 10 grueling years. (via quickmeme)


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    1. Gameboys don’t have a backlight. So you need a well lit room (or headlights from a car behind you) to see the screen.

      1. Oh, man…most of these hit me real deep. Nothing sucked worse than getting excited about a Happy Meal toy and being crushed by already having that toy. 🙁

        1. lol Yeah, But guess what me and my brother went to get the latest ones and we told the sales person we will only order IF you can let us have a toy of our own choice 😛 and we got the ones we wanted.
          I felt so good when the rest of the kids were complaining about theirs.

          P.S: we both are in our mid 20s. There are still few benefits of being a grown up and the negotiation skills.

      2. i understood it because of my experience of reading books in cars, even though i never played a gameboy i assumed it was talking about the same issue, hahaha.

  1. Bahahahaha. Yeah… so much all of this. I can’t even count how much time I wasted with that stupid TV Guide channel.

  2. I have a great sense of humor, and sometimes the silliest of stuff makes me laugh .. I didnt even crack a smile at any of these. What introverted geek wrote these?

    1. Then you must be having a bad day. Or your sense of humor actually does suck. Or you don’t understand these. Or you’re 12 and none of these would mean anything to you.

  3. If these are the things people worry about, no wonder the world is in such a mess – superficial, egocentric and boring.

  4. Lol relate to pretty much all of these. To add to the vh1 mtv flippin that terrible moment when u waited too long to flip and that song uve been waiting for for friggin hours is on the last line!

  5. Lol..though the last one is a copy of number fourteen (counting down from top)….wonder if they accidentally uploaded the wrong one…now I want to know what the one that would have went in the doubles spot would have

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