Your Daily Life in GIFs (7.16.12)

When you discover the Netflix DVD you’ve been waiting for is too scratched to play:

When the celebrity you wanted to win doesn’t win the award:

When you’re a kid and your mom says, “Bring me my purse, I’ll give you some money”:

When your friend is mad and you act like an idiot to cheer them up:

When you offer food to your friend and they decline so you’re all like, “More for me!”:

When you see a supposedly funny image that requires you to read more than three sentences:

When you find something at the store and it’s on sale:

When you’re talking about someone and they suddenly show up:

When you think you may have just heard the ice cream truck:

When someone you don’t get along with is suddenly nice to you:

When you use a revolving door:

When you hear that your friends got pizza without you:

When you were little and ate your vegetables because you were trying to get on ¬†your parents’ good side:

When you try to get out of bed in the morning:

When someone’s mad at you and you don’t know why:

When the doctor gives you a flu shot:

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