6-Year-Old Guesses Book Plots Based on Cover

Even though you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, Sunny Chanel was curious what her 6-year-old daughter would think the plots of popular books were simply by looking at them. Her answers are pretty entertainment. (via 22words)

11 responses to 6-Year-Old Guesses Book Plots Based on Cover

  1. Those were hilarious. “Fahrenheit 451” was my favorite…
    “So the robot must get very hot. Maybe that is why he is so sad.”

    Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  2. I loved the 50 shades one. it actually sounded better than the real book. i would definitely read a book about a zebra who wears pants!!

  3. Wow u have a kid who doesnt know anything, congrats- also who cares about the nonsensical babbling of a 6 year old w the intellegence of a 3 year old..

    1. You are also rather stunted intelligently. The kid is six. Not nine. Not even eight. Many of these books are too mature for a six year old. I mean the kid knows about Greek mythology — she mentions Daedalous in reference to the Ayn Rand book. Greek mythology won’t even be introduced in her formal education until she’s in about middle school (maybe even high school, depending). How can you insult a six year old when you can’t even type correctly formed sentences?

    2. That is just unnecessarily unkind. Why do you feel the need to insult a child? Of course a six year old is not going to have read any of those books, and unless you have, or are old enough to be exposed to references to them, how would you possibly know what they were actually about?

      I actually found this quite interesting, and am thinking of using it with my students as a study of how meaning is made, and how context and experience affects meaning. So, thank you for a new resource – and one I think many of my students will thoroughly enjoy!

    3. Troll. Don’t feed it.

      They live in dark places under bridges, being generally loathesome and cringeworthy. Clearly, during the course of playing “Go Fish”, Zebra Trousers found all the aces and won, leaving Unknown with a serious case of sour grapes.

  4. This is brilliant. I want to write a book about a very very hairy eagle who hangs out with fancy ladies. In fact, I’d like to be very very hairy eagle who hangs out with fancy ladies.

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