20 Bad Dogs Being Shamed With Signs

Dog Shaming is a blog that showcases bad dogs who have been forced to pose with a sign that has their misdeeds written on them. Here are the biggest offenders…

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228 responses to 20 Bad Dogs Being Shamed With Signs

  1. This is a horrible website. If you don’t like pets then don’t have one. Some of the comments are borderline abuse. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. I think it is just having fun. I love my pets and treat them with respect but i still would make a sign. I think you are taking it to a crazy level saying they shouldnt have pets.

        1. Too funny! My dogs do things that make me annoyed, like eating tissues, poop, socks, legos. I think these people are just blowing off a little steam. The best is when they fart and turn around very quickly to see where the sounds came from!

          1. when dogs fart it doesn’t make a noise because they don’t have butt cheeks. if your dog is making noises when it farts you might want to take it to the vet.

          2. I work in the pet business and I can tell you that plenty of dogs fart and make noise. The sound is from a sphincter muscle not “butt cheeks”. I have no idea what that guy is talking about.

          3. The exact reason I nicknamed my daschund “poot” because that’s what his farts sounded like. Too funny. And yes he would whip around to see where the sound came from. Gosh I miss him. RIP Brando.

          4. my boxer ate my tomato plant this summer and for a week he dropped stink bombs. It sounds like a long squeak then he leaves the room asap!!!

          5. Wow you have never had an english bulldog before have you? My dog farts so loud it wakes him up.. Bulldogs are the most relentless farters..

      1. They make great pics. My wife runs a dog shelter that houses and cares for all of the dogs that are dumped by their A%#**ole owners. We have many dogs at home and after seeing this I am considering joining in. They’re JUST FUNNY! Dogs do mischievous things and their owners are just having a bit of fun, why do people not get that? I have 2 dogs that are adorable but if they ripped the c!#p out of my sofa, if the worst I do is make a poster of that, does that mean I shouldn’t own a dog?

        1. You are so right… I love my pets but they do things like climb into my bed with muddy feet, rip my comforter, counter surf for snacks… and believe me they have it very good here. The signs are super funny! People need to have a sense of humor or don’t look!
          Thanks for the laughs!

      2. ya i think you need to relax and stop being an over sensitive crazy person. do you file frivolous lawsuits? it sounds like it.

      3. Most of these are very cute and funny, however, who calls their pet “bastard” or “asshole”?? That’s just a little over the top and not at all funny. Just my opinion.

        1. Also, people who hate or abuse dogs dont usually take the time to post pics of their pets bad or good. They usually neglect them all together. These pets are probably super loved and spolied rotten! Just enjoy a little humor and stop being so oversensitive about everything. I assure you no animals were harmed to make this post!

      1. You cannot just ignore abusive people. That’s like saying there are no men who hit their wives because you’re not looking at them do it. Once you know then you need to act and speak up about it. As I said I’ve seen cute “dog shaming” pictures where you can tell the people love their pets, but some of those dog shaming signs on this website where abusive. Don’t take your anger out on a pet.

    2. Abuse? The dogs can’t read it, I bet all these people love their dogs and are just posting these signs to be funny. If they really hated their dog do you really think that they would make light of the situation their dog did? No, i doubt it.

    3. You need to get back to your own little over-protective world and leave the grown ups alone. Nothing bad going on here except for your intolerant attitude. I suggest you acquire a sense of humor. These signs are hilarious.

    4. “I am more stupid than a puke eating dog, because I got angry over these pictures.”

      Can you write that on a sign and pose with it for a picture?

    5. Chill Tiffany
      Not one fk was given by anyone of these animals…
      I found it rather funny, and it gave me a few ideas for some signs for my naughty pit bull.
      Love these 🙂

    6. Could you take life a little more seriously. The dogs have no idea. If you have ever owned a pet you can understand they can be frustrating as hell sometimes but you still love then and care for them.

    7. Lighten up and have a sense of humor. How is this “borderline abuse”? The dogs aren’t being physically harmed in any way, and it’s not like they know how to read.

      You should be ashamed for being so dense.

    8. I agree- and many of them need to go to the vet – or be let our of their crates or exercised or fed more or better food or walked- the one with the fat pig girl bending over a terrified tan dog is horrifying
      this is animal abuse- a few are funny but most bespeak horrible owner

      1. So let me get this straight it’s ok to call a person a “fat pig girl” but it’s not ok to call a dog an asshole?! I got news for you lady, you can call your dog a fucking retard and as long as you say it in a loving happy voice it will fucking wag it’s tail. You should get hip to what real animal abuse is, twit.

        1. I think that the signs have hints to US how childish the OWNERS are. Correct, the dog knows not what the sign sayeth. But I maintain that the owners who write angry things should stop to consider their part in their pet’s behavior. You don’t see ceasar milan’s dogs on this site, now do you?

          1. You are the only one sounding angry….
            And I and my dog…..sayeth…..that you need to lighten up and love people AND animals.

        2. You hit it right on the nose that its abuse to call them assholes but at the same time it’s ok to call that girl fat pig girl and worst she can read and understand what you wrote.

      2. Every dog needs a good beating to let it know it’s place even when the dog doesn’t do anything bad. By the way, dogs should be kept outside, the only time allowed inside the house should be when they are coming off the grill with BBQ sauce, yum.

        1. Tool. Are you saying that because you have a tiny penis, you have to beat a dog to let it know who’s boss? What an absolute wanker. I suspect somebody is so insecure that beating up a pet is the only way you can prove you’re a ‘man’?

          If you do beat up dogs to show them who’s boss, I hope you get a taste of that, and somebody beats you up for no reason.

          We hope you don’t have kids, either. And if so, pity be to the woman who is stupid enough to hook up with an A+ loser like you.


          1. I find it hilarious how easy it is to write something and piss people off. Maybe if people had any intelligence what so ever they would stop and realize someone is writing this just to get a reaction lol

    9. It’s just plain fun, all the notes are true of what 99% of all dogs too, and a lot of these cats are guilty of doing also. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, I love them more than life it self! It’s just pointing out their flaws, I’m sure you do this with humans all the time!

      1. Its not just borderline abuse its 120% full on abuse these people should have thier pets taken away and give to somebody who apurciates them really

    10. You should report this post to the ASPCA. And then you should post what their response is.

      I could use a good laugh.

    11. If you think making a sign to say what your dog did that was bad, then just imagine the people that didnt make a sign and hit or beat their dog instead. This is in good fun and my guess is that you have never had a pet before, or yours are perfect because they are stuffed and never do anything bad.

    12. You’re a moron. There’s people starving to death in Africa (hell, even in your own town) and you think this is abuse?

    13. I think you’re just an over sensitive idiot. None of the comments listed above come remotely close to borderline abuse. I’m pretty sure they we’re finding a way to turn a bad situation in which abuse may have ensued into a fun and funny one. So no I’m sure them not liking they’re pets is the case I think you’re comment is out of line and unneeded they’re isn’t anything wrong with this website i’m pretty sure it’s just you.

    14. “This is a horrible website. If you don’t like pets then don’t have one. Some of the comments are borderline abuse. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.”

      Is this for real? LOL

    15. Abuse? These pet owners should feel ashamed? Whaaaat? I doubt even PETA would have a problem with this. People are loving their dogs… these are FUNNY, people who love their animals. There’s no pictures of people kicking dogs here – lets get a reality check, please.

      1. SHAME is an emotion based on a reasoning mind. You can’t abuse a dog by shaming him. People who hate animals don’t post silly images of them, these signs are mostly cute things dogs do that make us roll our eyes but all these owners still love their animals. They love them enough to post pictures on the internet of their charming misdeeds.

    16. ur retarded. everyone who has a pet makes fun of them sometimes but obviously still loves them. u have no sense of humor and must be the most uptight person ever. get that stick out of ur ass.

    17. Really?! Haha. You take life too seriously. You really think this is abusive to the dogs?! You have no sense of humor. This is hilarious. The dogs did bad. What else can you do but laugh about it. Get a life

    18. Tiffany, it shows just how stupid dogs really are. It also shows how dumb their owners are when they desperately try to use signs to pretend the dogs are “thinking” those human thoughts. Of course they may know they don’t, but the fact that they feel compelled to use signs is more stupid than it is funny. As for harming animals, that I’d never do. If you get a pet, love it. However, my suggestion is not to buy a stupid one to begin with. And being that 95% of dogs are incredibly stupid, it just goes to show. Destroying their owners property, pooping on everything, barking at everything from parked cars to the wind, to sun coming up show they are one of the dumbest creatures in existence. Please don’t bother telling me about the smart dogs (under 5%) that are out there. Most of them are practically retarded. I mean, you have this animal that is so dumb you must feed it or it dies. It can not behave, so it must be put on a leash. It poops on everything. A cat on the other hand is far more intelligent. They can think for themselves and show they are independent rather than dependent. They rarely destroy property, and won’t bark at your neighbors, making you look like a fool. They don’t need a leash, and could get their own food if needed. They also have double the brain neurons of a dog, and it shows. Either way. Love whatever pet you get. But again, avoid buying stupid ones, like dogs….

      1. You’re incredibly small-minded. To claim that a species of animal is stupid simply because you do not think like it, is ignorance in its purest form. I have three dogs and each one of them surprises me every day with their ingenuity and ability to learn. Like children, dogs raised by humans take on the characteristics of their ‘parents’. Maybe you should turn around and take a good look at yourself before chastising dogs in general.

        Have you ever considered that cats and dogs are different animals and therefore cannot be compared to one another?

        Have you ever considered that you could be falsely assuming that the independence of a cat makes it intelligent? Much like we’ve falsely assumed that your ability to use a keyboard makes you a compassionate human?

    19. I will try to break this to you gently, dogs can’t read. They don’t even know how to turn on the computer, let alone find this web site. It’s all in fun. I have two pugs and they do crazy stuff all the time, I have never posted anything, but I sure think this stuff is funny. So lets all kick the dog and spit in the fire and enjoy life. Just kidding about kicking the dog, but mine do look like little footballs.

    20. Oh wow……dramatic much? Abuse? Wow, seriously. They are dogs, they can’t read what is being said. I think someone needs to learn how to take a joke.

    21. I understand what you mean. Most of it is funny – but why would you use bastard and asshole for your dog…. that’s just weird and so many levels of inappropriate. the owners sound angry – i just hope they didn’t abuse their beautiful babies in any other way

    22. I’ve seen cute “dog shaming” pictures where you can tell the people love their pets. Some of those dog shaming signs on this website where abusive. One called their dog a really bad name. It makes you wonder how they treat their dog and if they understand normal dog behavior. If you get that mad over the things dogs do then you should not have one in your family. Don’t take your anger out on a pet.

    23. Tiffany needs a sign that reads, “I scroll through entire sites that annoy me, because I do not have any sense of humor, then bother to complain about them in comments. I’m stupid and forget animals can’t read.”

    24. They are hilarious. Clearly these dogs are very well loved despite all the silly bad things they do. I see no signs of abuse here. Lighten up and laugh like the owners are doing and they are the ones that have to deal with the mess and the stink.

    25. My god shut the fuck up. It’s a fun way to show that you love your pets. I do this all the time in snap chats and I’m obsessed with my dog. We do everything together, he goes everywhere with me. ABUSE? Are you kidding me? Do dogs read forums now? Dogs react when we discipline them. Saying bad dog will make them cower. Grow the fuck up. You people make me sick. Fucking care bear. You cant do anything in this world now days with out someone crying about it.

  2. Get over it, Tiffany. It’s not like they can read…lmao. It’s FUNNY! I’d rather someone sign-shame their dog than yell and scream or hit them…good grief. Just silliness is all it is.

    1. bet my life they not only yell and scream – but they cower in terror and are hit- Tiffiany is dead on and dogs are really sensitive- the tone does enough- terrorizing animals is not cool – unless you too are insensitive

      1. Yeah…. that’s not true. My dog cowers like that whenever she does something wrong, and I don’t yell at her or berate her at all. She just knows it’s a no-no, so she looks guilty. There are other times when I come home and I have no idea that she did anything but she starts scuttling around like that and won’t go into whatever room it is that she’s made a mess in. My other dog reacts completely differently, and shows no sign that he understands anything he did was wrong (even though he totally knows). It depends on the dog.

        1. Actually, anonymous, your dog *doesn’t* know when “she’s done something wrong” because dogs don’t have the same perception of right and wrong that humans have. If she appears to be acting ‘guilty’ when you get home, it’s because she associates you arriving home with something bad i.e. you being cross at a mess she’s made. You don’t have to yell at her when you get home for her to pick up on this – dogs *are* very sensitive and will pick up on any negative reaction you have when you get home. They can’t however link your reaction with what they’ve done while you’re out. This is basic canine psychology.

      2. Are you a dog trainer? Have you studied dogs? To what do we owe this great enlightenment?

        You are an idiot. Dogs need a way to understand when they were bad. How else are they going to learn right from wrong? I dont scream, I dont yell, but my dog knows when I’m talking to him in the “Bad Boy” voice, and dogs cower to show submission. It’s their way of acknowledging your dominance.

  3. Oh come on, for the one about pooping in the owner’s bed. It’s an old dog. It’s going to have no control over its bowel movements. That one made me sad. Don’t shame old dogs for things they can’t control.

    The rest were pretty funny.

    1. I would like to know how you know the age of that dog, is it yours? NO? Shut the front door! You don’t actually know that dog! It could be 15 or it could be six and a photo on instagram or that has been edited, you guys are over reacting. Tools

  4. With the Mockingbird one, don’t the know that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird since they’re innocent (If anyone didn’t get that reference, READ A BOOK! Or watch the movie, both are good.)

  5. I agree with Tiffany. I didn’t find this funny at all. Give your pets to REAL animal lovers and do the animal a favor, please. sad.

    1. I like to come to your house, eat and chew anything and everything, poop in your bed and afterwards scoot my poopy butt on your carpet while peeing, farting and burping and last hump every stuffed toy, because you’re real dog lover.

    2. It is so sad that some people are so easily offended. It is a JOKE and the dogs aren’t being beaten or killed. It is a SIGN. A sign the dog cannot read! You are the type of people that is killing America! So over sensitive that everything is being banned!

  6. This is too cute! I love it! Don’t be so sensitive people! Good owners take the time to share their pets, good and bad!

  7. REALLY?! people can be so dramatic lol
    these owners are just having a bit of fun! theres no way this could be considered abuse! its cute and its funny and I like it 🙂

  8. God, these are lame. They aren’t even SLIGHTLY clever/funny and reek of pompous self-indulgent morons getting off at their pets’ expense.

  9. My god some people are so overly sensitive, I absolutely love animals and would never do anything to intentionally harm one, this is just straight up funny silliness and in my opinion one of the funniest ways I’ve ever seen a dog disciplined. Dogs are like children, you can love them to death but if they fuck up they still have to be punished, I hope none of you up tight assholes screaming abuse ever have children, I’m sure they’ll be spoiled brats.

  10. Dear tiffany. its called a joke. look it up. you assume that because a sign is put up beside the dog that the owners dont look after theyre pets properly? FYI animals cant read

  11. You people who think these dogs know or care what the signs say are clearly too stupid or crazy to own a dog. I’m surprised you can read! Anyone who loves their dog loves them bad habits and all. No one without a sense of humor should own a dog…or a cat, either, for that matter. Get a pet rock, or a chia pet. And shut up.

  12. Dogs cannot read, neither are they capable of embarrassment. Anyone who calls this animal abuse is deluded and has never owned a dog. Call your proctologist and schedule an appointment…it seems your head is stuck.

  13. You people who believe these dogs know, or even care, what the signs say are clearly too stupid or crazy to own a dog! I am surprised YOU can read. Anyone who loves their dog loves them no matter what, and what’s wrong with joking about it? Plenty of dogs are in shelters now because their owners DIDN’T have a sense of humor! Anyone who cannot laugh at their dog shouldn’t own one, and while I realize your intentions are good, I recommend a nice, boring rock, or maybe a chia pet, for you.

  14. Oh sweet mother of Obama ….Scott and Tiffany, you can love animals and still recognize they do gross, destructive things.

    1. If you don’t have a sense of humor you sure as hell shouldn’t have any pets! Lighten up folks. I laughed at almost all of these – mostly because at one time or another, at least one of my dogs did it!

  15. I agree with most people on here…I’m a vet tech and own 2 dogs and a new kitten. It’s light-hearted fun. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never seen a dog that is able to read…don’t anthropomorphize your animals. Just love them for what they are. Besides, it’s better than physical abuse.

  16. Hilarious and kind of cute! I love my dog and I hate everyone who can’t laugh at this. Lighten up you prudes. This is not cruel in any way, shape or form.

  17. Just look at most of the dogs ears, they are not happy animals. The signs should be attached to the owners, after all, dogs will adapt to your training. Some people think dogs should understand what they have not been taught. I agree whole-heartedly with Tiffany.

    1. this is fucking ridiculous and humiliating for our furry friends. i can’t believe humans posted these signs…there is no humour in this at all…[email protected]$%!! get real people – our furry friends can’t speak for themselves….stupid!!!!

    2. Have you ever walked up on a dog doing something bad? They immediately look like that! It’s a guilty look. Not a scared look. As in “Oops….they saw me”, not “My owner just hit me”.

      1. Actually dogs don’t experience “guilt” as we call it, because they can’t make the link between what’s happening in the present with something that has happened in the past, so that slight cowering you’re seeing in the photos is not ‘guilt’. Look up ‘anthropomorphism’: it’s what you and a lot of people in these comments are doing! I don’t think any of the dogs in these photos look really really scared tho, maybe just slightly freaked by something odd going on. The only one that really made me cross was the really fat dog with the sign listing all the crap her owner feeds her – that owner needs to realise what they’re doing to their dog’s quality of life/health by cramming her full of junk food.

        1. Uh Huh, that’s why my friend’s dog only fails to greet her when he’s stolen a pot off the stove, not every time she walks in the door. They may not feel guilt, but they do know misbehaving means a time out in the kennel. All animals can connect their actions with a reaction. Little children are the same way. All humans are little sociopaths until about 10 years old, and the only thing they understand is “oh, if I do this, this happens.” Just like other animals. Because, guess what, people are animals too.

        2. I agree with Chalice about cramming that fat dog full of junk food, it isn’t right.
          But I believe what the owner was trying to do was go:

          “I wrote this angry sign ’cause I thought it’d be cute,
          but believe me, my dog is spoiled and happy and I wouldn’t do a thing to starve it.

          Please don’t call me an animal abuser.”

  18. I almost cried laughing at these photos! Do you really think the dogs know what the sign says? All they know is they have to sit still for a minute and look at you while you take a picture. And they probably got a treat for it!

  19. HAHAHAHA. I ate my owners sandwich. I’m a complete bastard. haha. Betcha it tasted good and was unattended; for a dog that jumps vertical 150 feet.

  20. All this does is remind me how funny my dog is. Like fart when we are watching a movie. HORRIBLE!LOL

    Oh on Tifffany…you should have been a blowjob

  21. To everyone calling this abuse,ur idiots.sorry but get a life.this is a funny joke.my dog could care less if I put a sign by him and took a pic.he knows he is loved and a part of this family and that’s all. He cares about!

  22. awww..

    i need to take one picture of my dog with a sign that reads: “I eat the pizza slice from my owners while they’re eating and they don’t even notice”
    My dog, she’s like a freaking ninja..

  23. Some of you need to get off your high horse before you hurt yourself. The dogs that “look scared” have the same look my cats, and several friends’ dogs, have when they know they did something they shouldn’t have. They give you that pathetic look, then as soon as your back is turned, the do it again. My cats could get away with so much if they didn’t get that guilty look on their face. When I see that look, I know I better go looking for destruction.

  24. Abuse?!?!?!? Seriously, my guess is every dog pictures enjoyed the time & attentioned from their “people” while the photos were being taken. My baby is a yellow lab just under two years of age. I love her more than words can express, but sometimes she does things that drive me crazy….but it doesn’t make me love her any less. While I haven’t gone so far as to make her a sign of shame…she has been called on with photo evidence of her crimes on Facebook, with friends and family and a few choice guilty pictures of her with the “evidence” hang on my bulletin board in my office (the chewed up debit card is my fav)- everyone thinks its funny and that I can see the imperfection in an otherwise perfect creature. Those who can’t take the joke likely freak out over a little bit of dog hair or being “kissed” by a furry person who can also lick their own butt… CHILL!!!!

  25. This blog completely made my day!
    All these dogs are obviously loved despite their cheeky habits, so its not cruel in the least bit!!
    For the record my dogs sign would say ‘I think its okay to eat my own poop and then breath in your face…’
    Brilliant blog, very creative!

  26. AH HA HA HA HA ….. the pictures made me giggle ….. the comments made me split a gut ….. oh you people are hilarious! BTW I also have a pom who humps everything in sight and I guarantee next time I see her doing that (although it’s hilarious it itself the way she hops around on her stuffed Pooh) I will break out into utter gut wrenching laughter and I may even post a little sign by her side and take a picture :0

  27. Everyone who is posting about how cruel this is must have been born without a sense of humor and werent candidates for transplantation.

    I appreciate that your lack of humor has made it impossible for you to get jokes and therefore cant get along with humans, and therefore only get along with dogs, and therefore you have 300 dogs in your house that eat food out of your mouth and piss and crap all over your house and all…


  28. What is next for these poor animals…WATERBOARDING? It must be tough to be a dog. Lie around all day, piss where you want, hump everything. I don’t know why suicide rates for dogs aren’t higher. Especially these poor animals. I bet they all put a gun in their mouth and tried to pull the trigger but couldn’t since they don’t have thumbs.

  29. I find them funny, and if there is any “terrified” faces, or any other emotion on the dogs face like it, it could very well be because they are feeling guilty. Dogs aren’t stupid, a lot of them know when they do something naughty…they just don’t give a fuck. I see perfectly healthy dogs, that made some bad decisions. If their humans decided to make a bad situation funny, good for them. It’s better than being peeved about it.


    This is the funniest website I’ve seen all year!

    I totally relate with these scenarios. Every dog owner should see this!

  31. Most of these are funny. Some of them bother me because of the dogs body language especially the tan dog. But most of them are hiliarious, where the dogs are like”what did I do”

  32. its not abusive , but it still isnt that funny either…… what would be funny is if the pets could write about what their owners do that they should’nt be doing!

  33. I found a couple of them really funny – “I fart under the covers” – and a couple of them really not, like the obese dog that has the sign listing all the crap her owner feeds her, they should be ashamed. And the one about the dog who chews carpets when left alone – the owners should be sorting out their dog’s anxiety/boredom, not making unfunny signs about it for the internet.

    What bothers me almost more than some of the pictures is some of the comments on here, and I don’t mean the lame ones from lame people who think this is animal abuse. I mean the ones that are full of anthropomorphism i.e. “that’s a dog’s guilty look”. These comments just illustrate how little humans understand dog behaviour and psychology, despite the thousands of years we’ve lived alongside them.

    1. Chalice please STFU with your dog knowledge BS. I want to see you Tiffany and that other dumb a$$ Danielle with a dog collars on with notes next to your heads saying “look at me I’m a dumb ass Internets troll”

  34. Tiffany, Scott, other idiots thinking this is abuse..please specify why this is abusive? You telling us its abusive is not a well supported argument. Please, oblige us.

  35. Ok, mixed feeling here.. Some signs were funny, I will give all you “Thunbs-up People” that much.. But seriously, think about it for a minute. As much as these “Great” and “Fantastic” pet owners are, this really is cruel and unusual punishment. It says so in the paragraph explaining what these photos are, and I quote *clears throat* “Dog Shaming is a blog that SHOWCASES BAD DOGS who have BEEN FORCED to pose with a sign that has their misdeeds written on them.” Just look at the faces of 90% of those dogs, you can see the sadness in their eyes. They have no sense of wrong from right and FORCING them to pose next to or wearing signs that call them ‘bastards’ or ‘assholes’ is being cruel and yes, borderline abusive to them. Anyone who thinks otherwise can choke on a fucking dick. Grow up and be a fucking responsible adult. People can still make funny signs with their pets but they don’t have to have them look scared and ashamed, some animals just do shit out of habit because they are just that, ANIMALS. I love my dogs and would never ever yell at them, hit them, make them cower, and most importantly I would NEVER make FORCEFULLY pose them with a sign that calls them names. It may not be a physical abuse, but it’s still abuse.

    1. Forcing a dog is seen as abuse??? So really your saying every time I make my dog sit and stay with her supposedly sad face it’s abuse?

  36. The pictures were pretty funny, but im wondering are people exercising their dogs? Might be a problem solver!!

  37. I have to do this! It’s gonna be fun, there is so much I put on a sign with my little pup….she likes doing so many things she shouldn’t. Awesome idea and it’s not animal abuse, people should have a look at RSPCA’s abuse photos, that’s abuse, this isn’t abuse.

  38. maybe the dogs should make signs saying things like my stupid owner didn’t walk me so i had to poop inside or my stupid owner leaves the trash where i can get it and it’s full of dangerous items… the dog that is by the i pee on everything sign is obviously cowering.

    some are funny, some are just plain ignorant.

  39. Did you think about your dog scouting it’s poopy butt on the carpet because it’s anal glands are all plugged up? Otherwise these are hilarious. c:

  40. Hey guys, it’s called trolling. And how easily you all bit on it. Also, a dog should be appluaded for eating a Herman Meliville novel, not shamed. Booooooooring.

  41. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about the entire experience I just had reading the blog and then the following comments. I am not sure that I would call the sign shaming ‘abuse’, but I’m not sure I completely enjoyed it either. I think some of the signs were funny…it is interesting though, not every picture illustrates this by any means, but the dogs that are cowering with a scared look on their face did bother me a bit. I also found it interesting that when people spoke up about feeling uncomfortable, they were then shamed and rediculed. I’ve read all the comments which included calling people idiots, assoholes, stupid, dumb ass, etc. I’m not so sure why so harsh…I think people are entitled to their feelings on this one either way. I have two dogs and have learned a lot from them. They absolutely do take on the feelings of their owners. They know much less then we think they do, they are not deliberately being ‘bad’ per se, but they do know when we (humans) think they are bad. They are extremely perceptive. It has helped me to behave in a more calm/rational way, and their behavior has very much improved….win/win!! Bottom line is that I hope we can all be kinder to ourselves and eachother (and our animals)…. 🙂 I suppose you all think I sound lame, yes? 😉

    1. “They absolutely do take on the feelings of their owners.”
      No, they’ve evolved to make you think that so you’ll give them more food.

    2. You sound awesome! You could not have said it better. I don’t understand why people are so mean to each other on here and use such nasty words. So I guess I might be lame too!

  42. Friggen people and their friggen dogs. If you’re not prepared to train it well enough and give it enough attention that it won’t eat your used tissues or whatever, don’t get one. Above all, THE DOG IS NOT YOUR CHILD, YOU ARE NOT ITS MOM OR DAD!

  43. Most of these are more like: “Look what a moron pet owner I am. I don’t teach my dogs to correct their behaiviour!” “I don’t bother to house-train them!” “I am certainly not the Alpha in the house!” …. And farting? Burping? Feeding your dog Cheese, Chicken, BACON??? On top of their kibble??? Wow!! You, are, a, grade “A” DIPSTICK!! You’re going to kill your pet with disbetes, heart + stroke issues, joint issues, etc. …. Ok, ok they, are, funny too.

  44. Don’t get MAD at your animals for being animals!! I thought the photos & most of he signs hilarious. Having lived with animals for more than 20 yrs I have experienced all of the mentioned except a dead bird.

  45. I loved the pictures, I love my dogs. If my dogs didnt mess my stuff up every once in a while I would think they didnt love me anymore!

  46. First of all, dogs CANNOT read you idiots. As for the look on most of their faces, it’s because of the camera. It depends on the dog. My shepherd sees the camera and he gets the whole ASPCA commercial look to his face, my other dog however sees a camera and literally will pose for it. She loves it! This isn’t abuse. It’s some lighthearted fun. The dogs don’t give a shit about the sign they have. We’ve got bigger problems if you’re all getting your panties in a twist because a sign said “Bastard” on it. GROW.UP. Not one of these people would bother taking a picture if they were real animal abusers. “Let me take a quick happy snap and then i’ll kick the shit out of her” was NOT a thought going through their minds. Learn to laugh a little folks. You’ll love longer.

  47. Hey everyone, dont worry about what other people say…..just enjoy the hilarious signs!! The look on some of those dogs faces is priceless. I do hope they got cuddles after though. Lol

  48. The animals don’t know what they did was wrong, just that their owners are pissed at them for something, & by the look of some of them are expecting a beating.

    So yeah, let’s make an animal cower in fear so we can hang signs on it for internet memes. Not all of the web is populated by Dorks but internet memes are something created by nerdy, inferieror, cringe-worthy “Hipsters” who generally have very little talent so come up with cheap & nasty “memes” which a three year old could make, ranging from very badly drawn “lols” or “trolls” to getting photos (most likely not even theirs) & adding text to them (see above).

    The ‘humor’ is in seeing the irony of nerdy hipsters making memes out of people who can’t train their pets properly, so it looks like the joke is on people, not animals.

    Now, can we ban all the talentless memes from the web? Some of them are funny but it’s all stuff we’d say in the coffee break. Who in their right mind doodles this rubbish & goes to all that effort, to publish… rubbish?

  49. I have 3 dogs, a 110lb German Shepherd and two 8lb Maltese girls. I love my “kids” tremendously but all 3 have had their fair share of destructive streaks. This site is funny not offensive. Believe me if my dogs had thumbs and could write they would have a website call “human shaming.” Have a sense of humor and get a grip.

  50. Haha…I think this post is hilarious…These people are just having a bit of fun and blowing off steam. If they aren’t hurting their pets or scaring them then just let it go and laugh at it. I love my yorkie but he is bizarre and sooo bad at times. To think a 3lb yorkie can be so bad lol. Most of the time it is hilarious but then it can get annoying so I would definitely make a sign. Gotta love it and laugh. Good owners will let it go and keep loving them…So all the up tight people get over it.

      1. My mum had a cat named Shithead.
        He was a spoiled brat of a cat too.
        I love how the people (the same ones who are telling us we’re anthropomorphizing animals) are saying that calling your dog a bastard is wrong.

        Dogs don’t understand English.
        They don’t know that ‘Bastard’ is a bad word.

        And who’s to say that the person even yells at their dogs anyway?

  51. These pics are GREAT!!! So hilarious!
    But for those saying this is somehow abuse, let me point out a few things:
    First, all of the animals are photograhped indoors, most all are on the owners plush furniture, or comfy-looking dog beds, and all are at very exceptable and ideal body weights. All of the dogs had nice coats and skin, clear eyes and many/most looked happy and in nice homes. For the few that looked “scared or sad” I attribute that to being afraid of the camera-my dogs all hate the camera and will crouch down in that position when I bring it out. All the behaviors probably could be corrected simply by giving them more exercise/longer walks. Most of the behavior seems to be out of boredom, IMO.

  52. This a terrible way to punish these animals;when they do NOT attack the meaning of why the person they love “unconditionally” is mad at them !!! Shame on you , you are idiots ! Give them them to someone who will Love Them
    Unconditionally !

  53. Pretty funny, out dogs are our kids and they do funny stuff. Only over the top one I saw was where the dog clearly looked scared, think the sign said “I like peeing on everything”. That dog was clearly scared.

  54. First, you have to understand that the dogs did not actually write the notes. Next, if you did not laugh at these you clearly do not own a dog.

  55. Tiffany… you must be american. I want a picture of you with a sign saying :
    “I have no sense of humour” – SHAMEFUL!!!!! fight for a decent cause, you old bag.

    1. Wait! Wait! Why must she be American????????? I’m American…and I have a sense of humor and was completely amused by these pictures!!!!! Don’t go assuming all Americans are idiots and lack sense of humor(or sense at all)!!! There are plenty of other people from other countries who lack intelligence to see humor in something like this! Don’t bring me down because of a few others.

  56. Wow anyone getting mad at these needs to get a grip. These are made to be funny, if it’s the cussing you don’t like, pretend it says something else, some of us are adult enough to handle profanity and even find it funny . This isn’t hurting the animal at all get over it.

    1. I AGREE WITH MY FELLOW DOGGIE PALS…were silly and this human person
      needs to chill , maybe thats what your problem is you just have no fun in your life,,,,
      I once put a sign in my owners car that said,,,i missed the garage door agian.
      bark bark,,,,,,,

  57. I don’t think anyone here recognized the appeasement, stress and displacement signals that most of these dogs are displaying. Many of these dogs look miserable and terrified. What are their owners doing that made them look this way? Making your dog look this scared is NOT in good fun. Not to mention many of the things the dogs are allowed to do are downright dangerous. Many of the signs suggest ongoing, un-addressed behavioral or health problems.

    “What Really Prompts The Dog’s ‘Guilty Look'” You people should really look into this study to see why dogs look guilty, and what the look really is.

    1. The link you gave is not to the study. The name of the study is: “Disambiguating the “guilty look”: Salient prompts to a familiar dog behaviour”.

    2. Really…

      These people care enough about their friends (dogs) to post a pic in good humor. i’ve seen the horrors man can do to beasts…. these pooches seem very loved. No one is a perfect dog owner…. I know myself, that my two boxers HATE being photographed, while my little one will pose at any chance. But I’m still human and I want photos of it all…

      What I’m say is that some of these dogs were just camera shy….. NOT ABUSED…..

  58. I think these are cute and funny. My husky does silly stuff like this. She enjoys drinking out of the toilet when we are gone even though she has a full water bowl. She also thinks its fun to grab stuff off of the counter when no one is looking. Our husky is one of are children and gets all the love in the world.

  59. LOL @ Adam !
    pics were funny, comments were alarming!
    abuse? really?
    I schutzhund train my purebred GSD and if I don’t “work” her on a regular basis, she gets “rusty” and will not be on-target as much with commands.. remember these are Animals who primarily go on instinct, not reason.
    I agree with the poster who said many of these behaviors can be corrected with modification, exercise, etc..
    But posting pics of dogs with signs .. ?? Genius !
    Thanks for the laughs ..

  60. Wow! I wish I would’ve been sent this link days ago. My sign would have said,
    “My sweet, loving mommy sewed my sisters and I some new dog beds for our cages. Oh! mine was soooo comfy and soft….untill I had the crazy shits all over it.”

    Yep. First night she slept on it. Was I upset?…a little. Did I puke in my mouth?… a little. Did I get mad at her? Not at all…I felt bad that I didn’t know until morning that she was sick, so I sewed her a new one. Would I have posted a silly pic of her?……yes! Because, laughter is the best medicine for whatever ails you or makes you want to puke in your mouth….a little. LOL

    Poopy (the latest nickname for our Boxer) has a few words for you all….

    1. Dogs can be assholes. We do bad things and we know when we are. Really, wee know, oh yes, wee know…. (puppies are a dif story)

    2. Have any of you negative nancy’s watched “America’s funniest home videos”? If so, I’m suprised you haven’t called DCFS. Lighten up and laugh a little… you’ll live much longer lives.

    3. We’re super lucky (my dog fam and I) … our people work at home, so we’re not alone or in our crates for a long time, except for down time and nithy-night time. But… do we still find time for mischief? Heeeellls Yaaaa! We really like to start a riot when our owners are humping like dogs around noon or trying to clean the house…it’s too funny. They get so mad….

    4.We’re all well fed good dog food around here…. but my sister… GAWD! Can she fart! ( loud!) And its one of those lingering farts that follow you around the room…ya, you know what I’m talking about. ewe…..

    5. I HATE CAMERAS! I don’t know why…it may be a past life thing or something, but they Freak me out! My mom & dad have to sneak around to get cute photos of us. ( you’re alway cute, luv ma) OMG, ma….let it go… Anypoo, this may be why some doggies look upset in thier pics.

    6. Could my people have trained us better? Maybe…. Could wee have trained them better? Most difint…… But we both love eachother and can laugh at one another. And this is the most important leason to learn.

    Poopy has spoken…..

  61. Hello, I am a student trying to make a webpage with information about Dog Shaming for one of my classes. (I will not be making any type of money.) Would it be okay if I used some of the images on this page as examples of dog shaming if I credit them to your webpage? Please get back to me ASAP. -Zivi

  62. Anyone saying taking pictures like this is abuse should go jump off a bridge, because you are a fucking retard and the human race will progress better without you.

  63. Some of these were funny pics. Some of the dogs looked sad and scared. All of these pics reflect the dog owners are lazy dog owners that don’t train their dog very well. I have owned a dog for seven years and never have these kind of issues. Calling your dog an asshole and a bastard just shows how lame the owners are and I would hate to hear what they call their children. Commenters that belittle others and call them horrible names are showimg how ignorant, uneducated, and cowardly they are. I bet they wouldn’t talk like this to people on a face to face basis.

  64. I think these are so cute. Only true dog owners can relate to this stuff. People…your dog is a dog..dont make them into little humans. The pics I see with dogs in tutu’s and halloween costumes…thats a sick person.

  65. This is offensive and incredibly abusive. Not funny, because the tone of the notes, implies that once the picture was taken, there was yelling and worse. There are dogs with their ears back and cowering. Disgusting. My dog humps the cat, and my other dog eats anything I DON’T PICK UP. Owners are responsible for their animals actions….NOT the other way around.

    1. I wouldnt trust some of these people with a chia pet.

      Sometimes its the humans should be spayed or neutered.

      Dont be quick to label as a fool a person who sees what others do not, it may turn out they have the best eyes in the village.

      And Where is Ceasar Millan when you need him?

      1. You do have the best eyes in the village! Well said! Completely agree! The prize shame goes to the human race, not the animals!

  66. Honestly, my biggest mistake is reading the user comments on a blog or website. Everyone is so bloody crazy.

    Also, I’ve never raised my voice, and certainly not a hand to my dogs, I feed them the correct amount of food and no junk, and one of my little mutts still does naughty things like Velociraptor the food off the kitchen table. He then immediately gets “shame face.” …And I agree with an above comment, He also gets shame faced when I take out my camera. Any unknown object makes him uncomfortable. Especially when he’s just tried to nip the rotisserie chicken.

    If you are uncomfortable by these pictures, that’s fine, objection noted and respected. But I really feel that there is a strong line between writing that your dog is an asshole, and abusing your dog. I think the comments are just going way too far.

    1. As long as the Owners have a genuine sense of humour about it. I think that’s what it is. Just entertainment which we all need every so often. A dog appearing guilty is genuine & it always amazes us. It’s so cute.

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