Your Daily Life in GIFs (8.27.12)

When you see a friend randomly in public:

When you see the same stranger twice in one day:

When you compare someone’s dating profile pic with their actual appearance:

When someone accidentally brings you the wrong brand of snack food:

When you’re in the theater and the movie has subtitles:

When you were little and talked back to your mom:

When you and your friends are trying to decide where to eat:

When you’re watching a really good movie and someone asks you to come help them with something:

When you answer the door and it’s someone trying to sell you something:

When no amount of reasoning will get someone to realize they are wrong:

When you go outside right after fixing your hair:

When your best friend likes your Facebook status because they know the story behind it:

When you get in the shower:

When you get out of the shower:

When you randomly think about something funny that happened earlier and it makes you laugh all over again:

When you’re talking to someone with an accent and you accidentally reply with their accent:

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