If Star Wars Was Real (20 Pics)

As the folks over at If Star Wars Was Real put it, “Our mission is to compile any evidence we can find to prove that Star Wars is real.” They’ve sifted through old photos and found some pretty convincing documents… (found via)

Droids at Pearl Harbor:

The Jamilla Convention:

AT-ST Invasion:

Graceland Guards:

Family Meeting:

Hitler’s Empire:

Howard Hughes’ D-2:

Bigfoot Wookiee:

Futuristic Car Ad:

Jawa Detectors:

Apollo Landspeeder:

Lee Harvey Oswald:

Palpatine Oil:

“Los Dorados” Battle Droids:

Imperial Victory:

Sandcrawler Army Vessel:

Protocol Cruise Droid:

Sinatra’s Band:




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