Really Bad Analogies Written by High School Students

Not the best efforts from our future generation…


18 responses to Really Bad Analogies Written by High School Students

  1. Again, really? Every few months these pop up as being written by high school students, but they were submissions to a Washington Post contest from like 15 years ago. They’re supposed to be bad.

    1. I didn’t write this comment, but sure, call me a debbie downer. It’s misleading to say these are written about high school students, and lament the state of “the future,” when in fact they are not.

      1. Does it really infuriate you so much that you just have to argue about it? It’s funny, move on. Or are you going to cry some more?

          1. No one cares if you are right because no fucks were given in the first place no one really cares where it came from just that it’s funny

  2. Not to be mean or anything… But these are not analogies. These are similes. For the record, I am in 6th grade. Maybe be a little more careful.

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