Girl Ruins Photos With Hilarious Photobombs (15 Pics)

Here’s your awesome person for the day. Kelsey Whyte likes to ruin (or maybe it’s improve) other people’s photos by quietly slipping into the background and making weird faces. [via peetaah]

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67 responses to Girl Ruins Photos With Hilarious Photobombs (15 Pics)

    1. Are you kidding me??
      You can’t tell what she looks like.
      She is intentionally making hideous faces for the sake of hilarity– she’s not trying to impress your dumb ass.
      Guys like you make me ashamed of my y chromosome sometimes.

  1. I don’t know what you guys are talking about, she seems like a fun person. She’s probably ok looking when not making awful faces. geez.

  2. My kind of girl! Don’t know what’s funnier: her making the awesome funny faces, or all these weird looking, happy people trying to sell themselves.

  3. She’s a hot doll who realized that “incredibly cute” can morph into “funny, scary, perplexed” and so on. Betcha she was being asked to make faces before the evening was out.

  4. Anyone else notice the creepy man/chick and the girl almost fondling the other girls boob in #6????

    Anywho she’s not just a photobomber she is THE Photobomber. Official title lol

  5. My 5 year old son got a big kick out of it. We played “find the silly girl in the picture”. There aren’t that many things that make me laugh that are appropriate for him as well. Thank you!

  6. she has to do it because shes fuck ugly and its the only way she gets attention, plus pulling a face takes the stigma away from her naturally fugly mug

  7. She obviously knows the photographer in order to get so many photobombs, in so many different “published” pictures. Not trying to take away, these are still hilarious pictures

  8. People that reply to this with anything but with something funny to say should be euthanized. I am six inches into a footlong and feel disgusted that you cant take a joke. Americans rights? Not real sure about foreigners. probably rude.

  9. She freaks the hell out of me !!!! I beat she only did this to be on the internet ! I mean really think about it , ugly girl who no one notices until oh I can
    Photobomb strangers at partys I’m not invited to !!

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