A Modern Teenager Interprets Classic Art (18 Pics)

Call it a hunch, but this modern teen’s interpretations of classic art probably have nothing to do with the original intent of the artists…

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25 responses to A Modern Teenager Interprets Classic Art (18 Pics)

    1. Eh, that doesn’t necessarily mean much. I know plenty of teenagers with impeccable spelling and grammar, and plenty of middle-aged people who can’t spell for shit.

    2. Someone is clearly a pretentious ass hole who doesn’t realize that most teenagers are actually intelligent. However, since I am a teen, I can call you a bitch. LOL bitch.

      1. Nah, you’re exaggerating. Most people are idiots. As such, most teenagers are idiots but that’s not because of how old they are, it’s just that as part of the general population, the odds are against them being intelligent.

      2. Actually any teen who is saying things like that more than likely would be using incorrect grammar etc.
        and anyone who uses the word “pretentious” to describe someone else needs to at least TRY to realise they suck as humans and/or are more pretentious themselves.

    3. How dare you insinuate that I lack sufficient grammatical prowess to construct a proper English sentence! I am deeply offend that you would so thoroughly cast aspersions upon my linguistic exactitude. I may be all of eighteen years, but I am fully capable of carrying my weight in a rational discourse.

      So suck it, asshat.

      1. “I am deeply offend that you”

        LOL, he uses incorrect grammar when he is countering the argument that he uses incorrect grammar.

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