How to Waste Your Entire Life

A book I am highly qualified to write…

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  1. Yes, majoring in the arts = wasting your life. Because we all know that graphic designers, art instructors, interior designers, art historians, museum directors, gallery owners, art curators, web designers, product designers, art directors, animators, architects, photographers, photojournalists, art therapists, cartographers, drafters, fashion designers, and tattoo artists are utterly useless. -.-

    1. lol tattoo artists that go to college for their field. Our society needs all of those things for sure. Just not anywhere near the volume necessary to actually hire all of the people with art majors that exist. It’s also usually a major chosen not by people genuinely interested in art, but by stupid babies who think math is ~way too hard~ and for nerds.

        1. Art therapy is like aroma therapy and music therapy and (possibly) animal therapy used to calm a person and other such therapeutic goals.

    2. I used to be an art major until I realized it was not only a waste of my time but also of my money. I’ve learned photography, web design, graphic design, and illustration for tens of thousands cheaper than going to art school, and I’ve picked up way more practical skills and have earned a “real” degree to supplement or fall back on should my art not initially “get me anywhere.”

      If you went to art school and you enjoyed it, fine. But realize if you sat down and practiced art hours a day for four years, you would have gotten just as good, if not better, than if you went to school.

      1. That is very true. Unfortunately, art careers are extremely competitive, and a degree really gives you an edge over your competition.

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